Top Tech News: ChatGPT-maker OpenAI’s ‘Sky’ Voice Similar to Hollywood Stars

ChatGPT-maker OpenAI’s ‘Sky’ chatbot sparked controversy resembling voice of Hollywood stars
Top Tech News: ChatGPT-maker OpenAI’s ‘Sky’ Voice Similar to Hollywood Stars

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What’s New Today: NFSC Hiring Upper Division Clerk

Fast-Track Insights: MasterCard Introduces New “Crypto Credential” System

A study by NPR, based on an analysis performed by Arizona State University, revealed that the 'Sky' personal assistant's voice closely matches that of  Scarlett Johansson. The experts employed AI algorithms designed to compare the likeness of different voices. They compared recordings from various demonstrations at OpenAI's gathering with the voices of approximately 600 actresses and discovered that Johansson's voice is more akin to Sky than 98% of the other actresses. The researchers examined to identify potential "vocal tracts," or the dimensions of the throat, mouth, and nasal passages that create a specific voice quality. They discovered that Sky and Scarlett Johansson have similar tract lengths.

The National Fire Service College is seeking applications from prospective candidates for the role of Upper Division Clerk. As per the official announcement of TN MRB Recruitment 2024, the candidate's maximum age should not exceed 56 years. The applicant should have completed 8 years of continuous service at Level 2 in the pay scale (Rs. 19900-63200) or a similar position within their parent cadre or department. To apply for the NFSC Recruitment 2024, the duration of the tenure, which covers the time spent in another ex-cadre position before this role, should be at most 3 years. Qualified applicants can download the application form from the official website of NFSC Recruitment 2024.

Digital marketing receives yet another boost as Google unveils several AI updates in its Google Ads systems to mark a new generation of ad technology. All of these enhancements will result in higher and more flexible effectiveness of advertising and interaction between advertisers and target consumers. Some of the new things about AI are the features for Shopping ads, such as interactive visuals like virtual try-ons and 3D spinning ads, that AI rolled out and should be available later this year. 

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MasterCard has launched a new "Crypto Credential" system, marking a significant shift in how digital assets are bought and sold. This innovative service lets people make transactions using usernames instead of the usual difficult-to-use wallet IDs, making the process smoother and improving the user experience. The "Crypto Credential" service shows MasterCard's dedication to combining the ease of traditional banking with the growing field of cryptocurrencies. MasterCard is simplifying the process of making crypto transfers between individuals for everyday users. This advancement is expected to enhance the ease of transfer between countries and within borders, accommodating various currencies and blockchain technologies. 

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