Smart Tech Rating by Wiredscore Now Available in India

WiredScore expands into India, spearheading smart infrastructure in the real estate field
Smart Tech Rating by Wiredscore Now Available in India

Smart Tech Rating by Wiredscore: Expressing its commitment to fostering the development of digital connectivity and smart technology in real estate industry, WiredScore has announced its intentions to branch out into India, marking an important milestone in its growth across the Asia-Pacific region. This strategic move underscores WiredScore's dedication to enhancing the framework of structures and supporting India's ascent to the forefront as a major global economic hub.

The introduction of Smart Tech Rating by WiredScore into the Indian market has attracted significant interest, with top real estate owners, developers, and investors quickly seizing the chance to improve the connectivity levels of their properties. Prominent figures in the sector, including Brookfield Properties, Hines, DLF, DNR Group, House of Hiranandani, and Prestige Group, have started the journey to secure WiredScore certifications for their holdings, indicating a unified dedication to adopting new technologies and digital changes in the construction sector.

Leading the pack in the contest, Prestige Group is distinguished by its commitment to obtaining WiredScore certification for six of its most recent developments. Moreover, top companies such as Hines, DLF, and DNR Group are not just focused on WiredScore certifications but are also striving for SmartScore certifications, demonstrating a thorough strategy for incorporating smart technologies into their designs. This forward-thinking involvement highlights the acknowledgment in the sector of WiredScore as a reliable ally in dealing with the intricacies of constructing infrastructure in the era of digital technology.

The growth of Smart Tech Rating by WiredScore into the Indian market stands as evidence of its wider approach designed to meet the growing need for intelligent building systems worldwide. Following its initial success in Australia in 2019, WiredScore quickly gained a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific area, building a notable history of over 315 certifications for WiredScore and SmartScore in 243 buildings, covering over 101 million square feet of office space.

Monish Krishna, who leads the Development team at Hines India, expressed his contentment in collaborating with WiredScore, emphasizing their shared commitment to developing structures that are both prepared for the future and smart, crafted to meet the evolving needs of both occupants and investors. This feeling is widespread in the sector, as all parties involved acknowledge the necessity of incorporating advanced technologies to improve the building's functionality, eco-friendliness, and the comfort of those living or working inside.

Besides helping major real estate companies get certified, WiredScore is also working closely with leading Indian real estate and professional services companies through its Accredited Professional program. This joint effort seeks to create a uniform method for the installation of smart infrastructure, smart tech rating, guaranteeing uniformity and high standards in all projects while promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

WiredScore's entrance into the Indian market represents more than just a business expansion; it signifies a paradigm shift in the real estate landscape, where connectivity and technology play central roles in shaping the future of urban environments. By providing a robust framework for assessing and enhancing digital connectivity, WiredScore empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions that drive value creation and competitiveness in an increasingly digital world.

Moreover, the arrival of WiredScore in India is set to spark creativity and encourage teamwork across the real estate sector, opening up fresh chances for tech companies, service suppliers, and experts in the field to work together on groundbreaking initiatives that transform the methods of designing, constructing, and overseeing structures.

With India increasingly projected on its path to be a top economic power in the world, the deployment of smart building technologies is critical for achieving sustainable development as well as supporting vibrant and diversified construction market. The move to bring WiredScore to India showcases how the platform is not only invested into the growth of the country, but also will act as a lever to drive excellence and innovation within the real estate sector in the region and beyond.

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