MakeMyTrip Rolls Out Tech-Powered Upgrades for Railway Passengers

Explore how MakeMyTrip rolls out tech-powered upgrades for railway passengers
MakeMyTrip Rolls Out Tech-Powered Upgrades for Railway Passengers

MakeMyTrip (MMT), an online travel provider, has announced the debut of a number of tech-driven features aimed at improving train journeys and addressing frequent consumer difficulties, according to a press release issued on May 23.

The organization identified that one of the most significant complaints for clients has been the difficulty in obtaining verified tickets. Initially, the buying window for confirmed tickets starts 120 days before the trip and fills up quickly, leaving travelers with waitlisted seats.

Regarding this, the business said it had implemented a "seat lock feature" on MakeMyTrip Trains that allows travelers to reserve a confirmed ticket by paying only 25% of the fee, with the remaining due up to 24 hours before travel.

“We are committed to enriching train travel and ensuring every journey is a memorable experience on MakeMyTrip. We looked at the entire thread of train travel—from planning and identifying the right train to the actual purchase experience and all the way through to the pre-arrival stages," said Rajesh Magow, co-founder and group CEO of MakeMyTrip.

According to MMT, another issue is that for some train ticket purchases, confirmed tickets are not always available on direct trains/trains of choice for the desired date of travel. To address this issue, the 'linked travel' function assists by merging bus and rail travel and offering numerous options while taking into account layover time and overall travel duration, according to the business.

The firm also introduced the 'route extension help' tool. For example, suppose a traveler is unable to find a confirmed seat from station A to B. In that case, the algorithm suggests an option from station A to C on the same train, allowing the traveler to disembark at station B, which is on the route of the suggested train. Additionally, with the Food in Train feature, travelers can explore a variety of restaurants and easily schedule food delivery to their seats, even after the journey begins.

To provide a smooth travel experience, the train's funnel on the platform now includes PNR and availability notifications for proactive booking status updates and tailored alternative travel suggestions.

The 'train tracking' and 'platform location' functions provide railway passengers with all of the information they need to board and disembark in one spot, even when the phone network is down.

Furthermore, the free cancellation option waives all cancellation penalties, allowing consumers to reschedule their trip arrangements without incurring exorbitant cancellation fees.

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