Google Plans for US$2 Billion Investment in Malaysia

Google plans for US $2 Billion investment in Malaysia for setting up Google data center and Google Cloud hub
Google Plans for US$2 Billion Investment in Malaysia

Google made a strategic investment of US $2 billion in Malaysia to build the first data center and Google cloud hub.

More than $3.2 billion in investment in the Malaysian data center and Google Cloud hub can grow Malaysia's GDP by 2030 and create over 26,500 employment opportunities.

The Google data center will supply energy for the company's online offerings, such as Workspace, Maps, and Search, and the Google Cloud hub will facilitate services for institutions and organizations, including the public and private sectors.

To develop a robust ecosystem, Google has joined hands with the Malaysian government aligning with the Cloud First Policy by the government and meet the standard of cybersecurity.

By setting up data centers and cloud solutions, Malaysian entities can innovate, expand in the field of artificial intelligence, and compete with other countries in the tech landscape. By using advanced features of Google Cloud, organizations can reduce their expenses, improve their processes, and expand. Google's investments are primarily focused on aiding the digital evolution of local companies and government bodies.

Google has initiated two AI education programs for learners and teachers at the national level.

Google's data center will harness green energy and cooling technologies. This will further reduce its environmental impact and encourage eco-friendly practices.

“Google’s $2 billion investment in Malaysia will significantly advance the digital ambitions outlined in our New Industrial Master Plan 2030,” YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Aziz, minister of investment, trade and industry, said in a press release.

Previously, Microsoft invested US $ 2.2 billion in developing new cloud and AI systems in Malaysia.

“Google’s investments will enable manufacturing and service-based industries to leverage AI and other advanced technologies so that they can “move up the global chain.” YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Aziz also said

As Google sets up a data center and cloud hub, it will have a great impact on the country's digital ecosystem. It will draw in more investments from tech firms, encourage new ideas, and nurture a thriving tech community. This further will act as a driving force for startups and business owners, propelling the expansion of Malaysia's digital economy.

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