Google Open Positions in 2024

Discover the Google open positions in 2024
Google Open Positions in 2024

In 2024, Google is inviting a wide variety of talents into the corporation due to their continuous innovation and expansion of their horizons. The Google open positions from API Management Engineers to Quantum AI Research Lab Managers in Google’s payroll typify its dedication to guiding the technological edge. What you gain from working here is involvement in the most revolutionary projects ever conceived with the ability it provides for shaping tomorrow's digital world.

Let us explore the Google Open Positions in 2024 here:

API Management Engineer: Here is the role of API manager is one of the Google Open Positions


The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or mathematics or a closely related technical field or should have at least five years’ experience in software engineering.

Over 5 years of professional work as an API and integration expert for distributed enterprises based on technologies, scripts, or standards, such as RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL, JSON, OpenAPI, Python, Java, JavaScript, NoSQL DB like Cassandra, Containerization like Kubernetes, etc.

API Gateway/Management: Strong working knowledge of Apigee or any other API management tool preferably experience.

Job Responsibilities

Handle the customers’ API projects and create necessary designs within the programs.

Deploy expert assistance to ensure Apigee solutions operate as intended by maintaining a strong architectural bent and supporting clients to go live with qualitative technical solutions/implementation of on-site and multi/hybrid cloud Apigee.

Collaborate with distributed Apigee Product/Engineering and Customer Engineering counterparts to create new solutions and best-in-class API Management with Apigee recognizing the world has gone digital.

Develop documents with recommendations regarding best practices for business, prepare tutorials, blog articles, and papers, as well as create samples of the code to share as well as technical presentations for different levels of key business and technical stakeholders.

Spend a minimum of 30 percent of their time traveling, which can vary depending on the area of operation.

It contains data that we obtain and analyze as part of your experience with Google Careers Program.

Customer Engineer, AI, Google Cloud

This role is another of Google's Open Positions that you can apply for if you have decent experience in AI and Google Cloud.


Nonetheless, possessing a bachelor’s degree or having equivalent real life experience will be advantageous.

Big data and machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, JAX, PyTorch, or scikit-learn proficiency should also include at least 4 years of experience.

Engagement in implantation of ML solutions, managing with ML operation frameworks like Kubeflow, and utilization of specified architectures of the ML including, for instance, deep learning, LSTM, Convolutional Networks, etc.

Experience delivering technical presentations.


Like most partners, Microsoft is seeking to learn how to work more effectively with partners, channel business cycles, and drive partner business based on pipeline and business growth.

Establish and own the technical partnership with partners to fully embrace the touch points to attempt a pilot or a proof of concept, facilitate the partners to achieve the customer acceptance of technical solutions, thus culminating in a partnership agreement and guiding the partners through the migration process to ensure they possess all the necessary instruments to attain the successful technical implementation.

Establish and maintain high levels of dependable consultancy and give proposals on integration solutions, enterprise architectures, platforms, and application environments necessary for the achievement of the complete solutions with best practices to enhance the effectiveness of Google Cloud results to clients.

Recognize priority areas for the customer, any technical issues, and approaches to a solution that involves elements of the whole Google system with the purpose of achieving business outcomes and addressing challenges.

Head of Games and Scale, Strategy and Operations


A bachelor’s degree or an appropriate professional qualification and/or 4 years of relevant experience.

Ten years of experience in an environment with the mobile application and or gaming and or similar technology focus or eight years of experience with an advanced degree.

In corporate strategic planning, I have 5 years’ experience interacting with executive management.

These include having previous working experience, mostly having served in a capacity that involves people management.


This is another role among the Google open positions  that have responsibilities, including:

Oversee a team and leadership to execute and advance the global games and scaled partnerships strategy, as well as to seed-check projects against targets worldwide and to guarantee that vertical and regional strategies are being tackled.

Compare the message and interest representation of needs and challenges that different segments of the developer ecosystem have to offer to Google Play with needs representation to Google Play’s internal teams.

Check that GGS is traumatic for all verticals and regions and that all the actions are clear for them. Make sure the admission of regional or vertical issues is being incorporated into the world development strategy.

Action plan Group 3 has the objective of developing teams, tools, and methods to enhance the Operation and Effectiveness of Play Partnerships Organization.

Inform senior management about situations in which programs fail to meet goals and address the setbacks that arise from time to time.

Product Manager II, Google Cloud Business Platforms


Degree in business or related discipline, or a suitable combination of education and qualifying experience.

Product management experience of at least 5 years or having experience in a technical role related to product management.

Over 720 hours of experience developing and delivering technical products.


Google open positions for this role includes candidates to indulge in proactively defining market opportunities in a cloud ecosystem and the associated user expectations.

Introduce new products and features, validate the results, and innovate further.

Be aligned with Engineering, Marketing, Legal, UX, and other departments for innovative technologies.

Successfully drive solutions to the problems by collaborating with the geographic areas as well as the products and functions whenever necessary.

Software Engineer III, Google Cloud Application Modernization


A Bachelor’s degree or Qualifications with experience in a similar position can also be considered.

Two or more years of programming experience in one or more of the languages specified for software development, or one year of programming experience for graduates with an advanced degree in a related job.

Prior experience in data structures or algorithms for at least two years in an academic or in professional computer environment.


This role among the Google open roles includes the representation knowledge base codes can be written in product or system development.

Engage in or coordinate with other designers, peers, and stakeholders to select from among types of equipment and technologies.

Peep code written by other developers to make comments and suggestions for improvement with reference to style standards, checking into system, veracity, ability to be tested, and procedural efficiency.

Compare content in previous version for new changes,revise previous material,check feedback information and supplement existing documents or teaching material.

Investigate product or system problems and identify, report, and solve discrepancies or failures of the hardware, networks, services, and systems.

Market Responsibility Specialist, Trust, and Safety, YouTube

Here is another creative role that Google Open Positions in 2024 is welcoming. This has following requirements and responsibilities.


A bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in human resources or a related field.

At least two years of experience in data analytics, Trust & Safety, policy, cyber security or all related disciplines.


To track developments in the key abuse themes in the India market, emerging sensitive events and threats to the YouTube environment and Trust and Safety, it is necessary to use the unique access to native sources, to cooperate with cross-functional teams and to involve deep understanding of India market.

You need to determine and compare markets by specifying policy changes and to detect language, automate language, enhance language quality, and to launch a local product.

Help identify and approve discussions with potential external partners.

Handle the overall priorities, briefings, and escalations and act as the key reference when it comes to the market, events, and incidents in the different regions.

Oversee and promote the implementation of other product features relevant to news within the region.

Test Engineer YouTube


Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent amount of practical experience.

2 years experience in coding, developing test methodologies, writing test plans, creating test cases and debugging.


Enhancement of product and engineering through the employment of scripts or applications that already exist for this purpose.

Create a testing plan as per the product’s own methodology and peer reviews to conduct a test plan. Definition of test conditions in the tests pre-conditions, framework reporting mechanisms in order to allow other people to examine the system.

Support betterment of the current test setup or establishing another one to lessen the time it takes for development, scheduling, or deployment of test cases. Additionally, involve product design review with product managers, software/hardware engineers, and other stakeholders to foster good product design, testability and implementation process.

Network Implementation Engineer, Google Distributed Cloud


A minimum Bachelor's degree is required in Computer Science, Engineering, a related field, or equivalent practical experience.

4 years of experience directing field operation technicians, engineers, contractors, or vendors in a telecommunications working environment.

4 years of experience in telecommunications at carrier scale, working with optical network infrastructure, transmission systems, layer 2/3 routers, and data services.

Should have an experience in a data center or Point of Presence environment, OSP, ISP, AC/DC power systems, environmental controls, and relay rack/cabinet/cage construction.


Blue-print, devise, create, work, and construct Google Distributed Cloud infrastructure.

Work with teams from many different areas of the organization to fashion, come up with, and confirm the efficacy of new network and computing hardware, solutions, as well as technology.

Take part in the process of bettering one-life services since they were born at first up to their improvement.

Keep consulting on designing solutions, develop infrastructure platforms and frameworks, make progress reviews of capacity planning, and before they come alive, engage in developing infrastructure platforms and services.

Support Google engineering teams located next to each other through building an ecosystem of integration partners who derive power from Google software automation. 

Security Engineer, Off-the Shelf Hardware Security


Candidate must hold Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or into the related field .

Candidate should have 5 years of background experience in the Security field.

Candidate should also have a pioneer experience in a Reverse Engineering role., Hardware System Architecture, and Firmware.


Scan cloud to discover crucial business hardware/firmware devices for team examination. Conduct an exhaustive and comprehensive hardware plus firmware security audit for essential business tools plus devices.

Develop comprehensive threat models and reports for supporting review extension.

Show the discoveries about the risks as well as mitigation proposals to technical and organizational heads of different organizations.

Notify developers of the security trouble in the software and firmware they produce in their devices so that they can fix the problem properly by working together with other people inside the same company.

Together with those people who manufacture various gadgets make an attempt to persuade them that some alterations are needed in software and firmwares.

Research Lab Manager, Operations, Quantum AI


Candidate must have at least 5 years of experience in managing an industry lab, which includes experience with safety regulations and protocols.

Candidate should possess his/her experience in the maintenance of lab facilities with vacuum, liquid nitrogen, and other hazards/chemicals electrical test systems.

The hired candidate should have experience in managing electrical, mechanical, and plumbing construction in an RND setting.


Collaborate with technicians and engineers for maintenance, shutdowns, and emergencies at the facility and equipment level.

Translate technical documentation, coordinate equipment installation tasks, and liaise with vendors to provide site-ready infrastructure.

Articulate laboratory safety operational procedures and ensure hazard mitigation measures are taken.

They have to be get involved in the development of asset tracking, calibration tools, service contracts in a high-tech environment, and equipment maintenance procedures.

The year 2024 in a vibrant Google environment is characterized by significant expansion in Google job roles. These Google hiring openings in different departments are evident as the firm is pushing for change. It is anticipated that visionary people will join these positions, and Google will continue with its tradition of changing technology and enhancing future development.

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