The Best Android Phones for 2024

Checkout the best Android phones for the year 2024
The Best Android Phones for 2024


To make a brief outlook, the Android smartphone market is currently more competitive than before due to the development of new technology. Annual update means new models with new innovations, improved performances, and customer-friendly variations. Here in this guide, we will look into the best android phones of 2024 to expect and what makes it easier to pay attention to each of them. Android phone options that are perfect for tech lovers, for photographers, or for a person who seeks the best value are all listed below.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is defined as a Samsung continuation of releasing top  tier devices equipped with the latest solutions. This is especially created for the users who amid only the highest  performance smartphone with excellent camera system and stunning display.


Display: A device that features 9  inch QHD + AMOLED, as well as the 120 Hz frequency of refreshment.

Processor: The tablet has the following technical characteristics: GPU       Exynos 2300 / Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Camera: Main camera: Optical: 200 MP (main)

Battery: 5000mAh large battery capacity supporting fast charge

Other: Support for S Pen, additional intelligent capabilities included in the device, and enhanced device ruggedness

Why It Stands Out

The design of the Galaxy S24 Ultra allows for brilliant display and amazing photographic abilities which makes this type of phone perfect for various users, especially those that desire performance  oriented devices. It is also perfect for productivity and its S Pen support can be used as testament to this.

Google Pixel 8 Pro


Google Pixel series consists of smartphones far from complex, with a main emphasis on good camera performance and relatively pure Android environment. The Pixel 8 Pro is not going to be different and delivers a top  notch value of hardware and software perks.


Display: 6.  inch OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate for higher touch responsiveness;.

Processor : Google Tensor G3  

Architecture: SIMD vector processor with 256  element vector and scalar functionality, Separate load and operation units for improved instruction throughput, Third  generation Google Tensor architecture

Camera: Pro camera with triple camera with features including advanced AI.

Battery: Wireless charging compatible 4500mAh battery

Other: What is the best part of Pixels? – clear Android interface, regular updates, and some Pixel bonuses.

Why It Stands Out

One particular area that has been improved by Pixel 8 Pro is photography, through demonstration of enhanced computational photography algorithms by Google. It also comes with Realm UI as well as timely updates, which is suitable for those who wants a quality Android software and well  performing camera.

OnePlus 12


On the other hand, the flagship devices are the secret weapon of OnePlus as it tries to enhance it further. The OnePlus 12 is an ideal enabler phone solution that combines the best of performance, design, and cost efficiency.


Using fluid AMOLED screens with an 8 inch screen size with support of up to 120 Hz.

Processor: Coming Soon: The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Camera: The technology features a triple  camera setup and originates from the partnership of the smartphone with the Swedish company Hasselblad.

Battery: The device comes with a high 4800mAh battery complemented with an ultra  fast Warp Charge technology.

Other: Oxygen OS, with update frequencies often, and Call/Hang Actions, improved for gaming.

Why It Stands Out

The OnePlus 12 delivers pure flagship experience, but at a much lower price compared to other brands in the market, hence should be on your bucket list when planning to make your next purchase of a mobile device. Other factors, namely, fast charging delivery and intuitive software interface, are also contributing to sales.

 Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro


Xiaomi has been on a steady rise in the smartphone world and what we experience in the Mi 14 Pro is the company’s determination on the advancement of this new generation gadgets.


Display: It has an excellent screen of 7. 0 inches Super AMOLED which supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

Processor: Quetta 8 Gen 3

Camera: This has a quad  camera setup whose main sensor has an estimated capability of 108MP.

Battery: It comes for the latest model of POCO that has 5000mAh battery and has the feature for fast charging.

Other: This will come in MIUI form with elaborate interfaces for customization besides the general superior build.

Why It Stands Out

The Mi 14 Pro provides flagship pseudo  features and performance at a moderately higher price than comparable affordable Xiaomi devices. The original model possessed higher resolution camera and long lasting battery life that can still be seen on the Fold 2.

Sony Xperia 1 V


It also improves its overall rankings for the Xperia line of products that are famous for their media consumption and creation functionalities. The Xperia 1 V is targeted for those people who would want to get the finest in multimedia technologies.


Display: It was equipped with a 5  inch 4K OLED display and had the frequency of 120 Hz.

Processor: with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Camera: They are also equipped with a 108MP primary sensor and built  in ZEISS imaging technology that offers a triple  camera arrangement with ultra  wide, and telephoto lenses.

Battery: 4500mAh battery with fast charging MPU      

Other: The professional version of video recording with new features available through Creator mode and extensive media features.

Why It Stands Out

The 4K of Sony Xperia 1 V is just incredible and cannot be compared to any other phone, thus making it ideal for use in watching your favorite videos and playing games. Its camera system is also very impressive particularly in video which makes it a favorite for kids.

Oppo Find X6 Pro


There are more features that we are yet to discuss, but Oppo’s Find series has always been synonymous with innovation. In that regard, the Find X6 Pro is a perfect example of how the company has managed to integrate the aesthetic appeal of a particular smartphone with its performance, as well as the quality of the cameras it is equipped with.


Display: A MAZE Welding AMOLED Advanced Technology Modern Jahr 120 Inches 8 Inch

Processor: Snapdragon ™ of 8 Gen 3

Camera: Triple rear camera configuration including a 50 MP primary sensor and the Imager technology.

Battery: 5000mAh battery assisted with SuperVOOC fast charging

Other: A versatile and adaptive skin based on OPPO’s ColorOS, complimented with special additions and enhancements as well as a sleek look.

Why It Stands Out

On the whole, the Find X6 Pro proves to be a working and stylish phone. An advanced camera setup and the quick charging prowess are hallmark features of the phone, which has it placed in the elite league of premium smartphones. The structures are slim and attractively colored, and the display is bright.

Motorola Edge 40 Pro 


Motorola’s Edge line has been revitalized and the latest – the Edge 40 Pro is in that flagship range. It packs top  shelf hardware while eschewing unnecessary bloatware and having one of the best pure Android experiences out there.


Display: LG gram 2021 has a 14  inch Wacomoggles touch screen OLED display that provides a 7 inches OLED panel with 144Hz of refresh rates.

Processor: s; Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Camera: It also brings a triple  camera setup in which the primary sensor has an impressive 108  megapixel resolution.

Battery: 4600mAh battery with TurboPower charging

Other: Android almost as close to the stock as it gets with almost no wasteful applications and a lot of connection types.

Why It Stands Out

As for the computing strength, it is an ideal pick for those who’d prefer a high refresh rate alongside no bloatware Android experience. It’s an all  rounder camera format which is perfect for a lot of users, with a great camera and good battery back up.

Asus ROG Phone 7


Asus established a stronghold in the market of gaming phones with its ROG series. The ROG Phone series is the gaming phone, which comes packed with the best of SOC and some city features catering to the gamers.


Display: It features a 2400 x 800 pixels 8  inch AMOLED screen with a 144Hz refresh rate .

Processor: Snapdragon 8ᴹᴰ Gen 3

Camera: It comes with a good triple  camera setup which is mainly aimed at low  light photography.

Battery: 6000mAh battery and built  in fast charging

Other: Integrated liquid cooling system, fully adjustable key  activating mechanisms, and individual per  key back  lighting.

Why It Stands Out

Moreover, it’s high refresh rate screen, the large battery capacity and an advanced cooling system and its design makes ROG Phone 7 a perfect gaming phone. Due to the following features of augmented reality gaming this phone is ideal for the mobile gamers and other occasional gamers.

Vivo X90 Pro


To be more precise, it is worth mentioning that the X series of the Vivo tries itself at the capability of cameras. The X90 Pro+ does this same thing, as it brings the latest and greatest in camera technologies while hauling some impressive performance.


Display: 7  inch AMOLED display optimised to refresh at 120Hz

Processor: There was a launch of new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Camera: Buyers will benefit from a quad camera system with a 64 MP main sensor and improved night images.

Battery: Comes with 5000mAh battery with fast charging capability

Other: Android based Funtouch OS with enhanced touch, and a robust built.

Why It Stands Out

The X90 Pro+ stand out in terms of capturing images, especially in low light conditions and the same for shooting videos. It also boasts excellent performance as regards the camera, largely due to its robust hardware and aesthetic appeal.

Realme GT Neo 4


Realme is increasingly popular because the company offers solutions at a significant price and with high specifications. Legitimizing the unique positioning of the model, GT Neo 4 has flagship level characteristics with a mid  tier price.


Display: We have a 7. 0 inches AMOLED type display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

Processor:  Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

Camera: Merging the low light photography and Super Steady Video capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Series and the powerful triple rear camera with a main 64MP sensor.

Battery: New Bulbul will come equipped with a 4500mAh battery and SuperDart charging solution

Other: Realme UI is smooth monthly performances and flare and styles of the user interface

Why It Stands Out

The GT Neo 4 is what the gamer flagship should be by offering top  end performance and features for a lot less. We have found their screen to be fantastic, charging capabilities to be quick, and camera system to be good enough for a price  conscious buyer.

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