Samsung to Unveil Foldable Devices with Enhanced Galaxy AI

Samsung to unveil foldable devices with enhanced Galaxy AI, offering advanced artificial intelligence features
Samsung to Unveil Foldable Devices with Enhanced Galaxy AI

The  Samsung’s foldable devices coming in 2024 will come integrated with an even more refined Galaxy AI as stated in press by the South Korean electronics company on June 7. An article published on Samsung’s official newsroom blog, stated by the EVP and head of Mobile research and development, Won-Joon Choi, said that the company will be ” further optimizing the Galaxy AI Experience to the upcoming foldable devices. ” This is the first time that Samsung has officially announced foldable devices for 2024.

Subsequently, in the same blog, Samsung claimed that its Live Translate AI is heading for third-party applications integration. Samsung said that all real-time call translation for third-party applications it has announced will occur on-device, just as it is currently with Samsung’s built-in call-dialler application.

9To5Google revealed that Samsung has listed the next-generation foldable phones and folded flip phone ad on the company’s Kazakhstan-based website and quickly removed the post. In the above specified report, a particular ad posted inadvertently was revealed to unveil first look at the Samsung plans on foldable smartphones. Here are the details:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6: The article under review is rather informative and contains some beneficial pieces of advice, but it seems to lack clarity in identifying gender differences as it is expected from articles that are published in scholarly journals.

As per the report covered by 9To5Google, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 model will come with new frame style making the look of the smartphone boxy. It also informed that the smartphone may be wider than its predecessor, and therefore it pointed towards the expectation of a broader smartphone with a broader and wider screen covering on front side of the front side cover and an internal screen.

According to the report, the ad that was posted on Samsung’s website was a picture, which depicted the Fold 6 smartphone with color scheme resembling Galaxy S24 Ultra, so this next-generation book-style foldable may have a titanium chassis similar to Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone.

As for the appearance, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to come with a square-shaped frame design on the back as what we’ve seen on its predecessors, and it would have metallic rings around the dual-camera system on the back that would reflect the color of the phone’s body. It would not be much of a surprise to see a little shift on the part of the Flip 6 to increase or decrease the size of the screen.

In the recent past, The Verge revealed that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 is listed in the Federal Communication Commission’s database, documenting device testing. The FCC listing was also said to have shown that the Flip 6 would be of a 3,790mAh battery in contrast to the current model’s 3,700mAh battery.

It is believed that: Samsung is planning to unveil its next-generation foldable handsets at one of Galaxy Unpacked events, which is expected to happen next month.

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