Oppo, Google, and Microsoft Enhance AI in Smartphones

Oppo's collaboration with tech giants Google and Microsoft is setting a new standard for AI in smartphones
Oppo, Google, and Microsoft Enhance AI in Smartphones

OPPO aims to reach a point where everyone can own a smart phone with artificial intelligence for every price segment by the end of year 2024. For this purpose, the company has declared its setting up of an Al R&D Centre and it is partnering with companies like Google, Microsoft, MediaTek and Qualcomm etc. to bring in other AI functions into our daily lives.

In February, OPPO said it would establish OPPO AI Centre in Shenzhen to focus on this area and build the systematic capabilities for AI in domains such as imaging processing, computer vision, voice recognition, natural language understanding, and machine learning.

This kind of market was estimated in IDC’s recent report, “Time to Democratise the Impact of AI Tech” pointing out that it will show a 250% CAGR overall shipment of AI enabled phones under $1000 to 35M units in 2024.

IDC envisions that generative AI will intrinsically integrate itself into the daily life and be utilized in entertainment, mobile productivity, and many other applications.

In OPPO’s flagship series, Google’s Gemini family LLMs will be launched; inventions as the AI toolbox, AI writer, and AI recording summary. The AI Writer provides content recommendations, such as auto-filling missing words and suggesting the best words to use and correcting grammatical errors and offers integrated translation services, especially for creating content in more than one language. The AI Record Summary is designed to make a summary of a meeting, a transcript or a podcast and features the particulars of date, names and terms.

In this year, OPPO claimed that it is launching more than 100 unique generative AI features into its mobile phones and has applied for over 5,399 AI-related patents in total around the world and 3,796 AI Imaging patents precisely. The case details continue investment in the advancement of technology across p, SuperVOOC flash charging, imaging algorithms to identify age, gender and skin tone, and the Battery Health Engine to prolong battery life.

The firm has an AI ecosystem as well, having partnered with Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek. “This year, through continuous hard working and insisting on core value, OPPO hopes to make AI phones available,” Billy Zhang, OPPO’s President of Overseas Marketing, Sales, and Service said that.

Pete Lau, OPPO Chief Product Officer noted, “The future mainstream terminal, next-gen AI smartphones will become the next major evolutionary step of the mobile phone industry”. About reshaping the landscape of AI smartphones, we take it as our mission, our duty and our vision to strive for a position and a role of leader and advocate. We are eager to work with Telco industry collectively, to advance development mobile phone market and revolutionize the concept of intelligent mobile experience. "

 OPPO Technology in particular continues to work with Microsoft to improve the quality of voicing and text to voice/transcription services through Microsoft’s Fast Transcription and Neural TTS services. This is because through Azure AI Speech Service that OPPO has employed, the audio recording transcription provides a seamless user experience. The collaboration also focuses on enhancing integration between the workspace AI and smartphones, which can enable users to use desktop Copilot for content creation, text translating, and searching addresses on their smartphone through an interconnected PC.

OPPO is also developing working relations with MediaTek and to provide advanced efficient AI phone experiences to its users. For AI capabilities, both the companies are coming up with organizations having separate non-units processing (NPU) and accelerator. The partnership between OPPO and these chipmakers is aimed at enhancing the possibility of AI in the hardware and software, which the company loads on its smartphones for enhanced performance for artificial intelligence. Also, the fourth trend is the creation of bespoke AI solutions with reference to chip makers with the releasing of exclusive features of its devices.

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