Dream Big, Build Bold: Tech Jobs Available at Amazon

This article discusses on available tech roles at Amazon that you can apply for
Dream Big, Build Bold: Tech Jobs Available at Amazon


In this dynamic digital era, Amazon occupies a key position in reference to contributing innovation, never setting limits and redefinition of what is great. While you are making a discovery of career avenues inside our tech landscape, be sure to be ready to immerse yourself into a universe where creativity and modern technology are combined, where daily problem-solving is all the adventure you may desire and your capacities are the limit of your imagination. We invite you to a journey of exploring the diversity of paths and events in Amazon's continuously growing and innovative tech world. Let us look into the Tech Jobs 

Available At Amazon that can fit your skills.

Tech Jobs Available At Amazon

Software Development Engineer

Software Development Engineer is one of the Tech Jobs Available At Amazon for Gurgaon location. Anyone who is having strong technical expertise can apply for this role and the major skills required for this job role can be Optimization, programming, programming languages, software development, system development, system performance etc.An ideal candidate who possesses these skills can be a perfect fit for the role. You can know more about the role by clicking on the link below

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Sr. Product Manager

Amazon is hiring Sr. Product manager for Bangalore location and the core skills required for this role can include Business reviews, Channel strategies, Customer focused selling, Documentation, Product strategy, Escalation management, Product vision,Strategic Initiatives etc. An ideal Technical Product Manager should 

Design the Product Strategy and Roadmap which would cover the planned launch in India and other countries on the target list.

 Be more specific by analyzing customer needs and pain points in great detail and doing a groundwork that will drive the most appropriate solution. 

Gather business necessities and work hand in hand with the internal and external IT teams to ensure the solutions are customer- or business-oriented. 

Produce team-oriented business review reports, PRFAQs, and business requirements specifications (BRS). You can apply for this role by clicking on the link below

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Sr. Program Manager

Amazon is hiring for Sr.Program Manager for Hyderabad location. A candidate who is accustomed to a fast paced environment and who has the ability to develop long term solutions for the company at any given time can be the ideal fit for the role. A Sr. Program Manager for Amazon should possess skills like End to End Delivery, Cross functional team leadership, Product strategies, Manufacturing process development, Strong communication etc. To know more about the jon opening, you can click on the link below

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Cloud Support Engineer

Amazon is hiring a Cloud Support Engineer for the Bangalore location. The perfect fit for the role should learn and develop ground breaking technologies, apply advanced technologies to meet the customer’s needs, interact with leading engineers and resolve customer issues in a well defined way. The skills required for a Cloud Support Engineer can be fluency in Active Directory, DNS, IIS, MSSQL, SharePoint, Exchange, and Single Sign-On.,Cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Azure, and OpenStack.,and programming languages like Batch, Perl, Ruby, VB, PowerShell, Java, C#, and/or PHP. You can apply for the job by clicking on the lin below

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Senior System Development Engineer

Amazon is on its toes in hiring a Senior System Development Engineer for Hyderabad. The ideal candidate should have a knack on networking fundamentals, should have proficiency in debugging and troubleshooting skills and the candidate should also be able to work on distributed systems and widely available web applications. He should also possess the skills like C, C#, Java, LiveSite, Code Review, Ruby, System Development etc. You can apply for the job role by clicking on the link below

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Software Development Engineer

Amazon is looking out for a professional and most efficient Software Development Engineer for multiple locations like Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune etc. The ideal candidate should be able to work on business challenges and find authentic solutions for Amazon on a day to day basis and should also possess skills like having a grip on the programming language of Java, Python, PHP, C++, Ruby etc. The ideal candidate should also have knowledge on System design, High level design, Low level design etc. You can apply the job by clicking on the link below

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Tech Jobs available at Amazon can be a game changer for your career if you have the right skills and can fulfill the right responsibilities at a given point of time.A knack of programming languages, strong communication skills and having good knowledge on tools required for the specific role can fetch a good job at Amazon. 


1. What is the salary of a Software Engineer  in India?
The basic salary of a Software Engineer in India is around 8 lakhs per annum

2. Where can you apply for Amazon tech openings?

Amazon usually posts its job openings on Linkedin, Indeed, Instahyre, Naukri etc.

3. Does Amazon provide Work from home opportunities?

Yes, few roles of Amazon provide the liberty of working from home to the employees. The job roles can vary from tech roles to marketing and human resources.

4. Which technology is high in demand to secure a job now?

As far as the present situation is concerned, AI has the highest demand to get a tech job.

5. What are the basic skills required for an AI Engineer?

AI is in demand nowadays and the basic skills required to score a job are Java, Python, R, Tensorflow, Pytorch etc.

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