Customizing Experiences using Event Management Software

Customizing Experiences using Event Management Software

In today's era of the fast-paced world, attendees want unique experiences. They want these experiences to resonate with their individual needs and interests. People do not want generic and one size that fits all types of events. These kind of events do not leave a lasting impression on the attendees. The personalization does this job now. Event personalization with event management software plays a vital role in giving memorable experiences to the attendees. In this article, we will explore the creative tactics that can catch the audience’s attention. Plus, it will facilitate genuine connections through customized event experiences. As a result, by tailoring events as per the attendee's needs, the event organizers can make sure their events stand out. Also, it leaves attendees eagerly waiting for their next invitation.

What is Event Personalization?

Event personalization through event management software includes several tactics and strategies. These strategies and tactics are used to tailor your events. Plus, these are also used for outreach, content, and activations as per the needs of your target audiences. While tailoring your events, you can customize the experience of three kinds of attendees. You can customize your event on the basis of The persona, the contact, and the account. For instance, you can tailor your events on the basis of contact. The contact is a particular role like an event organizer, CMO, or marketing director. Also, you can customize on the basis of persona or the industry expertise that individual has. It would mean to differ between a person who works in B2B and the one who works in health or financial services. Tailoring on the basis of account is looking at the particular organization you are trying to target completely.

Whatever kind you select would give you plenty of opportunities to tailor your experience. Besides, it is an ideal time to get active with an event customization strategy. Nowadays, there is an increased number of marketers investing in events. Hence, the need to give a seamless and tailored experience becomes more crucial. Also, tailoring events can speed up the goals of important events. The goals of such events include sustaining customer relationships and driving revenue.

Enhancing your Events Through Customized Software Tools

Creating a customized event experience needs a well-researched strategy. Meanwhile, the effective implementation of this strategy is also crucial. As an event organizer, your things-to-do list is never-ending. It would help if you juggled all of your event goals, sponsors, vendors, and attendees all at once. Indeed, it is a tiring and challenging task, yet it is worthy it. Here, we will discuss how event customization through software tools enhances your event.

Streamlining Event Registration

“Customizing events through software is beneficial. One of the main advantages is the ability to streamline the registration procedure. You can do this by giving attendees a user-friendly registration protocol. With the help of this portal, you can make the process easy. Plus, you can ensure that all the important information is collected efficiently. This saves time for the organizer and attendees. Moreover, it lessens the risk of errors while making sure that all information is accurately collected.” - Austin Benton, Digital Marketing at Gotham Artists

Managing Attendee Data

“Another prominent benefit is the ability to manage attendee data effectively. Data management is the foundation of event management. When organizers have a centralized database, they can effortlessly access and update all the data. Also, they can easily track registrations and communicate necessary reminders or updates. As a result, it will improve communication between attendees and organizers. Plus, it will also help to make sure all the related data is easily accessible and updated. This will also save the time and effort of the organizers and attendees.” - Jessica Shee from iboysoft

Enhancing Attendee Engagement

Tailoring events through software helps organizers in many ways. One of which is it helps increase attendee engagement. It does this by offering interactive features and personalized experiences. Through personalized strategies, real-time notifications, and surveys, these tools help organizers. They help them by creating more immersive and engaging event experiences for attendees. Tailoring the event means arranging the event as per the needs and preferences of the target audience. Moreover, it also means setting an event according to the interest of attendees. By doing so, organizers can boost engagement and give more memorable experiences.

Improves Event ROI

By using software tools to tailor events, the organizers can improve the return on investment. By personalizing content and promotions, the organizers can drive higher ticket sales. Plus, they can also drive increased sponsorship engagement and merchandise purchases. They can do this by lessening costs and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, these software tools can help automate repetitive tasks. It enables streamlined workflows and optimised resource allocation. As a result, it eventually maximizes efficiency and minimizes waste. Ultimately, by doing so, the organizers can make sure that their events are successful and profitable.

How to Create a Good Personalized Event

You need to understand how your attendees have engaged with your brand previously. It will enable you to provide a better customer experience pre-, during, and post-events. As a result, it will extend the customer journey. It would help if you did the following to create authentic personalized events.

Pre Event

Before the event, it is crucial to determine the overall objective of the event. While organizing the event, keep in mind how this event can help support your departmental goals. After determining overreaching goals, create sub-goals to help keep on track. After this, choose your target audience. Your target audience should tie closely with your goals. For instance, your goal is to affect upsell and new logo opportunities. For this, you need to make sure that you give tailored content to customers and prospects. Also, leave spaces for them to interact with each other. After this, create enticing and exciting promotional content. At last, map your content to tailor your journey. It means organize your content in a manner that makes sense to your registrants and resonates with them .

During the Event

“You need to determine your objectives for the event. Particularly if it is virtual. Additionally, with setting an attendee goal, consider having some engagement goals related to the event. These objectives might include the average number of videos viewed per attendee. Also, it consists of the total number of discussions attendees posted and the number of connections made with one another. Moreover, it includes total social shares and demo requests throughout the event. These kinds of goals will help you determine the overall engagement level throughout the event.“ - Alex Miningham, CEO of Breakout

Furthermore, make sure you select a team to administer and support the event, particularly if you are arranging a virtual event. This involves interacting with attendees through discussion boards. Also, it includes answering questions and posting poll questions throughout the event. This crew would also help activate any rewards or contests that you want to be published at specific times throughout the event. For instance a happy hour in which attendees get bonus points for every connection made.

Post Event

“Know your post-event goals. Undoubtedly, your team will spend plenty of time preparing content for the event. Therefore, why consider adding some objectives around post-event activity? Some instances of post-event goals include the number of sessions logged. Also, it may consist of the number of social shares if it is a virtual event. Plus, the activities completed can also be included. All of this should be assessed after the event ends. These metrics will give insights into the way attendees are engaging with post-event content. Moreover, it will also provide insights into additional marketing efforts of the future.” - Daniel Foley, Head of Content at SEO Audits

After this, you need to Organize the content format for on-demand views. Utilize this time to organize videos that were used during the event. Doing so is vital to make sure they are easily found after the event. 

Besides, during the event look out for opportunities to re-package the content. It will help further promote the presentations. If you see plenty of questions arising during a session, create a new discussion thread. For instance you can name this thread as ’Top 5 questions asked'.


Tailoring events according to to attendees is the need at this time. Undoubtedly, customizing events has its challenges, yet it is worth doing. It is because your organization can benefit from better engagement and loyalty. Plus, the attendees who get a personalized event experience feel more recognized and valued. However, before starting to tailor the event, the organizers need to ponder about the reason they want to personalize the event. Plus they should also think about the reason to align it with business goals. 

When the organizer thoughtfully tailors the event as per the need, they can reap plenty of benefits. The main benefits include increased efficiency, engagement, and ROI. Though, getting the balance right is inportant if you want to get it right.

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