Cronos Upgrades zkEVM Testnet to Tethys Ahead of Mainnet Debut

Next-Gen Blockchain: Cronos Elevates zkEVM Testnet with Tethys Upgrade
Cronos Upgrades zkEVM Testnet to Tethys Ahead of Mainnet Debut

The blockchain sector is set for a new landmark as Cronos brings the zkEVM Testnet to Tethys as it prepares for a mainnet launch. This upgrade is one of the significant developments of layer-2 solutions and gives a view into how blockchain will support scalable and secure networks in the future.

Cronos Takes a Leap with Tethys: An Introduction to Operations on the Live Network

Currently used as Cronos’ public zkEVM testnet, Tethys is a notable update from the previous version. This move brings the zero-knowledge (ZK) layer 2 blockchain, backed by Ethereum, a major step closer to its highly anticipated mainnet launch targeted for summer 2024.

The Tethys Upgrade: The Emergence Of Technologies

The Tethys upgrade is based on the zkSync v24 release, which has been used to change the zkSync Era from a separate blockchain ecosystem to one of the ZK Chains in the larger zkSync environment. Cronos zkEVM is now leveraging the same pioneering technology to achieve its mission of building a highly efficient network suitable for mass adoption.

Collaboration towards a sustainable future of the Kyoto model

Tethys is a result of a joint effort from Cronos Labs and engineering teams from Matter Labs, Crypto. Out of these, VVS Finance, Fulcrum Finance, and Veno Finance are some of the popular ones Today, Such a partnership also sends a clear message that everyone strives to take blockchain technology to the next level.

New features and improved capability are two or more terms that are often associated with technological advancements, especially in the production of software and computers.

With Tethys, several new features have been added, including:

•  A new upgrade of the single connector between the Sepolia Testnet of Ethereum and Cronos zkEVM Testnet, integrating all ZK Chains.

•  Eliminated one of the most important problems, such as high transaction fees, by saving the data of the transactions in the validium configuration.

•  Incremented developer support kit and greater upgradeability as ZKAs demonstrate the flexibility of private networks.

When it comes to the impact on the blockchain ecosystem, a few sources need to be specified:

The presentation of Tethys as a new-generation interface goes beyond mere technical advancement; it exemplifies the new direction in reconciling applicable costs in the blockchain environment. Ken Timsit, Cronos Labs, spoke on how Tethys is approaching the full release of Cronos zkEVM and the thought process that makes zero-knowledge networks so versatile.

With rising concerns about health matters, community engagement is essential to reaching out to more people and providing better-quality services. In addition, regarding the customer rewards section, it is crucial to give back to the customers as a way of appreciating their loyalty and commitment to the company.

To facilitate the unfolding of an ecosystem, Cronos will soon unveil a series of quests that the community can participate in regarding testnet development. They can give feedback on the usability of the products that they created when performing tasks on the Tethys testnet, and some of them may be selected to be part of the Cronos zkEVM user reward program.

Looking Ahead: Mainnet is a term for a fully functional distributed computer system that implements all the various features of a blockchain.

Tethys is a prerequisite to the Cronos zkEVM mainnet that is currently in the works. Now, users have the advantage of appreciating the speed through-put and low fee environment that defined the Cronos zkEVM designed to support various use case and applications.


The transition of Cronos zkEVM Testnet to Tethys isn’t just a testimony to the enhancing clout of the network but also the unrelenting efforts to evolve blockchain infrastructure. We are now rapidly approaching the envisaged mainnet, and the excitement amongst the people is growing. The solidity of this development goes a long way toward making blockchain more user-friendly, secure, and scalable, which in turn opens the way toward greater integration of technological advancements in the context of blockchain.

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