Bybit Web3 Prepares for Thetanuts IDO Launch

Bybit Web3's preparations for the upcoming Thetanuts IDO launch, marking a significant milestone
Bybit Web3 Prepares for Thetanuts IDO Launch

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is an integral part of the ever-changing world of crypto. It signifies the early stage of the debut of new crypto tokens being listed and traded in the decentralized exchange market. Through Bybit Wallstreet, one of the world's largest crypto exchanges' proprietary crypto branches, they will initiate a NUTS governance tokens' Initial Dex Offering. This article explains the consequences and outcomes of this event and their influence on the DeFi platform.

 The Bybit Exchange and Thetanuts Finance specified

Through the release of the Bybit Web3, decentralization gets a fresh look in that we witness the emergence of a decentralized space where all parties are treated equally. By making this site an open platform for builders, innovators, and essentially, partners from the blockchain space, Bybit's Web3 has managed to be an epicenter of innovation and growth. When it comes to Thetanuts Finance, we should consider that it is an on-chain and decentralized protocol from the options altcoin family. It gives traders the possibility not just to trade with long or short positions but also to trade with the on-chain options, which makes the platform more appealing to traders of all sorts.

The IDO Launch

Bybit Web 3’s upcoming IDO is a historic event that is crucial to the success of both the Bybit Web3 exchange and Thetanuts Finance. The IDO will be held on May 13-17, 2024. The claim period will last from May 17 to May 20. The snap phase will follow this until May 26. The reveal and claim periods will be between May 26 and May 27, 2024. This proposed date of listing is May 20, 2024, marking and ushering in a new era for the NUTS coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Tokenomics of NUTS

NUTS is the governance currency of Thetanuts Finance, and it fulfills a central role over the long term, providing answers to questions such as how to decentralize, who decides, and how to encourage user activity. NUTS, with a total supply of 10 billion tokens and 66,660 000 designated for Bybit IDO, has the chance to become a dominant market player in the DeFi options trading arena.

Eligibility and Participation

Users can participate in the IDO by completing the 400 USDC (Ethereum Chain) Minimum Balance through their Bybit Wallet holdings within the snapshot period. During this phase, 3 abstracts will be slated daily, with 1,500 participants as the maximum count. This, in turn, allows for equality and justice among those seeking a bid.

Renwick from DeFi

The Thetanuts IDO will be evidence of the fact that the DeFi market is quite young and seems to have the potential to grow into a much stronger financial market. Thetanuts Finance has already obtained the first place position in the TVL category of DeFi Options Protocols, surpassing the $30 million Total Value Locked indicator. This itself is a testimony to the power of community and a proof of the fact that the project can be key to the future of 'DeFi options trading' in days to come.

Web3 of Bybit on DeFi: The future is here

Bybit's Web3's participation in Thetanots IDO is proof of his sticking to his goal of building an open and similarly accessible Web3 future. We have already achieved success and are serving over 1 million wallet users. Further, we have collaborated with over 10 major ecosystem partners and, possibly, the security and technology know-how to take the lead in the next phase of service delivery of the decentralized financial services.


The Thetanut IDO marks a turning point for the DeFi industry, showing how the adoption of decentralized finance will shape the financial future. By hosting this IDO on Bybit, the Web3 platform has clearly demonstrated its vision and commitment to developing the crypto DeFi arena. The cryptocurrency world keeps on expanding with initiatives like Thetanuts' IDO, which are considered a crucial step in using open, decentralized, and inclusive finance of the future.

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