Blecon Launches Next-Gen Bluetooth LE-Based IoT Connectivity

Blecon unveils Next-Gen IoT connectivity with Bluetooth LE
Blecon Launches Next-Gen Bluetooth LE-Based IoT Connectivity

On Wednesday, Blecon introduced the new IoT connectivity solution for businesses that employ Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This solution focuses on overcoming the problems encountered when implementing Bluetooth LE for IoT connectivity. It presents an easy-to-use and efficient approach to the integration of Bluetooth into IoT solutions.

The main features of Blecon's solution include:

Blecon Modems: Software and resources that allow standard Bluetooth LE microcontrollers to establish a secure identity, robust security features, and dependable network interaction.

Blecon Hotspots: Specialized hardware and mobile applications that offer a straightforward and effective method for setting up coverage in any location without the need for configuration or pairing.

Blecon Networks: A cloud-based network that supports secure device identities, two-way cloud communication, location tracking, and time services, directing device requests to their cloud applications.

Blecon's technology is bundled as a complete product and network service aimed at seamless integration. This solution enables companies to utilize Bluetooth LE's capabilities fully, opening up new opportunities for IoT connectivity solutions.

“Bluetooth LE is now being used ever more widely in Bluetooth LE-based IoT connectivity use-cases, building upon its remarkable technical and commercial success in personal connectivity and tracking beacons. Despite the challenges companies face in adapting BLE for these applications, the benefits are driving adoption,” said Simon Ford, CEO of Blecon. “At Blecon, we leverage our deep expertise in the IoT industry and our specialized experience with Bluetooth LE to provide a solution that simplifies and democratizes the use of Bluetooth Low Energy for IoT Connectivity.”

Blecon tackles below critical challenges in the industry that help lower the expense of IoT Connectivity:

Cost of Production: The broad use of Bluetooth LE and its high integration with silicon technology reduces production expenses for IoT gadgets. By incorporating Bluetooth LE, businesses can take advantage of an optimized hardware environment, leading to lower costs per unit.

Cost of Deployment: Blecon enables customers to set up hardware hotspots themselves and use their existing phones and laptops as hotspots through applications without the necessity of hiring professionals to set up and configure the devices on-site, which results in much lower deployment costs.

Cost of Operations: Keeping an IoT infrastructure operational can be expensive, mainly when relying on custom, in-house solutions. By choosing Blecon’s ready-to-use solution, companies can use this technology to manage a large part of the operational duties, thereby cutting down on continuous expenses.

Development Expenses: This approach eliminates the need for time and custom training to build new gateways and applications as well as the significant effort required in system configuration and security; it improves the process of creating and sharing products while decreasing costs and time consumption for development and collaboration purposes.

The unique technical capabilities and practical considerations of Bluetooth LE have allowed its application in numerous low-cost IoT projects despite the need for bespoke solutions to fully realize these uses. Blecon emerged following the team's realization that businesses frequently encountered challenges when incorporating Bluetooth into IoT communication initiatives.

Recognizing the market's untapped potential, Blecon is working on a solution to increase the accessibility and popularity of Bluetooth LE as a dependable and favored approach for IoT communication.

“Bluetooth LE has achieved remarkable success as a trusted, low-power wireless technology. As the market leader in Bluetooth LE SoCs, Nordic Semiconductor continues to contribute to this success,” states Claire Steed, regional sales director at Nordic Semiconductor. “The potential for growth and new opportunities in the Bluetooth LE IoT space is immense. By democratizing Bluetooth LE for IoT Connectivity, Blecon is paving the way for more businesses to harness the power of Bluetooth. This specifically correlates with the Nordic Company’s intended aim of improving wireless solutions to facilitate connectivity and innovation for the industry.”

With this news, Blecon will present a product that augments Bluetooth by including a firm structure, a high-degree security system, and crucial components that would enable devices and cloud services to interact with each other seamlessly using proximity networks.

Blecon's innovation is bundled as a complete offering and network service aimed at integration. This product enables companies to fully utilize Bluetooth LE's capabilities, opening up new opportunities for IoT applications involving connectivity.

“Memfault is excited to be collaborating with Blecon to help further unlock advanced device observability tools and Device Vitals on low-power devices,” stated François Baldassari, CEO of Memfault. “By leveraging Blecon’s low-cost BLE IoT Connectivity solution, more engineering teams can now be empowered to optimize product performance, reliability, security, and user experience of their devices in the field.”

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