Best Microsoft Azure Certifications No One Told You About!

Check out the best Microsoft Azure certifications no one has told you about!
Best Microsoft Azure Certifications No One Told You About!

Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest-growing segments in the technology industry. As per AAG, the market share of Microsoft Azure reached 23% in the fourth quarter of 2022. As of the first quarter of 2023, Microsoft Azure is the second largest cloud service in the world, with revenues that are three times higher than GCP, and it is quickly closing the gap with its main competitor, Amazon Web Service.  This rapid growth has caused the number of jobs that require Azure skills to skyrocket. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate that you have these skills is to obtain certifications. As a tech leader, you may be wondering which certifications you should guide your team towards and how you can assess their skill level/efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the Best Microsoft Azure Certifications listed below.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

To complete Microsoft Azure Certifications, participants must pass the AZ-900 Azure Fundamental exam. This Azure Fundamental certification aims to educate candidates about the essential Azure cloud services. It has been created so that even persons with no technical knowledge may participate.

Areas Covered

• Learn more about underpinning cloud constructs, including availability, scalability, and dependability, types of cloud services, and cloud models.

• Discuss computing, networking, storage, and all other core architectural building blocks as Microsoft Azure.

• Speak about identity, access, and protection.

• Highlight the Azure governance, control, compliance, and performance monitoring instruments.

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Certification

The AI Fundamentals Certification by Microsoft Azure. One must become certified in this Azure credential by passing the AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals exam. This means that to get the basic level of certification, you must have a grasp of the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure AI and ML solutions.

Areas Covered

• Explain AI logistics and such features as norms of everyday AI logistics and principles of responsible AI.

• Educational material should address the leading machine learning (ML) methods and use cases to help students delve into the basics of machine learning (ML) on Azure.

• Briefly highlight significant characteristics of image processing jobs on Azure

• Define characteristics of NLP operations on the Azure platform, considering, for instance, conversational AI.

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Certification

Microsoft Azure Certifications are valid after you successfully pass the DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam. Persons who want to translate this certification and acquire a good understanding of the basics of data concepts, relational and non-relational data, and distributed computing on Azure should have gone through the training.

Areas Covered

• First, define fundamental data metrics like frequent data models and then how to represent the data.

• Name entities affecting relational databases on Azure, as well as verbalize relational data and relational Azure data services.

• The tutorial topic about non-relational data on Azure will include the relevant capabilities of Azure Storage and Azure Cosmos DB.

• Discuss data analytics workloads running on Azure, including high-volume analytics, data analytics on the go, and data visualization with Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals Certification

To be certified in Azure SC-900, you have to pass the exam, which covers Microsoft Azure Security, Compliance, and Identity fundamentals. People who want to be certified should genuinely understand the basics of security, compliance, and identity in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Areas Covered

• Enumerate security, compliance, and authentication principles.

• The powers of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) included as part of Microsoft Entrance will be discussed.

• Illustrate Microsoft's competencies in national security solutions.

• Explain how Microsoft can help organizations settle various compliance issues.

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Certification

To become an expert in this Azure certification, you must pass the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate exam, which is essential for Microsoft Azure certifications. As the AZ-103 test has gone obsolete, AZ-104 has now taken its place. Of course, this will be the task of measuring the knowledge and skills of candidates in the setup and implementation of the computing, storage, virtual networking and monitoring tasks in the Azure environment. The job of an Azure Administrator is in the domain of the SME, which is tasked with the construction of an enterprise's Azure-based cloud infrastructure.

Areas Covered

• Azure's identity and governance management covers Azure AD objects, role-based access control (RBAC), and subscriptions and governance.

• Create and manage storage that spans Azure Files and Azure Blob Storage.

• Configure and run Azure virtual machine, containers, and Azure App Service resources, among others.

• Manage and manage virtual networks, starting with establishing virtual networks while balancing load.

• Continue monitoring and managing the Azure resources.

Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification

The Microsoft Azure Developer Associate Certification is a new credential offered by Microsoft. What is more, you will have to go through the AZ-204 developer associate Microsoft Azure exam before obtaining this certification. The AZ-204 exam, having replaced the AZ-203 exam, is intended to test the same knowledge and competencies. The applicants for this certification will be required to have a keen comprehension of constructing, deploying, as well as testing Azure-based apps and services. These candidates should also have 1-2 years of development experience with appropriate knowledge in data storage and connections, which includes Azure SDKs, debugging, performance tuning, etc.

Areas Covered

• Create Azure compute solutions, which begin with IaaS solutions and end with apps and Azure Functions.

• Include the development for Azure storage, which mainly includes storage services such as Cosmos DB storage and blob storage.

• Develop an Azure security that encompasses authentication and authorization.

• Monitor, debug, and optimize Azure solutions in order to ensure maximum resource utilization.

• Puled through Azure services and external solutions via API Management, event-based solutions, and message-based solutions.

Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate Certification

As a team leader, you are conscious that the security problems with cloud computing are one of the hurdles that can't be surpassed for the technology to be widely utilized. This certification is attainable so long as you can pass the AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate certification exam. This certification “is created for candidates that have cloud implementation and management skills, as well as identity and access management that somewhat involve securing cloud data, apps, and networks. The job of a Microsoft Azure security engineer is to maintain and ensure the cloud-based solutions as well as the work of the hybrid cloud solutions as a part of the total system infrastructure. Sufficient automation and scripting capabilities, proficiency in using virtualization and virtual networking technologies, and familiarity with Microsoft cloud services and products are some of the expertise required to pass such an exam.

Areas Covered

• Manage identity via Azure Active Directory, which has role-based access control as well.

• On the platform side, prevention and response are the key elements. Steps should include defending the compute and network platform along with prioritized strategic steps.

• Manage security operations, which include policy management, threat protection, and security monitoring solutions.

• The transmission of data and applications in a verifiable manner.

Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate Certification

To earn this Azure certification, you need to sit for and pass the AZ-700 - Microsoft Azure Network Engineer Associate Exam. This certification is for those who have experience with Azure networking setup, as Microsoft offers more than just network setup.

Areas Covered

• In addition to designing and directing hybrid networking, strong communication and management

skills would also be required.

• Develop and install a supporting network core equipment.

• Devise and implement the routing.

• Provider, secure, and supervise networks.

• Establish and deploy private Azure access to the delivery of services.

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Certification

To obtain this AI-102 Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate certification, you have to sit for the exam. The associate certification track is designed for individuals who implement machine learning solutions such as natural language processing, knowledge mining, speech, computer vision, bots, and agents from Cognitive Services, Cognitive Search, and the Bot Framework. The applicants for the IT Architecture and Software Development Exams should have a fundamental understanding of these areas and, ideally, experience working with REST APIs.

Areas Covered

• Develop and manage the solution of the Azure Cognitive Services.

• Aside from these initiatives, we have also directed Computer Visio techniques toward our operations.

• Solve naturally occurring language processing problems.

• Implement knowledge-mining solutions

• Consider the use of chatbots, virtual assistants, or other automation tools that use conversational AI.

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification

The requests for this authentication have shown a severe increase. Vast data sets are the new fad for companies, and the ability to detect hidden patterns and extract useful information from large data sets will be crucial in business decision-making. To reserve MSDSA certification, one must overcome the DP-100 Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate exam. This certification is centered on building and implementing an Azure application development that uses data science. Train, evaluate, and deploy an essential machine learning approach on Azure that mainly focuses on solving business problems.

Areas Covered

• Develop & define a machine learning model for performance.

• Learn the inclusive and factor and use models accordingly.

• Prepare a model deployable.

• Develop a pre-trained model and apply it in any environment

Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification

To achieve this acknowledgment and officially become a Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate, you must take and pass the DP-203 exam. Through this certification, you can demonstrate proficiency in guiding an organization in selecting, launching, and managing data assessment, processing, and analysis on Azure.

Areas Covered

• Plan and execute Azure Data Storage.

• In Azure, data processing was designed and developed.

• Architecture and secure the data Azure into the system.

• Watch over and optimize data storage volume and data operations on Azure.

Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate Certification

To get this Azure certification, you need to pass the DP-300, the Microsoft Azure Database Administrator Associate, which is meant for database administrators. This activity-oriented Azure certification test would be suitable for candidates who are more inclined to administrate cloud-based databases. This certification enlightens candidates about managing Azure SQL Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Areas Covered

• Design and lay a foundation of data resources that can be used.

• Deliver a secured counterfeit-resistant environment.

• Monitor (track), configure (determine the placements), and optimize (determine the positions) database resources.

• Set up and adequately steer the tasks unattended.

• Define HA/DR environment as a reliable area where the system comes up quickly during downtime or disasters.

Microsoft Azure Security Operations Analyst Associate Certification: You must successfully pass the built-in SC-200 Security Operations Analyst Associate exam. This certification program is meant for IT specialists who are competent in action against threats used by Microsoft 365 Defender, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft Sentinel.

Areas Covered

• Deflate the threats through Microsoft 365 Defender.

• Microsoft Defender for Cloud as mitigatory threat use is recommended.

• Risk mitigation can be done using Microsoft Sentinel as a platform.

Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Administrator Associate Certification

To gain this certificate from Microsoft, you should pass the 300-level Microsoft Azure Identity and Access Administrator Associate exam. This credential is specifically intended for IT professionals who can oversee identity management and access on the Microsoft 365 platform and Azure.

Areas Covered

• Implement identities in Azure AD to facilitate administration and secure the organization's IT environment.

• To secure critical information, authentication and access management have to be implemented.

• Access is regulated for application.

• Design and develop identity governance on Azure AD


1.   How much does Microsoft Azure certification cost?

Microsoft Azure certification costs vary. The Fundamentals Azure certification costs $99, and the Associate, Expert, and Specialty Azure certifications cost $165 each.

2. Which certification is best for Azure?

The Azure Solutions Architect is the best Azure certification. It covers different aspects of Azure, such as computing, network and storage, security, etc.

3. How long does Azure certification last?

As per Microsoft’s policy, Azure certification (role-based and specialty) is valid for one year from the certification date.

4. What are the advantages of Microsoft Azure certifications?

Azure certifications provide career growth opportunities, flexible career opportunities, a higher salary, sharp skills, and enhanced security offerings.

5. How many attempts are there for Azure certification?

Candidates are not allowed to take more than 5 Azure exams in 12 months. The 12-month period begins on the day after the 5th failed exam retake.

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