Tarmin Inc: Leveraging State-of-Art Technology For Sustainable Management and Productivity

Tarmin Inc: Leveraging State-of-Art Technology For Sustainable Management and Productivity

May 8, 2019

In an age where everything has turned out to be data-centric, it becomes essential to safeguard data and work on its storage solutions. For such a massive voluminous data in circulation, we need to have a perfect storage capacity too. In recent years, data has gained its own heights empowering management, storage, security and analytics across the cloud. Tarmin Inc is one such pioneer leader of Data Defined Storage solutions which unlocks the value of data as a strategic business enabler, delivering a massively scalable, transparent and unified approach for consistent data management, storage, retention, security, search and analytics across cloud and traditional storage infrastructure. In an exclusive interview with Analytics Insight, Tarmin President & Founder Shahbaz Ali provides with the comprehensive narrative of the company’s building pillars of innovation based on a revolutionary data-centric approach.


Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization and the services offered by it.

Tarmin provides next-generation data management, storage, and infrastructure solutions focused on data accessibility and overcoming barriers associated with growing data volumes to make informed business decisions in real-time. The power of its solution is its flexible and extensible grid architecture which captures data streams from distributed devices or other sources within a scalable platform, consolidating data across the enterprise and providing real-time analysis and responsiveness for improved insights.


How are disruptive technologies like IoT/Big Data analytics/cloud computing impacting today’s innovation?

Technologies like IoT, Big Data and cloud computing are disruptive, that they are the next step in creating widespread connectivity. First, it was the internet, then it was phones and tablets and soon everyday items will be connected and change the way we live, work and operate as a society. By increasing connectivity, the growth in data will continue to skyrocket and unveil trends in consumer behavior, buying habits, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, while increasing the competitive advantage. Organizations with easily accessible data can act quicker, making data-informed decisions and beating out the competition, while remaining focused on their core business. This digital revolution has forced organizations across all industries to change the way they operate, shifting them towards data-centric operations.


How does your company’s strategy facilitate the transformation of an enterprise?

Innovation is driving the growth of data in new forms, at faster speeds, and organizations are paralyzed by this overwhelming amount of information that is often trapped, siloed and difficult to maneuver. Tarmin transforms enterprises from simply storing data which leads to risks, and increased costs to modernizing the way organizations store, manage and utilize the data and its content through a data-centric platform. Tarmin consolidates data across all sources, where it gets cleaned for accuracy and integrity and then presents the data in real-time, delivering value to the customer.


Which industry are you currently focused on? And what is your go-to-market strategy for the same?

We target industries characterized by high and accelerated data growth that is driving up costs, stringent compliance regulations that are increasing data related risks and industries that have a growing need to gain value from their large data repositories. While GridBank is suitable for any data-intensive industries, our core markets are Financial Services, Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Education and more recently Media, Telco, the Public Sector and Pharma and Life Sciences. Tarmin has built two routes to market, specifically global accounts focused on large scale deals and through the channel by focusing on partners and MSPs.


How C-suite executives can leverage data to deliver business value to their organizations?

Tarmin GridBank empowers organizations to store, protect and gain value from data as a competitive business asset, no matter its size, location or cost by uniting application, information and storage tiers into a single, integrated data centric management architecture.


How can businesses efficiently extract the value from data, without increasing cost and complexity?

The need to gain insights from data is becoming the number one priority and a major c-suite executive investment driver. Tarmin’s approach focuses on the value of data and employs technologies that extract full content and index metadata, at the time of ingestion and integration. GridBank enables the unification of data stores, creating virtualized storage pools of data which reside on storage that is determined based on the value of data, and the performance, protection, and frequency of data access during its lifecycle. This approach enables organizations to gain real-time data insights while maximizing value and minimizing costs.