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Cyber Security Transformation: An Underpinning for IBM’s expansion

New York-based IBM corporation was awarded 9,100 patents in past year, again making it a lead scorer of the list for the most US patents granted in a given year. The company announced its achievement on January 8. Cyber Security

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Checkmate Data Theft Before They Make the Next Move

In this age of digitization, emerging and disruptive technologies are changing the business landscape of every industry be it retail, banking, defence, automotive, or the healthcare industry. Digitized information is replacing piles of paper-based files making it easier to share

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018

Recent few years perceived many destructive cyber-attacks. In 2017 itself, many technically proficient cybercriminals made their way in through breaking well-built information technology infrastructures. Some of the disastrous cyber-attacks like Wanna Cry, literally made users cry. In May 2017, over

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