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How Virtual Reality is Helping to Deal with Covid-19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is breaking the serious destruction on the planet. Step by step it is changing the economy and causing a huge disruption across ventures like airlines, the travel industry, retail segment, transportation and some more. You can perceive

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How World’s Top Universities Are Confronting the Novel Coronavirus?

The coronavirus, also known as COVID 19, couldn’t have been more hazardous. The pandemic has killed thousands of people across the world to date. Hospitals, corporates, industries, educational institutions – all are facing the wrath of SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory

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COVID-19 Rise and Spread with Specific Predictions till 1st April for India and US

1. Background The number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in India has reached close to 750 cases as of 27th March 2020.  According to the health ministry, Covid-19, which has globally infected over 1.5 lakh people, is likely to cause

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