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Augmented Analytics Growth Affects Traditional Business Intelligence Process

Augmented analytics tools, natural language processing (NLP), and graph analytics are the top trends to look over this year. Augmented analytics is a new technology category coined by Gartner in 2017, and it comprises machine learning, NLP and other artificial

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Top 10 Augmented Analytics Companies in 2019

Augmented analytics deploys machine learning to change how analytics content is developed and used by the industry and its peers. This trendy technology integrates other analytical capabilities like business process management, data preparation, data management, process mining and data science.

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Augmented Analytics is the Tomorrow of Business Intelligence

According to Gartner, over the next five years, augmented analytics will be the hottest trend in business intelligence. Further, as per Hope Cycle for the Digital Workplace 2018, within the near future, the upcoming generation of data analytics will witness

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