Why Tableau Is a Must to Advance Your BI Career?

by May 28, 2020


The current Business Intelligence (BI) market is extremely dynamic and full of opportunities. And those with the knowledge of software like Tableau have an advantageous edge over others running in the race. Tableau tool software is very user-friendly and straightforward to use, which allows for the production of interactive data visualization in a very effective manner at fast speed. Complicated charts and graphs can be easily created in Tableau Software. Datasets are calculated at a quicker rate, and massive data are handled very efficiently.

Moreover, its pricing is convenient for users. US$1,999 + additional maintenance charges is the per license cost of the Professional Version of Tableau. Tableau also provided Tableau Public that is the free version of Tableau software. The main difference between Tableau Professional and Tableau Public is that a developer cannot save all the visualization of data on the tableau server and the Tableau public server has to be used to save it.
Another main difference between Tableau Public and Tableau Professional is that a tableau developer can only use less connection of data sources in the Free version. The best part about Tableau Public is that it provides some fantastic visualization of data that is available in Tableau Professional.

Professionals can also explore free learning resources from Tableau, like Tableau Starter Kits that organizes Tableau training videos, reading materials, community events, and product practice exercises into sections that allow them to engage with progressively advanced product capabilities. Moreover, professionals can join the Tableau Community that offers many ways to connect with peers and experts. One can take advantage of networking and learning opportunities by joining a local Tableau User Group, browsing our forums, and exploring Tableau Public.


But Why to Learn Tableau?

According to upGrad, here are the top five reasons why you should learn tableau to advance your BI career.


Increasing Demand for Professionals in Tableau

More and more data is being generated every day, and according to a study by International Data Corporation (IDC) it has been estimated that the data generated by 2020 will be 50 times more than the data generated in the last decade. Now Business companies need some kind of tool to process the enormous volume of data.

The Tableau tool is easy to use and interactive tools that can help in analyzing the data and deriving insights on which actions can be taken. This is the main reason that the trend of jobs in Tableau is rising. The tableau professionals are very much in demand currently that will keep growing at a faster rate in the future.


Rewarding Career in Tableau

Tableau Developer is one of the very highly compensated professionals in the field of Data Analytics. The average salary of a Tableau Developer is US$108,697 annually. The trend of the average salary is also rising day by day, and the most recent wages have gone up to US$158,000.


Lucrative Tableau Job Offers from Large Companies

Large Companies like Verizon, KPMG, Bank of America, Sunguard, Sony Electronics, General Motors, Groupon, University of California, NetJets, Booz Allen Hamilton, Applied Systems, Dell and Facebook are offering Jobs in the field of Tableau. All the large companies have realized that they need the right tableau experts, and they are ready to provide them with excellent compensation. A Tableau Career is going to boom further in the future.


Diverse Tableau Job Roles

Various Job roles at multiple levels can be chosen by one in their Tableau career. Some of the Tableau Professional Jobs are Business Intelligence Manager, Business Intelligence Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Tableau Consultant.


Future of Career in Tableau

In the business intelligence and data visualization market, Tableau is the leading tool. Gartner Research has named Tableau tool as the leader seven times in a row in business intelligence and data visualization. The ability to execute is the main thing in Tableau Tool when compared with the competitor.

Looking at its competitors, Tableau is far ahead as the leader of the market. Completeness of Vision is also a powerful feature in the Tableau Tool in comparison to its competitor. There is a very secure and bright future of Tableau that is going nowhere.