SystemOps -Preparing Adaptive Workflows Resilient to Change

by August 4, 2020

Cloud Computing

SysOps and DevOps the two important concepts of Cloud Computing that lead to the birth of DevOps.

There is no doubt that technology is advancing towards a much brighter future, one being the advent of – cloud computing. Slowly, new terms were introduced in clouding, the most popular ones being SysOps (System operations) and DevOps (Development operations).

The invention of cloud computing, made a lot of IT operations work a cakewalk, estimates trust that about 20 percent of the DBA’s task, 80 percent of the network engineer’s task and 50 percent of system admin’s task has become a lot easier, credit to cloud computing. This tectonic shift has bought a big shift in the work of system admins. What started to help out the development team to build software or applications bought DevOps into life.

The two most used areas of cloud computing – DevOps and SysOps brings together developers and operations team to perform the tasks and eliminate bugs which assist to achieve the Enterprise IT goals efficiently.


The Growth of SystemOps

When cloud computing was not into play, the traditional tools like source code control system, vendor package management and concurrent version system, were widely used by the administrators to fulfil the goals of developer activities. However, with DevOps, these activities are simplified with the help of open-source or cross-platform tools which include Puppet and Chef.

Pacing today, the system admin’s uses code infrastructure as the main cypher to mechanize the process of infrastructure building.  Continuous deployment done simultaneously is the process undertaken by developers with the help of automated tools used in the building process.


The Pillars of SysOps include-

• ITIL approach is used.

• SysOps teams follow a consistent approach for software deployment and change implementation.

• SysOps supports consistent deployment and change of an application.

• The main task of the SysOps is done on servers for making changes in an application as per requirements.

IT is indispensable for the business to thrive in any market and SysOps and DevOps approaches are dynamically bringing a positive change to the development process of any software or application. Enterprises are increasingly using DevOps and SysOps platform in order to gain profit and success. However, it all depends on the client requirements that set the course of SysOps success in this highly competitive market.