Nvidia's Five-Year Stock Return Skyrockets to 2,855%, Twice that of Tesla and 12x Higher than Microsoft's or Alphabet's

Nvidia's Five-Year Stock Return Skyrockets to 2,855%, Twice that of Tesla and 12x Higher than Microsoft's or Alphabet's

The stock price of AI giant Nvidia has skyrocketed since the beginning of the year, bringing investors 115% gains and helping the company to add almost $1.4 trillion to its value. However, its five-year stock return is even more impressive.

According to data presented by Stocklytics.com, Nvidia's five-year stock return hit a whopping 2,855% last week, much more than any other AI giant.

Nvidia's Five-Year Return is Twice that of Tesla and 12x Higher than Microsoft's or Alphabet's 

US chipmaker Nvidia is having another fantastic year, and nothing can't stop its growth. After posting better-than-expected results for the last two quarters, the AI giant's stock price skyrocketed, adding almost half a trillion dollars to its stock value in a matter of days.

In February, after posting Q4 2024 results, Nvidia's stock value soared by $276 billion in a single day, the highest increase the company has ever seen. The same scenario happened three months later. On May 22, Nvidia reported impressive Q1 FY 2025 results that showed a 262% jump in revenue and a whopping 645% net income growth, causing its stock value to skyrocket. Just a day after posting its latest earnings report, Nvidia's stock value jumped by $217 billion and continued rising ever since.

Statistics show the latest price growth has pushed Nvidia's five-year stock return to an impressive $2,855%, cementing its position as the best performer among the AI giants. Assuming an investor bought $10,000 worth of Nvidia stocks in May 2019, they would have picked up 277 stocks priced at around $36. Since then, Nvidia's price has jumped almost 30 times and hit $1,064 last week, turning that $10,000 investment into almost $295,000.

Nvidia's five-year stock return is even more impressive when compared to that of other AI giants. The world's most valuable car producer, Tesla, has the second-highest five-year stock return of 1,352%, or twice less than Nvidia. Microsoft is in third place, with an investment return of 257%. Statistics show that Alphabet and Meta stocks also brought much smaller gains to investors than Nvidia's, with five-year returns of 211% and 165%, respectively.

Nvidia Added Over $2.5 Trillion to its Stock Value in Five Years

The impressive stock price growth has helped Nvidia add more than $2.5 trillion to its value in the past five years. Last week, the AI giant's market cap amounted to$2.61 trillion, up from $88 billion in May 2019.

In comparison, Microsoft's stock value increased by $2.2 trillion in this period, or 13% less than Nvidia's. Alphabet added over $1.4 billion to its stock value in five years, while Meta and Tesla follow with $700 billion and $539 billion gains, respectively.

The full story and statistics can be found here: https://stocklytics.com/content/nvidias-five-year-stock-return-skyrockets-to-2855-twice-that-of-tesla-and-12x-higher-than-microsofts-or-alphabets/

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