SDG Group: Leading Into The Next Normal Through the Power of Data & Analytics

SDG Group: Leading Into The Next Normal Through the Power of Data & Analytics

by October 27, 2020

SDG Group is a Global Data & Analytics Consulting Firm, offering in-depth expertise that empowers its clients’ strategies to become data-driven enterprises and bridges the gap between data and business decisions.  

With a global presence, the company’s mission is to transform data into better business decisions, making the results of its projects a core and sustainable differentiator for its clients. SDG Group believes in “Data As A Transformational Asset” (“D.A.T.A.”), meaning data is used as the basis for new ways of performing various functions and  operating as a business.   

The company has a technology-agnostic approach, which allows the firm to innovate its value proposition with the latest and best technologies to provide the ultimate data and analytics solutions in the market.  


Mitigating the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis  

When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world, SDG Group looked for opportunities to use its data and analytics expertise to help. They collaborated with global healthcare experts and used the latest technologies to develop, DocDot, a revolutionary AI-assisted remote diagnosis app, recognized by The World Health Organization (WHO) for being one of the most innovative digital health solutions worldwide. The app detects vital signs remotely to help healthcare professionals safely visit patients and enables the digital health taskforce to manage and monitor patients and customers through a Patient Management Dashboard.  

SDG Group also collaborated with the Red Cross on its Red Cross RESPONDS Plan. The initiative takes action to address COVID-19 in all affected areas of society; emergencies, health, social inclusion, education, employment, and the environment. SDG Group deployed an Open Data Platform that made data centralized and current, and the actions of the Red Cross transparent to the public and key stakeholders. 


Helping Clients Overcome New Challenges 

In addition to assisting in healthcare and nonprofit organizations, SDG Group manages the pandemic’s impact on its clients. The company helps them create new strategies and solutions to thrive in the “next normal.”   

A primary focus is moving data and analytics into the Cloud. SDG Group believes the Cloud is critical for reacting quickly to disruptions because it provides an agile, secure, scalable, and reliable way to extract data. The Cloud also enables its clients to focus more on getting value from data, instead of only spending time managing and maintaining infrastructure. 

Another concentration related to the Cloud is Data Sharing. SDG Group believes that having a single data vision where there are no information silos is the most optimal way to address business challenges. The company facilitates Data Sharing within its clients and, in parallel, ensures they have reliable data and speak the same data language through effective Data Management and Data Governance practices. 

Also, a Digital Analytics Strategy is more critical than ever now that digital channels are the only means for connecting with people and finding new business opportunities. SDG Group helps its clients discover new ways to reach their customers. With a customer-centric vision, the company developed SDG Eagle Digital Analytics, a solution that provides a comprehensive view of data from all channels. 

The economy and recession are also concerns. Amid the pandemic, SDG Group launched the SDG CashFlow War Room Solution to provide its clients with visibility into cash flow to evaluate every possible scenario. The solution helps its clients better manage liquidity and pursue new growth opportunities.  

Lastly, SDG Group uses disruptive technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics as catalysts for innovation that will enable its clients to excel in a post-pandemic world.  


Innovating the Data Value Chain to Accelerate Business Insights  

SDG Group innovates the entire Data Value Chain in order to turn data into transformative insights. For this reason, the company’s services offerings support the full lifecycle of data: Strategy & Transformation, Analytics Infrastructure, Data Management, Business Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Performance Management, and Business Insights.  

It’s a well-known principle at SDG Group to avoid “copying and pasting”.  That means a solution that worked for one client may not work for another and the company should always bring an innovation to every project. This core belief results in unique, next-level solutions for every SDG client. 

The company’s business model is also innovative. It’s a mix of management consulting, industry knowledge, and data & analytics expertise. They have a unique, team-based approach to staff projects and provide clients with local teams connected across the globe in order to scale for some of the world’s largest companies and complex projects. 

SDG Group builds strategic technology alliances with industry leaders who add value to their services and solutions and play an important role in achieving their vision of D.A.T.A.  Partners include AWS, Microsoft, SAP, Snowflake, Matillion, IBM, Informatica, Talend, AttunityTrifactaDataRobotCelonis, Dataiku, Qlik, Tableau, Thoughtspot, Board, ColibraDatumize, Cloudera, and more. 


Position as Global Market Leaders  

Since its founding in 1994, SDG Group’s mission is to transform data into better business decisions and its projects to result in a core and sustainable differentiator for its clients. They aim to be the market leaders in Data & Analytics. 

SDG Group aligns its strategy with its values and seeks to create an environment led by meritocracy and powered by teamwork. This maximizes efficiency because it ensures that all employees work towards common goals and use the same methodologies.  

Client success is the priority in all projects.  SDG builds relationships with clients based on the value they provide, measured by the adoption of the solutions they build rather than the revenue they generate. This unique relationship with clients is how the company creates success, adds value and builds an enduring and trusted partnership.   

The company has been successful with its mission because it manages the company by its values. This success has led to growth and new business locations in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, and the United States.  

Their success has also led to recognition and awards. Over the last decade, SDG Group has been named a key consulting firm in the Gartner Market Scope for Europe, and a Global Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Data & Analytics Service Providers, which includes only 37 companies worldwide.  

Leaders in local markets also endorse the company. Some of these recognitions are from Analytics Insight in the United States, BARC in Germany, Penteo in Iberia and Latin America, and Industrial Process News in the United Kingdom.  

In parallel, SDG is awarded regularly by its technology partners, such as SAP, Celonis, Board, Snowflake, and Qlik, for execution, quality, and excellence in its implementations.  


Envisioning The Future Possibilities 

SDG Group is a firm that envisions new possibilities with data. They believe they can lead in a new world that many people cannot conceive yet. This vision into the future helps SDG Group’s clients excel in the long-term.  

Each year, they name the industry trends that will have the biggest impact. In 2020, the most significant will come from the lasting effects of COVID-19 and the ten 2020 Data & Analytics Trends below. SDG Group categorizes the trends into three categories. Given Trends: Trends that are a must and require action now. Trends on the Rise: Trends that will have a significant impact. Slow-Shift Trends: Trends that are starting to surface. Companies will need to adjust their strategies accordingly to face the future business landscape successfully. 


Visionary Leadership  

Alejandro Martinez is a Partner of SDG Group and the CEO of the United States and Canada. He joined the company in 2009 and has made notable contributions to SDG Group and the Data & Analytics industry, which include:  

  • Creating an agile organization that can manage clients’ demands with proximity and velocity while simultaneously managing the company’s challenges and goals. 
  • Supporting global and regional clients in building and executing large-scale, global development programs in different areas, implementing new strategies to analyze data and make the most of it. 
  • Participating as a Member of the Board of Directors in startups that SDG Group supports.  
  • Contributing to SDG Group’s technology alliances in their Partner Advisory Councils and direct engagements with their R&D departments to influence the market execution and the technology roadmap. 
  • Challenging the status quo by creating and leading new units and teams to enhance its value proposition for its clients and reach market positioning. 
  • Prospecting the business and partners in the Benelux region
  • Starting Up and working with the team to consolidate SDG Group USA and bring a new wave of innovation  
  • Participating as a Strategy Management Lecturer and Speaker in industry events