SDG Group: Driving Enterprise Growth and Performance with In-Depth Data & Analytical Expertise

SDG Group is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing analytics consulting firms. The firm is comprised of specialized niche players, offering in-depth Data & Analytics expertise and working with clients to empower their business strategy to become successful data-driven organizations.

As a technology-agnostic consultancy, SDG Group innovates its value proposition with cutting-edge laboratories and the development of new and outstanding technologies to transform businesses and provide the ultimate Data & Analytics Solutions available in the market.

With a global presence, it creates value and empowers its clients to solve the toughest challenges by providing unmatched industry, functional, and data & analytics expertise that delivers transformational results and boosts performance for the long term.

SDG Group’s service offerings include Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Management & Engineering, Business Analytics, Business Insights & Advanced Analytics, Performance Management and Analytics Infrastructure.

The company’s mission is to transform data into better business decisions, making the results of its projects a core and sustainable differentiation for its clients. SDG Group believes in “Data as Transformational Assets” (“D.A.T.A.”), meaning that data is the most transformational asset of its clients. It aims toward bringing the highest value for its clients in all the projects it pursues and to become market leaders around the data value chain.

With over 25 years as a background, SDG Group’s journey has been defined by adapting the organization to be executed by two main principles, maintaining a focused strategy and becoming experts in data & analytics. All its success is owing to a strategy that is completely aligned with the company’s values, having innovation as the key competency to boost growth, and using agile methods to organize itself and its global challenges.

SDG Group is committed to becoming the leaders in data & analytics, providing in-depth expertise through a combination of management consulting capabilities, industry knowledge and technical skills.

This strategy was successfully executed, and new business locations were opened worldwide which include Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, UK, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, and the USA.


A Company Driven by Values

SDG Group is a company that is managed by its values to help ensure its team, from top leadership to entry-level, are working towards the same common goals and with the same approach and methodology. The company has a strong belief to change the consulting industry mindset and creates an environment led by meritocracy and powered by teamwork to avoid working as individuals and maximize efficiency.

The company makes the success of its clients a priority in projects. Client satisfaction is not enough, SDG Group ensures the adoption and the success of what it does, creating a relationship that is not based on invoicing every hour but based on the value it generates.

Along with the focus of generating value for its clients, comes its devotion to always seek opportunities to innovate and improve services, technologies, and solutions.

SDG Group is also dedicated to building communities that understand their data as a key component in their strategies. The company collaborates and delivers data literacy programs and resources that create a strong data culture, and it participates with its customers on activities that impact its community.


Innovation Powered by Triple Expertise

SDG Group offers a value proposition that is built on innovation, reliability and delivers excellence.

It’s a well-known principle to avoid “copying and pasting”, or doing things the same way, and to always bringing a small innovation in every project. The company’s business model, mixing management consulting, industry knowledge, and data & analytics expertise, is what it calls its “Triple Expertise” that makes SDG Group different.

Selecting its data & analytics technology partners is key to start building a practice before the market does. The company’s strategic technology alliances are industry leaders that provide added value to SDG Group’s services and solutions. The company’s portfolio includes technology leaders such as AWS, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Informatica, Talend, Attunity, Trifacta, DataRobot, Celonis, Dataiku, Qlik, Tableau, Thoughtspot, Snowflake, Board, Colibra, Datumize, Cloudera, among others.

SDG Group also supports the development of new and outstanding technologies available in the market; through cutting-edge laboratories, alliances with renowned academic institutions, and investing in pioneer technological startups, leading them to become global and solid market references.

SDG Group boosts the idea of SDG Labs, to create spaces for innovation where it can participate, act as advisors, and fund new starting business. Recently, the company opened an Innovation Hub in New Jersey, US, aiming to create an innovation playground for its consultants and clients.


Capabilities Bringing Dynamic Disruption

SDG Group believes Big Data, Cloud, AI and Automation are simultaneously catalysts and enablers for innovation, and are driving technology firms to enhance capabilities and stay at the forefront of innovation. They are causing people to consume data dynamically and in different ways, and the result is that people are searching, and thinking of new ways of using data.

Thanks to the cloud and the growth of MSP and MSP solutions, even organizations without strong on-premise data centers and capabilities can move quickly to explore innovative solutions to complex business issues. SDG Group offers several MSP solutions to deliver end-to-end capabilities with industry and functional focus. These solutions often integrate various technologies (e.g. Qlik, AWS+Matillion+Snowflake+ThoughtSpot, etc.) to bring unique value.

Big data is allowing business users to explore more data than ever before, and has created an interest in finding new ways to use data and the need to manage data more effectively. This has led to the modernization of the data framework and more advanced data governance practices that are necessary to support and leverage the data. AI and Automation are helping to reduce tedious tasks and enabling business users to focus time on more strategic activities and applying data in insightful ways.

Artificial Intelligence is taking businesses to new levels. But to get there, companies must be willing to explore the art of the possible. At SDG, the team combines ArtiFact and SDG Eagle Solutions to accelerate the innovation process and provide customers with starting points to inspire creativity and reduce the time and effort it takes to get results.


Insights into the Future

Along with the disruptive technologies stated previously, SDG Group named 9 Data & Analytics Trends for 2019. The company believes that all organizations need to be putting these trends into their strategy to successfully face the business landscape of tomorrow.

SDG Group

As part of its Data Literacy and Data Culture resources, SDG Group has created a series of articles and an e-Book that it shares with its online community to better understand the concepts and share deeper knowledge inside each trend and its status in the market. Read Complete Article and Download the e-Book.


Remarkable Awards and Accomplishments

Over the last decade, Gartner has recognized SDG Group as a key consulting firm in the Market Scope for Europe, and for the last two years, Gartner also selected the company as a Global Data & Analytics Representative Vendor.

Regionally, the company has been positioned as Leaders by BARC in Germany, Penteo in Iberia and LATAM and Industrial Process News in the UK, highlighting SDG Group as a Data & Analytics market reference in the local markets.

These are exciting accomplishments that have been awarded to SDG Group as a result of exceptional recognition coming from its clients, its high projection within the market, its innovation roadmap, its ability to address projects in large entities and a global environment and for having a complete portfolio of solutions.

In parallel, the company has been awarded and recognized by the Analytics industry and technology partners such as SAP, Celonis, Board, Snowflake, and Qlik because of its execution, quality, and excellence in its implementations.


Facing the Challenges of the Ever-Evolving Market 

SDG Group believes that the data and analytics market is changing at every level. There are new technologies, better approaches, more advanced use cases and an ever-evolving ecosystem of stakeholders and users.

One of the biggest challenges SDG Group faces is getting companies to think and behave in new ways. As an example, the company finds Staff Augmentation approaches to be a slowing trend in Analytics that now acts as a significant impediment to speed of delivery, cost efficiency, quality of solution and application to rapidly changing business needs.  SDG Group believes it’s critical to team directly with various stakeholders and to bring teams with deep yet more fluid skills that can operate in a dynamic environment that is constantly changing.

From another perspective, unemployment in the market is very low. When recruiting, the company struggles to find the right people who meet its expectations around the industry, technical and practice knowledge to meet its “Triple Expertise” profile and fit its core values. The company has been able to grow without compromising its quality by teaming effectively and collaborating with Universities to offer a 2+ year Analytics Master program to help build the skills to differentiate SDG teams in the market.


A Transformational Leader

Alejandro Martinez is a Partner of SDG Group and CEO in the USA and Canada. He joined the company in 2009. Alejandro has created an agile organization that manages the demand of its customers with proximity and velocity, and at the same time, manages the challenges and goals of SDG Group. He supports global and regional clients in building and executing large-sale and global development programs in different areas, implementing new strategies to analyze data and make the most of it. He challenges the status quo by creating and leading new units and teams to enhance the company’s value proposition for its clients and reach its market positioning.

Alejandro also prospected the business and partners in the Benelux region for SDG Group, as well as started and worked with the team to consolidate SDG Group USA and bring a new wave of innovation.

He contributes to SDG Group’s technology alliances in their partner advisory councils and direct engagements with their R&D departments to influence the market execution and the technology roadmap.

In addition to this, Alejandro participates as a strategy management lecturer and speaker in industry events.