SAI Technology: Delivering Next-Gen EHR Integrated AI-Powered Telehealth Platform for Hospitals

Dr. Venkata Rayapati

In the healthcare industry today, doctors are facing several challenges when accessing and sharing medical records due to divergent and standalone Electronic Health Records (EHR). Also, Cyber Security is a major challenge for Healthcare Records which provides Personally Identifiable Information (PII). As a result, doctors need to collaborate on a real-time basis with other specialists, Nurses, and other doctors on an emergency basis where many of the systems have severe limitations due to proprietary standards and interfaces, and they will not be interoperable and co-exist in the healthcare field. The above challenges prompted a California-based company SAI Technology to provide a highly integrated system based on four pillars: (a) Electronic Health Records (EHR), (b) Enterprise Collaboration (EC), (c) Telemedicine (TM), and (d) Cyber Security (CM) Modules. The company supports high-level integration, customization, and consolidation for corporate governance and regulatory compliance for the healthcare industry.

According to the company, “AI Integrated Next-Gen EHR with Collaboration, Security & Telemedicine Platform with Customization and Automation improves Operational Efficiency by 50% and Cost savings by 25% for the Hospitals”.

SAI Technology’s solution automates a multitude of EHR operations with Enterprise Collaboration (EC) while considering security measures to reduce the cost and manual human intervention. Predictive Artificial Intelligence Analytics provides the patient’s overall health care diagnostics and preventative care through Telemedicine. The company believes EHR overhaul Telehealth integrated with hospitals and retail health is the wave of the future.


Today, about 10% of hospitals and medical care firms have adopted modern telemedicine solutions, despite the notion that around 95 percent of patients favor telemedicine services as opposed to currently available healthcare services. “ Using AI, our Integrated EHR with Enterprise Collaboration Software and Cyber Security platform automates all the manual processes, enables clients to save significant resources, time and cost, while improving the Productivity and Operational Efficiency for the Hospitals.” said Dr Venkat Rayapati, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of SAI Technology.

In order to provide effective HIPPA regulatory compliance and Federal Compliance requirements for hospitals, SAI Technology provides highly Integrated HealthCare Platform scalable for SMB’s to Enterprise Hospitals, and  SAI EHR with integrated Collaboration, Cyber Security, and Cloud data management. Additionally, SAI brings a lot of automation capabilities for hospital audits, etc. SAI EHR Telemedicine product is provided on Prem, Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud environments. SAI Technology supports the virtualization of servers to ensure zero downtime of the system and offers flexibility to customers on-Prem and Cloud deployments with built-in Cyber Security protection.

SAI Technology delivers an Artificial Intelligence Engine with Predictive Analytical capabilities to enhance treatment capabilities and improve patient care. More than 75% of hospitals experience some form of security breaches due to Cyberattacks. Today, all hospitals support single attack defense as multiple attack defense systems are not available. SAI Technology provides simultaneous cyberattack defense capabilities and also predictive analytics capabilities to increase productivity by a factor of 50 percent. SAI Telemedicine system provides advanced AI Capabilities that improves patient care. The company has global expansion plans to cover the US, Europe, and APAC markets in the next 3 years.


About the Leader

Dr. Venkata Rayapati serves as the Founder, Chairman and CEO of SAI technology. Prior to SAI, Dr. Rayapati worked as Vice President of Design Engineering at Chartered Semiconductor, and served as Chief Technology Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Xalted Networks Inc. He also co-founded Portal Player Inc. (now part of NVidia) as their VP of Engineering & CTO.

Dr. Rayapati has over twenty years of experience in Cyber Security, Wireless Video, and Artificial Intelligence. Before that, he worked at Lucent Technologies as Director of Product Development, responsible for development of the broadband access products.

He has won Bell Labs President Award for the innovation of Stinger and Eagle Products. Dr. Rayapati held several technical positions at Nortel Networks, National Semiconductor (Chief Architect) and AMD (Architecture Manager of K6 &K7).

He was also on the Board of Directors at Digital Video Systems Inc. and has held various technical advisory board memberships at Zarlink Semiconductor. Dr. Rayapati holds a Doctoral degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Montreal, Canada. He has also taught several courses at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz in emerging Wireless, Optical Communications, Telecom, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security related advanced technologies.

Dr. Rayapati has published approximately 35 papers in various reputable International Journals and Conferences.