Smart Home Robots by Apple: Everything to Know

Apple’s new smart home robots can help you do tasks and answer your questions
Smart Home Robots by Apple: Everything to Know

Robotics is one area of interest for Apple as it searches for its "next big thing," according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Apple's technical teams are developing a range of in-house robotic devices as well as AI software and features that might potentially add value to a home robot.

Currently, the AI director at Apple is John Giannandrea, who is overseeing the development of robots in cooperation with the Apple hardware division and machine learning team.

Given the attention surrounding Apple’s 2024 WWDC event, Apple’s smart home robot announcement may be already on the way. These smart home robots by Apple come in handy with enhancing the ways of moving within your house.

For instance, IT gurus have indicated that the acquisition of humanoid robotics places Apple in a position to revolutionize the technology market. As per critics and analysts many of the existing robots are extremely invasive and very messy. On the other hand, we may expect advances in personal robotics and even Smart Home as Apple exploits the AI technologies at its disposal.  Gurman also said it may take several decades to develop humanoid Apple robots. Meanwhile, smaller robots and robots with arms and iPad displays might just be a year or two away. 

Industry reacts

"Apple's action is probably going to accelerate innovation, possibly even pushing rivals to step up their robots and AI initiatives. This industry is likely to experience significant growth, and may even revolutionize such a simple aspect of life as waking up in the morning and becoming even more efficient and beneficial. Devroop Dhar, co-founder and managing director of Primus Partners strongly agrees with the statement that ‘With the entry of Apple, the tech industry especially electronics is set for a future where intelligent & connected devices will integrate into our daily lives’.

Rajesh Kumar, Robotics and AI Architect at Addverb noted that a new generation of private multi-functional smart home robots by Apple will be present in the next decade to transform the lifestyle as technology progresses in fields like Mobile grasping, Navigation and Generative AI.

Lastly, Bombay High Court Advocate and Counsel Siddharth Chandrashekhar revealed that Apple is required to remember data being collected, processed, and stored under its proposed concept called Smart Home Robots by Apple with AI and abide by the DPDP, the new act that claims to regulate the data protection in India till date.

Mobile robot

Apple is rumored to be developing a mobile robot finished with a rubber skin that would track customers around their houses and be a sort of iPad on wheels. The points that a robot can most likely achieve include making FaceTime calls, monitoring the residents of the house, undertaking simple operations, and answering questions.

While Apple intends to build a robot that will clean and conduct chores like Rosey in the Jetsons, the technology is now too complex. Rumor has it that Apple is investigating AI algorithms that would be used to help robots navigate crowded situations in houses. Such a robot is unlikely to be created this decade, according to Gurman, because of "extraordinarily difficult engineering challenges."

Table-Top Robot

An "advanced table-top home device" that uses robotics to move a display is the name given to another Apple project. The device would imitate a person's head motions during a FaceTime video chat. It is characterized as a robotic motor on a small pedestal. During a group FaceTime call, it would be able to accurately lock on to one person or nod. Gurman says that the Cupertino-based tech firm has always had problems about balance as well as weight and it is not therefore sure that customers are willing to part with their ‘’greenbacks’’ for a product of that nature.

Unlike Apple’s mobile robot, the robotic display has been “included and withdrawn from the company’s scheme of things” many times; however, current speculations indicate that the project is much further along than Apple’s mobile robot.

Secret House Facility

Apple is conducting its next home goods testing at some small secret outpost designed to resemble a home.

Additional Household Electronics

However, there is much more than this in development from Apple and some of the following products are reportedly under production: a home automation device that is similar to the iPad that would function as a command center for smart home devices. Also, rumors have it that Apple is set to release a HomePod with the screen while there are rumors that Apple is in the process of developing an Apple TV that will integrate speakers and a camera.


The smart home robots by Apple have set up a market where it plans to introduce a range of gadgets, including mobile, tabletop, and smart robots for home use. Such robots would possess many features to implement the above functions such as FaceTime calls and residents monitoring and response to questions. However, Apple is still experiencing some form of technical hurdles in achieving their innovations like creating a cleaning robot that can maneuver through the house and clean as seen in the cartoon Jetsons with Rosie. Nevertheless, the insights provided in this paper dictated that the entry of Apple to the smart home robot market will help spur the much-needed advanced research and development in the industry.

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