Robo Advisors: Rise of Automated Investment Platforms

Robo Advisors: Rise of Automated Investment Platforms

This article discusses the importance of Robo Advisors in investments


A Robo advisor, is a digital platform that gives automated, algorithm-driven financial planning and investment services with very limited human intervention. Normally, a Robo advisor asks you to fill out a survey on the internet about your financial situation and future goals and then gives you advice based on the information you provide. The robo advisor also manages your investments automatically.

Robo advisors are also known as "automated investment advisors," "automated investment management," and "digital advice platforms. "

The Robo advisors with the best attributes are those who have easy account setup, thorough goal planning, account services, and portfolio management. Along with their solid security features, they also provide educational resources and the lowest fees.

Difference between Robo Advisors and Human Advisors

The financial advisors have the necessary skills to carry out trades and to create portfolios that meet the needs of their clients. Since each client has a distinct fear of risk, advisors usually have to use their judgment to build portfolios that are in accord with the clients' goals and needs. Besides, advisors also call their clients from time to time to re-examine their goals in case of changing the market.

They have the skills, the knowledge, and the ability to carry out the deals, therefore they are paid high fees or commissions. Unlike human advisors who offer much-personalized service and subjectivity, robo advisors are cheap, but they don't give you the same service that human advisors do.

The automated advisors provide the investors with the necessary tools and resources to do the trading and build the portfolios and also the choice of a self-executing portfolio. Robo advisors are more flexible, have lower costs, and provide more control to investors, but they do not have the experience and personal touch that human advisors do.

Features of Robo Advisors

Robo advisor platforms have many different features that are the reason for their success in the field of automated investing. These platforms provide investment firms with the tools to smoothly move through the intricate financial landscape while at the same time catering to the needs of their clients. I shall now present the different features of robo advisor platform development in detail below.

Client Portfolio Design and Management

Robo advisor platforms can provide clients with complete portfolio management services. These services encompass the first stage of making a diversified portfolio that corresponds to the client's goals, and also the constant monitoring and automatic rebalancing to ensure the portfolio stays in accord with their objectives. This methodology helps to optimize­ returns while minimizing risk.

Analysis of Investments

The Robo advisors  use investment analytics to constantly monitor and rebalance the portfolios. Through the analysis and interpretation of huge data sets, automation lets clients make the right decisions that will adjust the portfolio, so the client will reach the asset allocation of his or her financial goals.

Tax Strategy Design

The robo-advisors provide those advanced tax planning strategies, with tax-loss harvesting being the most outstanding feature. This means to sell investments at a loss to counter the capital gains and lower the investor tax liability, hence, it is a part of the tax planning. Also, these platforms reduce capital gains by carefully looking at the tax aspects of each trade, which, in turn, helps in keeping more returns.

The tax-efficient asset allocation is about the placement of the assets with higher tax implications in tax-advantaged accounts. Also, robo advisors come with the automatic tax-free investing, which optimizes tax outcomes without the need for the constant manual oversight. This whole tax optimization scheme is in line with robo adviser's goal of increasing returns and keeping the portfolio tax efficient.

Allocating Assets

Robo-advisors use mean-variance analysis to systematically distribute assets and create portfolios that have a diversified structure. The development of this sophisticated technique is mainly intended to achieve the desired balance between risk and return by choosing the assets that have the best historical performance and correlations.

Continuous Investment Monitoring

The ongoing revision and alteration of an investment portfolio are achieved by automatic rebalancing, a crucial component. This function is always re-evaluating the asset allocation to ensure that it is in harmony with the client's goals, thus, it is capable of reducing the volatility and managing the risk. The cellular planning of this technique guarantees that the portfolio stays on its supposed risk-return ratio for a long time.

Benefits of Robo Advisor

Flexible Account Opening

Beginning to invest can be hard at first. You could have to save up to reach the bare minimum balance the advisor or the mutual fund requires, or you could have enough money but be not sure where to put it.

A lot of robo-advisors have no or less than one hundred dollars minimum balance requirements and advise you based on your answers to their questionnaire. Most of the robots advisors allow you to open taxable investment accounts and also tax-advantaged retirement accounts like IRAs. Moreover, some platforms permit the creation of shared accounts and the establishment of trust accounts.


Robo-advisors are the ones that offer the usual kind of investment management services at much lower fees than human financial advisors. Besides this, the minimum amount of money needed to use such software is significantly less than the minimum amount that financial planners usually request from their clients.


The transparency of Robo Advisors helps investors to know the accurate information and thus to make the right decisions and remain focused on their financial goals. By giving the users visibility of every area of their investment journey, robo advisors give the users the chance to track their progress and to make the necessary adjustments in case they want to.


The increase of robo advisors is the major transformation in the investment platform market, providing easy-to-access and cheap ways for people who want to make their money grow. Using the new sophisticated algorithms and transparent processes, robo-advisors offer investors personalized portfolio management, tax-cutting strategies, and continuous monitoring which were all used in the past by human financial advisors but at a very small cost.

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