RealiteQ: Monitoring Global Industries with Real-Time Cloud-Based SCADA Systems

RealiteQ is a cloud-based, real-time remote control & SCADA solution that was born out of the world of ICT and IoT.

RealiteQ gathers real-time critical & operational data from sensors, analyzers, and controllers and allows real-time remote control over self-secured internet connections.

RealiteQ was developed by Reali Technologies Ltd., an Israeli breakthrough technology company. RealiteQ, as a leading and new (4th) generation of SCADA systems, contributes for better and safer management of water, wastewater Gas & Oil, BMS, agriculture, and energy facilities and networks and is vastly used in Industrial application as well.

With RealiteQ, it’s easy to manage crisis events by having real-time warnings for exceptional events and to manage & control remotely all system components. The real-time information enables improved service, quick reaction time to malfunctions. RealiteQ contributes to better and safer management of both simple and complex systems. It helps to minimize risks and maximize efficiency.


Rendering Ahead with Focused Mission

The company’s story began 10 years ago, when it realized that customers faced a significant challenge; the infrastructure of their facilities, network and process became increasingly complex, while the demands for real-time, efficient and safe operation of facilities and networks, both in routine and during crisis events, became more stringent and necessary.

So, RealiteQ Founder Shaul Rom started Reali Technologies when IoT was not born yet. His vision was to develop an innovative, smart, simple, comprehensive, multidisciplinary & affordable technology that will serve these needs and will fit modern global markets. The company has developed and currently operates the smarter SCADA technology that among many other advantages is agnostic and can turn any existing (or new) device, facility or the entire network to stand in the real frontage of IoT/IIoT.


The Lead Visionaries

Shaul Rom, Founder & CTO is an Instrumentation and Control Engineer with 35 years of management and design experience in Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Controllers and Automation. He founded Reali Technologies, the company that created RealiteQ.

Shaul speaks in sessions on Telemetry, Water and Energy Control and teaches at Academic Centers. Shaul is a member of the Steering Committee – International Standards for Water in the Smart City and has been a member of earlier comities for different standard and bi-national groups.

Ran Kedem, CEO has 30 years of executive management experience in Global Business development in the field of environmental technologies.

Ran joined Reali Technologies in 2018 as its CEO to lead the business developments efforts.  Ran served as an officer at the technology unit in the IDF intelligent. Ran has two academic degrees; B.Sc. & MBA. Ran is a member of the Steering Committee – International Standards for Water in the Smart City


Distinct Offerings to the IoT Industry

RealiteQ combined together with several technologies from the worlds of IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data Analytics.

One of the unique features of the system is the ability to handle things & Data from A to Z.

Unlike other companies, RealiteQ was developed as a fully comprehensive system. The company solves the entire supply chain of modern IIoT and SCADA systems.

RealiteQ technology handles the aggregation of data at the endpoints and the connection with local sensors and controllers (in their natural protocols). It uses telemetry and advanced ICT capabilities. RealiteQ includes the cloud itself and the application, databases and different user interfaces. Its browser-based interface has a modern HTML5 Editor that was developed by its team and dashboards that display analyzed data and are actually the visualization part of RealiteQ embedded BI and AI functions.


Technologies Committed for Revolutionary Shift

Ran believes without disruptive technologies like Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, it would have been difficult to manage the complicated forest of modern life.

“It’s true, ancient people also knew how to manage water resources and grow agricultural products and food. But they did it in a limited, local and very inefficient manner.”

Today, when the world’s population is huge and the demand is increasing all the time, there are so many variables that affect people’s lives, there is almost no ability to survive and operate efficiently without the use of IoT and Big Data technologies in the cloud. The amount of data is simply too big.

“Of course, the technology companies, contributed to this situation when they allowed these variables to be revealed and measured. Once they are measured and stored in large databases, giving up their analysis and drawing conclusions will probably be irresponsible and will limit their abilities”, he added.


Customer-Led Innovation

The company feels that vision together with “Out of the box” thinking and overcoming the limitations of imagination are the qualities which have positioned RealiteQ as pioneers and leaders.

It is risky, challenging and requires hard work in front of customers who are used to existing technological solutions and reluctant to change.

However, the company came from the field, knowing its existing customers and future needs as well as their restrictions & limitations. Moreover, customers have become an important part of determining the nature of the system, many technological developments RealiteQ did have been generated from customers and user’s requests. This together with the company’s determination and understanding the potential of future technology makes RealiteQ what it is today.


Achievements Illustrating Excellence

In 2017, “The Marker” a leading Israeli financial newspaper, choose RealiteQ amongst Israeli’s most innovative water-tech companies.

In 2018, Frost & Sullivan, international leading consultancy company wrote, “In recent years, a fifth market segment was added, which provides holistic software and hardware solutions from the infrastructure level (communication) up to the ICT and SCADA systems level. This market segment is developing at a fast pace and is led by RealiteQ” (Frost & Sullivan 2018)”.

In 2018, RealiteQ was selected as an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS (Amazon Web Service).

In 2019 Reali Technologies won the SOCH India-Israel 2-Nation Challenge prize.

Today, RealiteQ is a proven technology with installations in 40 countries and 5 continents. Among RealiteQ users are Global leading enterprises such as Schneider Electric, Tesla, Volkswagen, L’Oreal, Solenis, Unilever, Coca Cola, McDonald and more.

Several OEM uses RealiteQ as their leading technology for nationwide and international control platform and one can find RealiteQ in installations of Jonson Control, Rital and more.


Confronting the Challenges

Ran said the most challenging part without a doubt in introducing RealiteQ to the global market was the fear of customers from cloud services. Remember; when the company had started providing IoT SCADA services, it was by far ahead of the global market, even Microsoft and Google have not yet sold real cloud services.

Another challenge RealiteQ has faced and is still facing is the question of what to do next.

It is clear to the company that the future of the technology and its systems depend on the ability not only to allow users to view and monitor data remotely but mainly to draw conclusions that will support the optimization of future processes and will prevent (as much as possible) crisis events and risks.

And therefore, RealiteQ has implemented quite a few of these capabilities and will continue to invest in developing advanced BI and AI capabilities which for the first time in this field will be an integral part of the SCADA systems.


Exciting Future

Reali Technologies will continue to lead the IoT and advanced SCADA systems and will add a wide range of services for its customers with many BI/AI and other capabilities.

The company was the first to offer full cloud SCADA and has created the first Telegram bot (RealiBOT) to enable the customers the most advanced tools to access and use RealiteQ and RealiteQ will continue to be first and to lead.

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