Top Crypto Gainers May 31: Beam, JasmyCoin, and ORDI Lead Market Surge

Top Crypto Gainers May 31: Beam, JasmyCoin, and ORDI Lead Market Surge

The market sentiment has been volatile and a number of altcoins have soared high in value. This comes after a broad based market recovery and Bitcoin slightly touching the 68,000 dollar mark. Other altcoins such as Beam, JasmyCoin and ORDI stepped into the limelight with vibrant price hikes. 

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies also experienced a marginal increase to the tune of 0. 06%, reaching $2. 54 trillion; the total market volume was up by 0. 58% to $83. 07 billion. The increased volume suggest that trading community is highly active.

Beam's (BEAM) Impressive Rally

Beam (BEAM) coin has risen by more than 20 percent. 83% to the current trading price of $0. 03214. This increase in price was followed by a corresponding increase in volume by 911. 91%. As for now the market capitalization of Beam coin is equal to $1. was valued at $59 billion, putting it at position 61 in the global crypto market.

The BEAM coin is depicted in the daily chart where there is a recent increase in the price with an expected resistance at $0. 034 level. A potential support level may be around the value of $0. 030 that made the price appear to level up slightly before the current upward trend. 

Therefore, the increase and high turnover signifies that buying pressures are strong, however, investors should look to these levels for consolidation as a sign that the increase is sustainable.

ORDI's (ORDI) Gains by Over 16%

ORDI has depicted a good performance within the last 24 hours with gains of around 16%. 64% to $50. 27. This kind of growth commonly occurred with increased trading volume as seen at a roughly $519 million rate. It has also experienced a market cap appreciation of 17 percent. It has crossed the $1 billion mark in its valuation. 

Looking at ORDI coin daily chart on the price move per timeframe it is noticeable that there’s a key resistance level at around $52 whereby the price fluctuates and then takes a slight dip downwards. Fiscal support could thus be interpreted as being situated around $42. 85, while the resistance levels remain $55.0 and $60.0 These levels will be helpful to monitor in case of short-term trends since it will highlight when ORDI is likely to experience either a rise or a drop in its price.

JasmyCoin (JASMY) Price Jumps, Sets Sights on $0. 03

Over the course of the past 24 hours, JasmyCoin (JASMY) observed a price hike of 20%.JamsyCoin’s trading volume was found to have increased by a staggering 405 percent. Besides, the total revenues have risen by 46% and now equal $573. 02 million. Market capitalization has also increased by 19. 81% to $1. 5 billion.

As anticipated, a lot of resistance emerged at $0. 032 mark, where it was possible to observe the price conveyor at its highest peak before it started slightly falling. Notably, support seems to be establishing at the vicinity of the $0. 025, where the price began to surge.

The market cap has also grown by 19.81% to $1.5 billion. JamsyCoin faced resistance at $0.032 mark, where the price peaked before slightly retracting. Support appears to be forming near the $0.025 level, where the price commenced its sharp rise. 

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