Notcoin Leads with Stellar Performance Amid Market Fluctuations

Notcoin Leads with Stellar Performance Amid Market Fluctuations

Today’s cryptocurrency market was a bit of an odd one, with some of the smaller coins especially posting substantial gains, while the larger coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were relatively flat. The total crypto market trading volume experienced minor fluctuations; however, DeFi and stablecoins remained the most active.JasmyCoin, although not among the top gainers today, maintained its position as the top performer of the week.

Currently, the total marketcap of the crypto market in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has exceeded $2.53T today, representing 0.30% in the last 24 hours.Meanwhile, stablecoins continue to be the most popular with a trading volume of $42.65 billion, 90.66% of the total market's volume

Price Analysis of Notcoin

Notcoin has risen significantly and has been reported to have increased by 56.38%. It rose by the last day to a price of $0.0191. This increase in value has been complemented by a corresponding rise in market volume which has risen by 257. 52%, that is approximately $2 billion.

The crypto has been fluctuating mainly between $0. 018 and $0. 020, and the latest high touching $0.020 before it was seen moving towards $0.0191. The resistance level appears to be building around $0. 020, while support is solidifying around $0. 0185 which may suggest that the stock could become stable or even increase further if it maintains the current trend.

Price Analysis of Ondo

Ondo also made it to the list of today’s top gainer with a rise of 10. 36% to a current price of $1.38. This rise has been supported by the increased trading volume which has recorded an increase of 76%. 04%. From the above graph, it is evident that the price of Ondo has been on the rise from $1. 25 in the early morning and high of $1. 40 before they underwent minor adjustments.

The current levels of support and resistance for Ondo are at $1.35 and $1.40, respectively. This price movement shows that there is a dominant buyer and there is likely more room for an upward movement if the current demand continues to push through.

Price Analysis of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity also attracted interest with a 9. The price has also gone up by 14% and is currently at $8.18. The increase in Axie Infinity’s market cap and volume shows that there is renewed interest that could be due to new updates or simply market manipulations.

In the course of the day, Axie Infinity oscillated from about $7.50 to peaks near $8.20, with support seeming to be most favorable at $8.00 and resistance near the daily high As a result of this, the price is expected to find support around the $7.0 level and resistance near the daily high. This level may be tested further if the bullish sentiment regarding Axie Infinity escalates.

Bitcoin’s market share has slightly reduced by 0.4%,  in the past 24 hours and is currently at 52%.71%. This change in the market position of Bitcoin occurred at the time when Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy, posted a tweet in which he portrayed Bitcoin as a “Swarm of Cyber Hornets,” which boosted confidence as it fell below $68,000 mark. 

Further contributing to the market volatility, the U. S. PCE price index, which measures the average price of goods and services purchased by individuals, rose by a mere 0. 25% in April, which puts the year-to-date increase at 2.75%,the lowest level seen in the past 3 years. Despite such figures being within the analysts’ forecast, Bitcoin dropped by 2 percent. 14%, from $68,608 to $67,712, to demonstrate a slight increase today, which indicates that the market is still rather volatile and the forces in the crypto industry are constantly evolving.

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