Zeliq Raises US$10M for Sales Automation Seed Funding

Zeliq secures US$10M in seed funding to revolutionize sales automation
Zeliq Raises US$10M for Sales Automation Seed Funding

In a significant boost to the sales automation sector, Paris-based startup Zeliq has successfully secured a whopping US$10 million in seed funding. This financial infusion is poised to catapult the company's innovative AI-powered platform to new heights, particularly in the competitive US market.

Founded in 2023 by visionaries Dorian Ciavarella, Guillaume Cruz, and Victor Lennel, Zeliq emerged with a mission to streamline the convoluted sales process that plagues B2B tech companies. The startup's all-in-one platform promises to eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple sales tools, thereby freeing up sales reps to do what they do best.

Zeliq's platform is a marvel of modern technology, boasting features like automatic data enrichment and sales sequences that integrate LinkedIn outreach with email follow-ups. With a database of over 450 million potential buyers, it is the largest European sales management platform, hosting more than 1 million actions on-site per month.

The Impact of the Funding

The seed round, led by Exor Ventures and supported by Resonance VC, was not only oversubscribed but also brought Zeliq's total funding to US$15.4 million just one year after launch. The funds are earmarked for scaling operations in the US and internationally, with a focus on marketing, product development, and team expansion.

A Testament to Investor Confidence

Zeliq's ability to secure funding at such a rapid pace is a testament to investors' confidence in the startup's vision and execution. Dorian Ciavarella, Zeliq's co-founder and CEO, expressed pride in the company's fundraising success, which outpaced competitors and was achieved without a traditional roadshow.

With 50% of its customer base in France, 25% in the US, and the rest spread globally, Zeliq is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the sales automation landscape. As the company gears up to leverage its new funds, the sales world watches with bated breath, anticipating the next wave of innovation that Zeliq is set to unleash.

The story of Zeliq, from its creation to having significant seed capital, is the story of ambition, innovativeness, and proper planning. Being a target for future acquisition or merger by a deep-pocketed global player and as the company gears up for the next phase of its growth issues a challenge to other startups across the country willing to transform conventional industries through innovative technologies.

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