Persistent and Google Cloud Join Forces for Global Expansion

Persistent and Google Cloud partner to enhance services and achieve global expansion
Persistent and Google Cloud partner to enhance services and achieve global expansion

Persistent Systems has teamed up with Google Cloud in a significant development, marking a major strategic activity in the current digital economy driven by cloud computing and AI. Both these companies are ready to leverage their synergies to develop innovative solutions and foster digital transformation for enterprises internationally. Here is the featured article that will provide you with more information about this alliance and what it may mean.

A Partnership for Growth and Innovation

Persistent Systems, a company which specializes in digital engineering and enterprise modernization, has now disclosed a Strategic Partnership Agreement within the Google Cloud domain. This partnership is envisioned to further the companies’ operations in strategic territories including the US, India, the UK, and Australia. The emphasis here is the execution of joint go-to-market strategies and the utilization of Google Cloud’s sophisticated platforms and AI to develop solutions tailored to industries.

Technology Fund for the Stock of the Future

The agreement forms part of Persistent’s strategic approach to directly invest in technology that fosters GenAI usage across different sectors. Gemini Models and other such groundbreaking solutions, Persistent will deliver industry-specific solutions for Industries comprising BFSI, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Communications & Media & Telecom, Consumer Electronics & Hi-Technology Industries. With this move, both companies will be in a position to offer industry best solutions that assist enterprises in getting the most out of their cloud infrastructure for data modernization.

Enhancing Capabilities and Reach

On this strategic partnership, Persistent will develop new solutions utilizing its specialized domain knowledge and Google Cloud’s platforms and AI. This partnership of the two companies will embrace the deployment of new AI-based solutions and create value propositions for clients  early access to new solutions. The combination also guarantees the fast provision of services and other forms of support as will be appreciated by the clients.

Specialization and commitment to talent

Persistent has remained a strategic partner with Google Cloud and has invested heavily in its go-to-market strategies and talent reskilling plans. Some of the successful accomplishments include purchasing Data & Analytics and having more than 87 % of its engineers trained on GenAI technologies such as Machine Learning Specializations. Having been recognized as one of the leading Global Solutions Systems Integrator partners of Google Cloud, Persistent has demonstrated good experience in implementing the Google Cloud services.

This is a clear vision for the future

The growth of the strategic alliance between Persistent and Google Cloud is a testimony to the commitment of two organizations to ensure they offer their joint clients the power of the cloud’s scalability and innovation advantage. CEO and Executive Director of Persistent, Sandeep Kalra, continued his focus on the strategic aim of providing access to capabilities and solutions of selected partner companies to enhance client value. Together with Persistent, a leader in cloud practice and Google Cloud, innovative technologies facilitate the creation of added value through cloud, data technologies, and artificial intelligence.


The prospective collaboration between Persistent Systems and Google Cloud Platform is revolutionizing the concept of digital transformation. Persistent Systems will complement Google Cloud’s technology by leveraging its deep domain knowledge to aid organizations in propelling their cloud and AI transformation.

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