Mumbai International Airport Revolutionizes Passenger Experience with its Digital Gateway solution

Creates infrastructure to expand its DigiYatra and Non-DigiYatra Facility with 68 eGates
Mumbai International Airport Revolutionizes Passenger Experience with its Digital Gateway solution
  • To enable seamless travel for its Digi Yatra enrolled passengers, the airport has curated dedicated DigiYatra zones across all its gates.  CSMIA is the only airport in the country with 34 entry lanes for exclusive use of Digi Yatra passengers.     

  • CSMIA expanded the number of entry lanes from 24 to 68 without any structural modifications by adopting digital gateway solution

  • This expansion boosts the processing capacity of both the terminals [T1 and T2] Terminal 2's capacity to an astounding 8,000 passengers per hour.

·        In another first, CSMIA will deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- enabled (AI/ML) cameras to enhance the overall security system at the kerbside.   

Mumbai, 11th June, 2024: Emerging as a beacon of innovation, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) unveils a significant expansion of its cutting-edge digital gateway program to enhance the travel experience for both DigiYatra and non digi yatra passengers. With increased terminal entry points (eGates) from 24 to an impressive 68, which is the highest number of e-gates at kerbside/landside in the country. The expansion will enhance the airport’s processing capacity to an astounding 7,440 passengers per hour at Terminal 2 (T2) and 2,160 at T1 which is 3X addition to the current capacity.  With the introduction of the digital gateway the wait times are reduced to under one minute at the kerbside. 

Introducing unparalleled convenience for its passengers, the expansion is truly remarkable. CSMIA’s Digital Gateway combines the benefits of technology, process excellence, big data analytics and design thinking to deliver exemplary passenger experience. Here, the number of terminal entry points has surged from 24 to 68, achieved solely through advanced technology without any need for any major civil works. The Digital Gateway at T2 now provides for 28 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates alongside 28 dedicated non-DigiYatra e-gates. Additionally, Terminal 1 (T1) features 6 dedicated DigiYatra e-gates and 6 non-DigiYatra e-gates, further enhancing the airport's overall capacity and passenger experience.

In an ongoing development, an additional 118 e-gates are being deployed at the Pre-embarkation Security Check (PESC) area at T2 to further simplify passenger movement. With biometric validation, DigiYatra passengers can breeze through the e-gates without needing to show their ticket, boarding pass, or identity verification. The Digital Gateway solution leverages a variety of IoT sensors and biometric face pods integrated with the DigiYatra foundation to identify and guide passengers efficiently. This technology will further streamline passenger experience and minimize the processing time for non-DigiYatra passengers.    

To assist first-time DigiYatra passengers, "Digi Buddies" have been deployed to guide passengers in using the self-service systems such as DigiYatra, CUSS, CUPPS, and SBD.

In another first, CSMIA will deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- enabled (AI/ML) cameras to enhance the overall security system at the kerbside.    

Commenting on the development, CSMIA spokesperson said, "We are excited to announce the significant expansion of our DigiYatra facility on our digital gateway platform at CSMIA. This initiative reflects our dedication to pioneering technological advancements that enhances passenger experience. By increasing the number of eGates and integrating advanced biometric systems, we are committed to ensuring swift, secure, and seamless travel for all our passengers. Our focus remains on enhancing efficiency and convenience, making CSMIA a global leader in airport innovation. “

In response to the increasing passenger traffic demand and forecasted growth, the airport is focusing on real-time information sharing and improved decision-making processes. With the launch of the digital gateway program, CSMIA has embarked on a transformative journey to elevate its passenger interaction zones. This robust digital platform, coupled with digital screens running dynamic content, captures passengers' attention and broadcasts necessary information effectively. CSMIA continues to set new standards in airport technology, ensuring that passengers benefit from a seamless, efficient, and technologically advanced travel experience.


About Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL):

Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) is managed by Adani Airport Holdings Limited (AAHL), a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises, the flagship company of the globally diversified Adani Group. MIAL is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) venture between AAHL, holding a majority stake of 74%, and the Airports Authority of India, holding the rest 26%. AAHL aims to converge India’s biggest cities in a hub and spoke model through the Group's proven strength in developing and managing complex transport & logistics hubs.

With a strong understanding of modern-day mobility requirements, the Adani Group’s vision for MIAL is to reinvent Mumbai International Airport as India’s biggest aerotropolis, where the traditional airport nucleus of passenger and cargo infrastructure will be reinforced by interdependent clusters of commercial and residential infrastructure to create the nation's busiest airport ecosystem.

MIAL has been further envisioned as a global air-travel focal point where domestic and international flyers actively engage in business and leisure supported by metropolitan expansion that catalyses aviation-linked businesses and employment opportunities. At MIAL, we intend to create distinctiveness with an experiential offering that puts Mumbai first.

For more information –

MIAL Corporate Communications:

Priyanka Rajan: Tel. +91 77100 09910, Email:

Nimisha Wagde: Tel. +9588457617, Email:

Avian WE:

Divya Naidu: Tel. +91 7045 872084, Email:

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