ceτi AI Invests in NVIDIA GPUs for AI Global Infrastructure

ceτi AI acquires NVIDIA GPUs to expand AI global infrastructure
ceτi AI Invests in NVIDIA GPUs for AI Global Infrastructure

ceτi AI will enter into an agreement with Cedarcross International Technologies, Inc. to invest in NVIDIA GPUs and 200 identical HPC servers.

This strategic move not only demonstrates CeTi AI's dedication to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence but also underscores the increasing significance of high-performance computing (HPC) in fostering innovation and research. The contract guarantees the acquisition of three more HPC servers, all outfitted with eight NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs.

It is to be noted that the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs is the leader in the field of GPU technology. 

“We’re seeing unprecedented demand from institutional developers, independent researchers, and blockchain protocols for the physical chip and server infrastructure set to power the coming age of artificial intelligence. Deploying the enormous physical infrastructure for decentralized AI requires strong relationships, world-class talent, and deep cooperation in pursuit of our common goal. We’re proud to work with Cedarcross as a valued partner that brings all of these qualities to the table,” stated the CEO of ceτi AI, Dennis Jarvis.

Since ceτi AI is initially pilot-installed, it is fully prepared to be readily usable as an advanced web3 protocol, a broadband SF self-build group, and a leading international AI study group in an 8-server, 64 GPU-capable system that itinerates indefinitely and at any desired scalability for both continuous and virtually unlimited expansion.

ceτi AI has pinpointed large-scale data center locations for the extra servers in Montreal, New Jersey, and Santa Clara, and is currently working on obtaining funding for their acquisition and setup.

This strategic deal marks the end of ceτi AI’s trial-scale setting in British Columbia, and will lead to the proliferation of infrastructure growth of ceτi AI in the global market 25 folds. This collaboration between ceτi AI and Cedarcross is a significant step forward in placing powerful new AI computing at the centre stage and making them less expensive. 

Ceτi AI aims to speed up the progress of decentralized artificial intelligence. To achieve this objective, we develop worldwide spread, high-efficiency, and expandable AI systems for developers and decentralized AI networks, allowing them to surpass the abilities and extent of centralized AI quickly.

With the ability to grow the Worldwide AI Infrastructure Network 25 times, ceτi AI is all set to operate as a major participant in the highly-splintered AI direction.

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