Plyzer: A Marketplace Differentiator Leveraging Coherent Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Luis Pallares

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most disruptive technology of the current time and has immense power and capabilities to push business intelligence to another boundary. The technology is not only capable of turning sci-fi into reality but also making a landmark difference in the age of analytics.

Simplifying the complex structure of data to cutting down the manual efforts, AI turns out to be the best adoption in the history of business/organization establishment. A company which embraces AI to improvise its business intelligence solutions is Plyzer Technologies Inc. The Toronto-based company is an AI-driven enterprise that adds value to the online data.

Plyzer Intelligence ( is a provider of custom, real-time, cloud-based business intelligence solutions through big data analytics, driven by an AI engine that uses machine learning to rapidly analyze Internet prices and market data. Using Plyzer platform’s unique technology, brands can apply business intelligence and monitor the performance of the products all over the world through a simple process.


Offering Advanced Real-Time Intelligence Platform

Plyzer Intelligence’s highly customizable dashboard enables monitoring of country, regional and local sales, production and logistics operations to immediately adapt to prevailing market conditions. The dashboard is a visual and easy to use tool, with a non-existent learning curve.

Plyzer adds value to raw, publicly available online data, providing systems and tools for effective decision-making to brands and corporations that operate in competitive and hyper-competitive marketplaces.

The company also uses its technology to help the end users, through a real-time price comparison engine, to find the best online deals. (

Plyzer’s current focus is Canadian and Spanish over the counter medicines and cosmetics sold online. The company is now also expanding into the Canadian and American cannabis markets, ( and doing the research to enter into new multiple vertical markets around the world.

Plyzer’s proprietary API uniquely positions the company to quickly dominate any niche vertical market anywhere in the world where competitors are either absent or unable to challenge the depth and scope of Plyzer’s unique technology.


Narrative of Plyzer’s Mission

Plyzer’s mission is to discover and organize data to help companies make better strategic decisions by helping them understand how their products are performing online with a simple visual tool that uses very complex machine learning algorithms and technologies in the backend.

While working with a pharmaceutical corporation through the advertising agency, the team/ Luis and his team realized that brands didn’t have information on the four pillars that are needed to understand how a product performs online; marketing, sales, business intelligence and legal, as they had no tool to use in order to gather this information. The team learned that companies spent a lot of time and money on keeping track of all this with extensive excel files that weren’t always up to date or exact, which took a large headcount to make them.

But most important, was that the data was not rigorous and was outdated. There were no tools on the market that could help with the management of all this information. The thought of the lack of precision these companies were working with kept the Plyzer team on toes. The founder of the company developed Plyzer Intelligence in 2017 to fill in this major gap.

Plyzer was founded in Nevada, the head office is based in Toronto and the company started building its amazing development, marketing and sales team in Barcelona because of the incredible growth in the tech sector in the city as well as the access to the eurozone (the weather definitely made it an easier decision to make as well). The team has grown continuously and from the start of 2018 to now Plyzer has tripled the workforce and is hiring more people every day.

Plyzer Technologies Inc is an American public company trading through the facilities of the OTCQB Venture Market under the symbol PLYZ.


An Exemplary Founder and Innovator

The company is led by Founder and CEO Luis Pallares. Luis has been passionate about computer science since he was a young boy. He studied Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has kept his learning desire even today, doing multiple courses on AI, Inventions, and Business. He co-founded the first streaming company in Spain, Addhoc, which became one of the leading broadcasting companies in Europe. He has invested in 14 startup companies. He was also one of the inventors and co-founder for Babypod, an intravaginal device that allows the human fetus to listen to music and awarded with a patent.

Luis’ digital advertising agency, Nennisiwok, works exclusively with pharmaceutical companies which is how he got the opportunity to discover Plyzer’s idea. He and his team are currently undertaking new projects such as Plyzer IOT, Plyzer Art and Plyzer Health. He is also a believer in living a healthy lifestyle, it was for this reason that he decided to co-found Vivir Mejor, one of the largest Spanish speaking online health-related content sites in the world until its dilution in 2014.

Luis shares his passion for creating and exercising the brain with his three children, aged 4, 7 and 15. His children’s initials created the name of his “technology lab”, AJL Innovation Labs. Luis knows that play and the continuous struggle between error and success will lead everyone to be free to develop their own ideas, concepts, and personalities.


Optimizing AI Algorithms for Efficiency

 Plyzer Intelligence is a powerful and easy to use platform powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that allow enterprises (large and small) monitor how their products and brands are performing online.

Plyzer’s machine learning algorithms, that perform over 50 billion predictions, help managers have accurate market information, detailed trends, and competitor’s data, helping them make better strategic decisions.

The company measures success by providing its customers access to tools that automatically present simple, reliable and machine accurate recommendations for the next actions they should take.

Plyzer’s analytics software solution can instantaneously pull actionable insights from complex datasets and automatically surface them as recommended business actions where and when they are needed the most. This saves time and frees up the most expensive talent to focus on strategic tasks.

At Plyzer Intelligence, through talent, dedication and a great working atmosphere, the team has managed to reinvent e-commerce and business intelligence. With its data knowledge, companies are capable of making smarter investments to either reduce costs or increase profits.


Harnessing the Power of AI to Drive Business Decisions

 The company’s machine learning algorithms help managers get accurate market information.

Plyzer gets the data and information that any company could need through its powerful AI technology and deep learning capabilities that lead to product matching.

Generally, this would take companies ages and the sheer amount of information out there is too much for a company to control and handle effectively. Plyzer makes it much clearer and easier to understand without them having to go through the uncountable hours of finding, sorting and understanding it themselves. The company does all the data finding and creates a personalized dashboard with all the necessary facts and figures companies need to make the most efficient and profitable decisions possible.


Next-gen AI will Revolutionize Processes

Artificial Intelligence will have a high impact on the economy as it will serve as a new method of invention reshaping innovation workflow. Luis feels the current generation is in the early days of AI, besides all the hype around it. Data is still mostly unorganized and datasets are scarce. One of the next big things in AI is probably going to be AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), which is the intelligence of a machine that is able to successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can.

He believes AI is going to dramatically change the cost of research and development (mainly lowering its cost by speeding things up), but the world is still far away from AI making discoveries by itself on a regular basis, that doesn’t mean that every once in a while, public gets big headlines about AI discoveries. “Once that happens, let’s see how humans can manage and understand these discoveries. The industry needs to be smart enough to deal with new discoveries that at first might seem like errors to some and end up in the trash bin. That’s going to be a big part of AGI, to fully understand the consequences and implications of new discoveries made by AI itself”.


Ceaseless Quest of Achievements

 Before starting Plyzer, Luis was fortunate enough to receive multiple advertising and technology awards and to be the recipient of the IG-Nobel Prize for an invention called the Babypod. In May 2018, the company was awarded an IBM Watson Grant. In January 2019, Plyzer was one of the 200 companies to be selected for the AI Masters Publicis Award. The founder went to Berlin to participate in the final talks of the award as Plyzer finished in the Top 3. Luis spent time as a speaker at AI events, which is a nice part of being a CEO. Soon, he will be in Malta to participate in the “AI Intelligence driven strategic decisions”, in Madrid and Boston AI events as a speaker.


Owning Disruption Against Challenges

Disrupting any market is always challenging and companies have had to overcome many difficulties.

Plyzer focused its resources on developing an engine that worked in any niche or vertical market, for this reason, product strategy is a key challenge for the company. The ability to move fast and conquer new markets and disrupt old ones is also challenging.

Luis says that Plyzer loves these challenges and that its impressive top-notch team is doing its best to develop a winning strategy in its product development, sales, and marketing strategy.

As online sales become more relevant to all industries around the world, it is also challenging to research which ones are the right ones to get into, meaning that the company needs to have a clear view of a market with two main distinctive; price discrepancy and market fragmentation.


Future Plans

Seeking new ways to analyze data can generate powerful new insights. Plyzer is working towards building better machine learning tools to understand all of this data.

“The future for every company that is involved in building machine learning algorithms is bright as long as there are a clear objective and scope”, Luis said.


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