Periscope Data: Turning Data Teams into Superheroes!

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Big data has become a major theme of technology today. Big data derives most of its value from the insights it produces. The analytical platforms optimized to derive these insights are heralding a brave new world. Periscope Data is an analytics platform that allows teams to easily ingest, store, analyze, visualize and report on data all in one place.

Today’s data teams need a direct path from data to insights without a complicated, months-long data-modeling process. That’s why Periscope Data is designed to start providing value immediately. All it takes is a simple connection between the data sources and Periscope Data’s platform and one can begin building dashboards and generating insights. The setup process takes less than an hour and runs on universal languages like SQL that data professionals know and love.

With Periscope’s Unified Data Platform, businesses can create a data-driven culture by combining a single source of truth with deep analytics capabilities, empowering data teams to collaborate and be more productive and efficient.

An Industry Standard to Drive Deep Business Insights

Periscope Data’s mission is to help turn data teams into superheroes. The company believes data teams will drive the future of businesses. Periscope Data’s analytics solution started as a side project for another startup idea but quickly became a valuable product that data teams needed for deeper data analysis. Today, Periscope has become an industry standard for data analytics, used by nearly 1000 companies worldwide, including Adobe, CrunchBase, EY, Flexport, New Relic, Supercell, Tinder, ZipRecruiter and many more.

The company’s customers spend more than 20 hours per week within the platform on average, with more than 90 percent of them logging in every day. Those customers are creating more than 7000 new charts every day, with more and more customers joining every day.

The Dynamic Leaders Behind Periscope Data

Periscope Data was co-founded by CEO, Harry Glaser and CTO, Tom O’Neill in 2012 to address an urgent need from data analysts for lightning-fast investigative analytics.

The company is very passionate about the growth of data teams and empowering them with the tools they need to grow their businesses. Enterprises are increasingly bringing data teams together under one roof and challenging them to provide instant insight to the entire company based on an exponentially increasing amount of data. Periscope Data built their Unified Data Platform to make data teams more collaborative, and ultimately more productive.

Prior to Periscope Data, Glaser was a product manager at Google. In addition to his work at Periscope Data, Glaser is an active member of “Project Include”, a community for accelerating meaningful, enduring diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Under Glaser’s leadership, Periscope Data has built an incredibly experienced and diverse team that works closely with data teams to address their analytics needs. The company’s customer solutions team was recently recognized among the top customer service teams in the U.S. and Periscope Data has been named a “Best Place to Work” by several local media outlets.

Innovation Overloaded

Many companies struggle to bring together data from disparate sources, as they stitch together multiple products that only focus on a portion of their data. This combination of fragmented data and disconnected tools costs companies millions of dollars every year due to decisions based on bad, incomplete or stale data. Periscope Data unifies the data and the team, addressing the complete analytics lifecycle and providing one “single source of truth.”

The company’s newest release adds support for advanced languages, empowering data teams to go deeper than ever to find new business insights. With functionality that brings Python, R, and SQL together on Periscope Data, data teams will now be able to complete deeper, more complex analysis in less time. Users can transform data in SQL, perform complex statistical analysis in Python or R, then visualize, collaborate and report on the results — all without leaving Periscope Data’s powerful and fast analytics platform.

Through Periscope Data’s native connectors and ecosystem of ETL partners, customers can easily connect to all of their data and bring it together on a single platform to power insightful analysis and insights.

Amazon Redshift is a core component of Periscope’s Unified Data Platform. With customers running millions of queries and creating thousands of charts on its platform each day, Periscope’s partnership with Amazon enables it to streamline analytics workflows for data teams.

The Road to Insight-Driven Future

Periscope Data believes that unsupervised machine learning may be the biggest story of big data in 2018. While not everyone will be using machine learning to make decisions, platforms that focus on flexibility and rapid iteration will outpace those based on rigid structures and processes. Visual-based data discovery tools should enable flexibility to quickly explore new types of questions — those that don’t will have serious problems in the future.

As an analytics provider, the company is seeing that BI measurement and reporting will be significantly refined with the growth of machine learning and AI. For humans, detecting anomalies in large volumes of data is time-consuming and difficult. When large amounts of data flow through a system, AI can make anomaly detection much easier. There’s a huge value in using AI for this detection, then adding humans to the final step.

For data teams, it will be increasingly important to differentiate between standard KPI reports and analysis supported by advanced techniques including AI. These deeper analyses should be held responsible for reporting when the KPIs are off, allowing users to dig into problems and quickly address them as they arise. Smart companies are already shifting their reporting priorities to reflect this and unlocking these capabilities for data teams is a central part of what Periscope Data is working on. The company is excited to continue building tools and features that turn data teams into superheroes!

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