Perfect Corp.: Refashioning the Beauty-Industry with the Convergence of AI and AR for Personalized Experiences

Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider that is transforming the industry by developing and integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and machine learning solutions to drive business and re-imagine the consumer beauty experience for brands, retailers, and end-users. With over 800 million downloads globally, the company’s suite of consumer apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, merge high-tech virtual platforms with a passion for beauty and eye-catching photography to provide true-to-life virtual try-ons and seamless photo editing for users to discover, try, create, and share. Perfect Corp. focuses on providing hyper-realistic virtual makeup trials, lifelike hair color as well as precise and ultrafast skincare diagnostics.

The company was founded in 2015 with a mission to transform the beauty industry through AI and AR innovation and to inspire beauty lovers to express themselves by reinventing their beauty journey. Perfect Corp. wanted to create a tool that would make beauty accessible, playful, fun, immersive, and effortless. It’s important to note that the beauty industry is becoming more and more technology-driven and customer-centric. In this digital transformation journey, the company aims to help brands to master the beauty technologies and provide personalized recommendations and products to cater to modern customers’ individual needs. Perfect Corp.’s goal is to enhance the customer’s beauty experience, making the whole process easier and more convenient than ever before.


Leadership with Empowering Vision

Alice Chang is the Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. She is truly one of the first visionaries at the intersection of tech and beauty. Having previously served as the CEO of Cyberlink, Mrs. Chang brought her extensive and highly successful experience in technology to Perfect Corp., merging high-tech virtual and mobile platforms with her passion for makeup and beauty. As a female, Alice understands the needs and pain points of other females when it comes to beauty and skincare. She drew inspiration for the YouCam augmented reality apps from her own trials and tribulations as a beauty lover, particularly the process of learning about new products and trying on makeup looks in a quick and efficient manner, as well as having a clean integrated beauty journey. Chang’s vision is to empower the consumer beauty journey through product discovery, trial, social sharing, and purchasing.


Providing Tailored Experiences to Customers

Perfect Corp.’ award-winning Beauty AI solutions have transformed the beauty shopping experience online and offline through interactive, hyper-realistic virtual beauty try-ons, and instant skin and hair diagnostics that change the way consumers shop and connect with brands. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer appealing to consumers, especially when it comes to beauty products, and AI has allowed the level of personalization that has never seen before. With the company’s technology, brands can better understand human behavior and preferences, and adapt and deliver a more tailored experience to match. The future of beauty innovation lies in AI and this is just the beginning. As technology advances, the beauty shoppers can expect more enjoyable, interactive, and personalized beauty experiences and solutions in the whole new customer journey.


Driving Collaborative Innovation with New Approaches

The key driver behind Perfect Corp.’s AI/AR beauty tech innovation is human needs. The company sees the needs and pain points of beauty shoppers who want to have not only an enjoyable beauty experience but also personalized beauty solutions. As the beauty tech pioneer, Perfect Corp. developed and continues to improve its innovative technologies so that it can cater to individual needs and demand for experiential shopping journeys that connect the consumer and the brand in an entirely new and more impactful way. Also, the company always looks for new ways to drive collaborative innovation with its partners that deliver on what their customers need today – and in the future. Perfect Corp.’s partners and their goals motivate it to fine-tune its own innovation efforts, or perhaps even uncover other needs and challenges where a new way of thinking is required.


Leveraging Consumer-Centric Strategy for Enhanced Experience

Beauty AI is the game-changer that allows brands to better understand user preferences and master a customer-centric strategy. People crave that personal touch and tailored experiences that speak specifically to them and their needs. With AI technology advancement and camera lens improvement, the beauty shoppers can try their preferred makeup color and style or understand their own skin condition easily just through their mobile devices. Perfect Corp. strives to help brands adopt the beauty tech to realize the D2C marketing strategy and cater to their customers’ personal needs. For example, the company’s AI Skintech solution offers customers individual, knowledge-based beauty routines because people are all different in so many ways. Consumers now have an opportunity to receive a preliminary assessment of their skin condition in the comfort of their own homes, without any need for specialized devices. Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR personalized beauty solutions are a perfect supplement to real-life beauty and skin professionals. The company strives to enhance the customer experience as much as possible and technological advances help it to follow this consumer-centric strategy.


Treasured Recognition and Clients’ Feedbacks

Perfect Corp. is honoured to be recognized for outstanding achievement and leadership in beauty tech innovation, demonstrating its commitment to its brand partners and loyal users, and its promise to provide the most innovative AI + AR beauty tech solutions to drive business and enrich the consumer experience. The company’s solutions speak to a consumer-centric strategy that helps drive a 2.5 times conversion rate increase and appeals to the modern-day beauty shopper.

Over the past two years, Perfect Corp.’s YouCam Makeup platform and suite of apps have received multiple awards and recognitions, including CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree recognition; CEW Best Beauty App Award; Edison Award; “Editors’ Choice” by Google Play; Enterprise Asia’s International Innovation Award; Japan BeautyTech Award; and Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award, for the leadership in innovation and many others.

Perfect Corp.’s brand partners across makeup, skincare, and haircare industries reaffirm the importance of providing personalized and innovative experiences to their customers both in-store and online. Jay Anderson (Senior Vice President, Global Brand Technologies, The Estée Lauder Companies) said: “Artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies like YouCam are taking the prestige beauty shopping experience to new heights, helping our consumers find their perfect lipstick color, foundation shade and more anytime, anywhere.”

Sally Beauty and Neutrogena have recently debuted their own first-to-market personalized solutions powered by Perfect Corp.’s technologies in the hair color and skincare industries, respectively. Sally Beauty’s personalized ColorView™ matches customers with recommended hair product categories and hair color shades based on their individual preferences. NEUTROGENA Skin360™ powered by Perfect Corp.’s YouCam technology provides a prompt analysis of the key skin parameters including wrinkles, fine lines, dark under-eye circles, and dark spots without the need for a separate skin analysis tool.


Striving for Excellence Beyond Challenges

Alice says, “We take every challenge as an opportunity to exceed expectations when striving for excellence and innovation. The major efforts we have made were associated with the research and development of our cutting-edge technologies that can address each user’s unique needs.”

Every user possesses distinctive facial features and attributes and has unique style preferences that are specific to them. Perfect Corp. is challenged to better understand these distinctions and provide fast beauty solutions tailored to each user. In order to provide the best recommendations possible, the company has to develop technology that could understand and keep up with the ever-changing trends and popular looks of the moment in order to identify the right fit for each user. With regards to skincare, the major challenge was the camera lens quality and the need for a secondary device in order to get a precise and accurate enough image to work off of.

Alice says, “We knew the need for additional equipment posed a barrier to entry for many beauty consumers.” However, with major improvements in mobile camera technology, the phone lens is now precise enough to provide an accurate reading for some of the more visually apparent—and most common—skin conditions that people want to treat. Perfect Corp. also worked closely with dermatologists and skincare experts to make sure it offers accurate, safe, and reliable solutions to each user and gain their trust.


An Age of Hyper-Personalization

According to Alice, today’s beauty landscape is all about hyper-personalization and tech-enabled beauty experiences. Modern-day consumers crave personalized products and experiences tailored to them. This means brands absolutely need to know their customer’s unique demands to best serve them. Through the use of advanced image recognition and machine learning technology, smart beauty tech solutions will continue to help brands and retailers connect with consumers in a whole new way across all the touchpoints – online, mobile, and instore. Perfect Corp. will focus its efforts on personalization and customization and will continue to provide revolutionary beauty tech solutions to enterprises and individual consumers.