Paracosma: Transforming Reality Across Industries to Enhance Experiences from Different Perspective

Ken Ehrhart

Paracosma Inc is an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) design, consulting and systems integration company that provides solutions and skills to both small and large customers. The company’s services include content creation, application development, and project implementation across a broad range of AR & VR platforms. Additionally, Paracosma creates its content in the gaming, entertainment, tourism, enterprise, and education/training spaces. It also has proprietary technology for producing, viewing, managing and distributing 360-degree photo and video content.

The company was established to offer high value outsourced AR and VR services to enterprise clients. Customers can leverage Paracosma’s deep team of expertise at affordable pricing to develop solutions that would not be possible with limited in-house resources.

Paracosma’s enterprise solutions include industrial AR for machine maintenance, training, assembly and test applications; enterprise AR and VR holographic video executive training solutions and interactive training simulations for medical and oil & gas applications; live 3D co-presence and communications in virtual environments; advertising, marketing and branding experiences; a white-label 360 video distribution platform; 3D modeling and rendering for studio photography replacement; photogrammetry recreation of large-scale digital twins; as well as custom content creation and application development.


A Leadership with Creative Vision

With 23-years of technology R&D and 19-years of company-building experience as a Venture Capital investor, Ken Ehrhart, the Founder & CEO of Paracosma brings a long-term perspective to the creation of value in the AR and VR industry. With a focus on Enterprise Software as a Service; HR, Training and Talent management; social media, Internet and mobile video; Ken understands the core requirements of Paracosma’s enterprise clients and how to deliver mission-critical services. The key to Paracosma’s development has been hiring the most talented employees and giving them the training and tools to deliver their full capabilities to end clients.

Recognition for Ken’s leadership for Paracosma include:

•  Aspioneer Magazine’s special edition “Looking Through Glass: 10 Leaders in Reality Space, 2019”, and

•  CV Magazine’s Corporate Excellence Awards “Most Influential CEO of the Year 2019 – AR/VR”


Plethora of Applications Anchoring Industry-Demands

Paracosma has developed numerous enterprise and industrial AR and VR applications including medical and industrial VR simulation and training platforms being used for laparoscopic surgery and oil and gas transportation; an enterprise AR platform that is being used for machine maintenance and training for a large global manufacturing company as well as for product assembly and quality assurance for a leading electronics capital equipment manufacturer; video holograms of executive leaders viewable in AR and VR for management training by a global HR/Talent Management company; photo-realistic rendering of 3D models to replace staged interior photography for a leading home goods retailer; an end-to-end communications platform enabling 3D avatars to meet in a VR virtual environments; AR demos of advanced features and in-home viewing of products for an international durable goods manufacturer; tradeshow VR product demos and 3D objects, characters, animations and AR effects, for advertising, branding and marketing for various clients including a smart city software provider, a leading home goods retailer, a consumer-facing AR applications and a national telecommunications company.


Beneficial Blend of AR/VR with Disruptive Technologies

According to Ken, as with all other areas of enterprise software, AR/VR are dramatically impacted by Cloud Computing, IoT and AI developments. All industrial AR and enterprise VR training applications must be linked to and driven by cloud-based data. Stand-alone applications cannot provide the value enterprises require to drive broad adoption. AR manufacturing machine maintenance and training applications become in-distinguishable from IoT applications that enable and feed AR information. Increasingly, training solutions are being envisioned that include user interactions with AI Avatars. And, Machine Vision at the core of AR applications is fundamentally driven by AI algorithms and machine vision.


Visionary Partnerships Driving Innovation

Ken claims that Paracosma’s innovation is driven by enabling clients’ far-reaching visions for how AR and VR technologies can improve their businesses. This requires both the adoptions of the latest tools and techniques combined with R&D to solve the gaps between present and future capabilities. With efficient pricing, Paracosma can partner from initial proof of concept prototypes to full-scale deployments.

Beyond client partnerships, Paracosma collaborated with the AR/VR industry as members of seven trade associations including: The VR/AR Association; Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance; International VR for Healthcare Association; VR Industry Forum; International Virtual Reality Professionals Association; International Game Developers Association; and the Entertainment Software Association.


Remarkable Testimonials of Publications

Paracosma has received recognition in numerous publications as a trusted, innovative, leading AR/VR Technology solutions provider:

•  “20 Most Promising AR/VR Tech Solution Providers – 2018” CIO Review Magazine

•  “10 Most Innovative AR & VR Companies to Watch in 2018” The Technology Headlines Magazine

•  “15 Most Promising Virtual Reality Startups 2018” Startupcity Magazine

•  “The Next Generation Tech. Disruptors” Insights Success Magazine

•  “10 Fastest-Growing AR/VR Technology Solution Providers to Watch in the Year-2018” APAC Business Headlines

•  “The 10 Most Evolutionary AR/VR Solution Providers To Look For In 2019” Mirror Review Magazine

•  “20 Most Trusted AR/VR companies 2019” Business Connect Magazine

•  “The 10 Most Innovative Enterprise AR&VR Solution Providers, 2019” Insights Success Magazine

•  “10 Best AR/VR Solution Providers to Watch in 2019” The Technology Headlines Magazine

•  “Top 10 AR/VR Solutions Providers – 2019” CIO Applications Europe


Accelerating Future from Infancy to Advancements

In many ways, AR and VR technologies are still in their infancy. Paracosma has some basic capability to enable general use, but each platform and toolset is advancing every few months.

In addition to keeping up with the fast pace of innovation, Paracosma’s challenge is to stay focused on what will be the key drivers several years in the future, not just now.

Therefore, a great deal of R&D is going into new platforms and solutions that are not entirely practical or possible yet but will become viable and essential over time.

According to Ken, Paracosma is focused on constant adoption of the latest advancements and constant innovation of new solutions, to stay relevant in these fast-developing fields.

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