Organizations Should Focus on Right Talent to Foster AI Adoption

by December 31, 2017

There is no second thought about the versatility and reliability of the services offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. AI is one of the best technology platforms used by developers to build tremendously powerful applications and tools that have capabilities to drive the technology and consequent needs of targeted users.

As far as today’s fast-moving world is concerned, there is nothing like stability. Each and every aspect of human lives are experiencing the transformation on an everyday basis. Even, the generation has got used to it, and specifically, when it comes to technology then the sky is the limit. We all have witnessed the struggle faced by many IT professionals due to the absence of technology upgradation. Many professionals have gone through the demerits of technology advancement, though it has its positive side brighter.

Here, moral of the story comes out to be the continuous improvement and learning new skills with the trend is important. India is specifically known for the quality of engineers and talented manpower it is having, and the whole world looks to the country to hire the cream of Indian talent. The scenario has not vanished or changed yet, but yes it is facing challenges somewhere. The main reason for this may be claimed to the lack of knowledge in analytics. If we talk about the global scenario, the picture is somewhat same.

Technologies like AI are being adopted at a tremendous rate. A huge number of industrialists and business tycoons are keenly interested to take up their respective businesses to a next level, obviously with support and backing of the tech tools like AI and machine learning. Those determinations are very right at their place, as those tools are really capable to stay right there on the track of success path. But, right talent and manpower is not available to implement and run those tools. According to Venture beat quoting Gartner, 59 percent of organizations are still in the knowledge-gathering stage. This year, many leading enterprises strategized to adopt AI for the betterment of their businesses, but as noted, those enthusiasts faced numerous problems to fetch the right talent for execution.

According to an Infographic by Data Robot, the dearth of expertise is the AI’s biggest hurdle to adoption, with approximately 73 percent of businesses not having an in-house AI or data professional. It further mentions about 25 percent of adoption is affected by high cost of solutions.

The positive note here being, despite the lack of talent, there is a wave to hire and train existing talent for the adoption of AI and concerned tools. “This year, as businesses strategized how to integrate AI into their operations, they were hampered by a shortage of experts with requisite knowledge of the technology. This serves to demonstrate that successful AI integration is not just about the technology, it’s about the people. Looking to 2018, organizations should prioritize talent acquisition and cultivation—both by recruiting individuals with strong technical backgrounds and investing in skills and training programs to help retain and foster leading AI practitioners.”, said, Chris Mazzei, EY Global Innovation Technologies Leader and Global Chief Analytics Officer.