PwC Partners with OpenAI to Resell ChatGPT Enterprise to Firms

PwC and OpenAI Join Forces to Resell ChatGPT Enterprise to Businesses
PwC Partners with OpenAI to Resell ChatGPT Enterprise to Firms

PwC has entered into a new agreement with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. Thus, PwC has become OpenAI's biggest essential client and the first affiliate of its venture product.

On Wednesday, PwC, a driving administration consulting company, revealed its plans to integrate ChatGPT Enterprise, designed for huge enterprises, into its workforce. This rollout will envelop 75,000 representatives in the US and 26,000 in the UK. As detailed by TechCrunch, the activity will see over 100,000 licenses for the AI product being conveyed within PwC.

Last year, the consulting firm said that it plans to distribute $1 billion over three years to generative AI, the basic innovation driving ChatGPT, within its US operations. The report said that the OpenAI association constitutes a component of the initial $1 billion investment.

Joe Atkinson, vice chair and chief products and technology officer of PwC US, said the recent agreement advances this initiative.

Atkinson said that last year, PwC worked towards educating its workforce on AI applications, creating exclusive AI devices for clients, and leveraging AI to upgrade its consulting innovation platform and operations. “As this proceeds to advance, I anticipate that billion dollars will develop over our network,” the report quoted Atkinson as saying.

PwC's vital partnership

Richard Hasslacher, OpenAI’s global head of alliances and associations, said PwC will be the first exchanging ChatGPT enterprise. “PWC is the first accomplice that we are inclining into in this way. PwC has become our biggest client, but they’re also our first accomplice who’s going to be exchanging ChatGPT endeavors. It is penetration into industry verticals, but moreover giving an expansive set of administrations that clients frantically require to take advantage of in brand new arrangement categories,” the report quoted him as saying.

This deal implies PwC’s desires for its advancing business landscape. PwC partners with OpenAI to enhance their business solutions by reselling ChatGPT Enterprise to firms.

Talking about the potential effect of AI technology on occupations, Bret Greenstein, accomplice and generative AI pioneer at PwC, emphasized that devices like ChatGPT or similar generative AI collaborators pose no risk to professions. Instead, the aim is to use such innovation to grow trade operations without necessarily expanding headcount, the report quoted him as saying.

“This is exceptionally imperative for us,” said Greenstein. He specified that the company had moved up to ChatGPT early on, thus transitioning to the endeavor adaptation aligned well with its expanding association, the report said.

ChatGPT launched in 2022

Since ChatGPT was freely released in 2022, OpenAI has increased its focus on venture deals, with chief operating officer (COO) Brad Lightcap describing it as an “increasing focus on venture for us, given the demand that we see."

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