The IPL Anthem: Musical Tradition and Celebration

The IPL Anthem - Musical Tradition and Celebration

One of the significant elements that make up the cultural identity of the IPL and which is the true embodiment of the country's top T20 competition is the signature trumpet tune of the Indian Premier League, which rings out from the PA system at every match over the duration of the tournament.

The theme song for IPL is always produced every year except for 2009 when it was moved outside India for the first time because of the elections. Chanting your team’s name and their anthem is a good way of showing your support, but it will be even more exciting with live betting sites India.

IPL Theme Anthems

There are list of IPL anthems from the first season which took place in 2008 to season 11 which took place in 2018:

●      IPL 2008 (Season 1)

The IPL anthem was composed by a reputed world composer. Indeed, it was his signature style that became the greatest source of thrill and expressed the thrill and spirit of the very first IPL tournament.

●      IPL 2009 (Season 2)

Surprisingly, no theme music was released separately for the second season of IPL. However, the ad went viral across the country. India will not host the tournament.

●      IPL 2010 (Season 3)

The principal theme of the IPL was used to commemorate the resumption of the IPL in India. All the captains were lined up, the stadium was jam-packed, and the crowd was trying to join in the singing. The anthem, which became popular with cricket fanatics across India, was able to depict the excitement and devotion of all cricket lovers.

●      IPL 2011 (Season 4)

At IPL-4 the theme song got everybody to groove. This upbeat tune with the thrilling trumpet melody was played incessantly on television and radio during the entire tournament and the fans picked it as their favorite song. The last season witnessed her as a key player in the history of cricket.

●      IPL 2012 (Season 5)

Season 5 was the most popular season, and the theme song was the best song of all 5 seasons. This was the new IPL Hip-hop song with an amazing beat which was totally fresh. On other occasions, it was the video that carried the voice of all the prominent cricket commentators. The song was a popular tune and everyone including the commentators was also excited about it.

●      IPL 2013 (Season 6)

The video was about those who made the game a success, and the musicals that followed made it a real hit. The first scene of the fans dancing in the stadium and the live broadcast of the games were the main reasons that the host city began to feel the spirit of the tournament.

●      IPL 2014 (Season 7)

It was amazing to listen to IPL's 2014 melody. The songs loved at that time and the good-spirited lyrics which shared the mood of the league were the perfect representation of the league's euphoria. The video clip is one that features players commentators dancers and demonstrates their support for IPL and cricket. This was a new song which was a favorite of all sports lovers of the country.

●      IPL 2015 (Season 8)

The celebratory song has become a blockbuster among cricket lovers from around the globe and has been their favorite. The song that was best to describe the authentic Indian cricket carnival also focused on the joyful atmosphere of the game. Joining the video is another that resonates with the many Indians from different regions who are die-hard fans and can’t wait to see the TV coverage of the global cricket festival.

●      IPL 2016 (Season 9)

The theme song was created by the musical duo, and its lyrics symbolize 'the oneness of Indians from different cultures and perfectly communicate a message of love against hate. It became an earworm that everyone was singing along to and was a reflection of the spirit of happiness and togetherness.

●      IPL 2017 (Season 10)

The theme song marked the incredible 10th anniversary of the iconic tournament. The anthem thanked the fans for their unwavering support and contributions that made the IPL a grand success.

●      IPL 2018 (Season 11)

In the song, the world's best cricketers compete with each other to achieve victory. The anthem was adapted from a classic Hindi song and highlights the fierce competition between players striving for victory.


Are you ready to hear the IPL 2024 anthem “Gajab IPL ke Ajab Rang”? Join us as we celebrate the excitement and colors of cricket. Let's witness a game that will change the landscape of the entire country! We will create unforgettable memories cheering on our favorite teams and players.

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