OneAD: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising with ML-Powered Smart Solutions

Hilo Chen

In the digital advertising industry, it goes without saying that Google is a dominant giant. Many publishers and advertisers had to implement google ad solutions yet have little control over their own data strategies. OneAD is a leader in MediaTech and a nonstop innovator continuously introducing new media products. The company is the only solution provider not only offering high-impact ad format products with the programmatic buy but also state-of-art data tools for use of advertisers.


Delivering Smart Advertising Media Solutions

OneAD is a unique video ad operator that has integrated sophisticated MediaTech, AdTech and DataTech all at once. With the synergy, it can create big value with big power of capability to offer one-of-a-kind data-driven ad solutions: making possible programmatic serving & audience buying for compelling creative ad formats as OneAD Smart Media.

OneAD Smart Media offers audience buy for ad targeting, using data points such as demographics, interests & topics based on browsing behavior, environmental factors such as location, AQI/UVI, temperature/moisture, and device brands & ISPs.



OneAD started off as a MediaTech company that offered various compelling video ad formats such as In-Page and In-Read on desktop; Mobile-In-Top and Mobile-In-Read Series Formats on a mobile device. Quite a few of OneAD formats are patented and are the first of its kind in the market.  Advertisers can freely utilize HTML 5 or JS to create ad materials containing motion banner, or design impressive eye-catching ad using video and banner together, or set up multiple clickthrough destinations, etc.

With high penetration of mobile coverage, ad formats of OneAD Smart Media are all designed with user viewing experience in mind. Taking the series of big high-impact vertical video format as an example, including Mobile-In-Cover-Vertical, Mobile-In-Read-Vertical and Mobile-In-Read-Scroller-Vertical, this format is native and no interference.

Besides ad formats, OneAD also has sophisticated mediation technology – multiple header bidding technologies to optimize fill rate, which is different from water fall bidding owned by most video ad providers. It utilizes AI algorithm to forecast media traffic to meet ad request in real-time so that media traffic won’t be wasted and fill rate for publishers is optimized. Last but not least, compared to other media that can only accept one tracking code, OneAD’s ad formats can support any Open Tracking Framework, allowing advertisers and media agencies to use any tracking code that can make measurements transparently.



OneAD is the only video ad provider in Taiwan partnering with various renowned international DSP such as DV360, TTD, Adobe and partnering with ad exchange such as Google Adex, SpotX, Ucfunnel. Different from most ad providers serving only small standard formats with remnant traffic, OneAD provides premium traffic from premium publishers to achieve the needs of brand advertisers. OneAD fully supports VAST/VPAID/JS and also provides compelling & eye-catching video ad formats via programmatic serving.

Major international brands including liquor, luxury, smartphone and banking choose OneAD as their programmatic-buy partner. It also works with IAS for pre-bid optimization service so as to protect brands from ad fraud and risky environment for brand safety issue.



OneAD works with multiple media partners and continuously captures 3rd party data in real-time.  Together with 2nd party data, the 3rd party data helps to understand audience journey and browsing behavior across the cyberspace. After collection, induction and analysis of data, OneAD can portrait the audience’s profile and paving the solid foundation for OneID and OneID graph.


Mission and Core Values

Fostering a win-for-all partnership model is OneAD’s core value, and it has been the driving force behind its growth. OneAD positions itself as a double-sided Video Ad Operator (VAO) that concurrently takes care of the needs for both demand and supply sides in the industry.

The company has built the capability to integrate sophisticated MediaTech, AdTech and DataTech, furthermore, to stay ahead of the technology trend in a rapidly changing environment. It is; therefore, able to deliver its value proposition to serve brand advertisers through 1) actively building impact for brand advertisers across the internet, and 2) consistently making compelling brand strategy cut-through in the fragmented media environment.


The Brain Behind OneAD

Hilo Chen, Founder and Chairman of OneAD having a strong tech background established OneAD with a great mission to offer an ad solution, which has choices of ad products and data strategies. Therefore, OneAD has organized three Tech teams including MediaTech team, AdTech Team and DataTech team. OneAD Tech team has to research and develop unique ad solutions, optimize performance so as to bring new news and satisfy the ad market all the time.

Hilo believes that it is like being in a decathlon. “OneAD must concurrently sharpen the capability and capacity of all three aspects, without skewing to any single tech. OneAD believes that the true competitiveness of technology is from the best practices in the field market. Only if we continuously innovate in technologies and continuously serve in partnership with clients, we can create value and remain the leadership position in the market,” he said.


Leveraging Machine Learning in Target Advertising

OneID is a break-through innovation that uses an abundance of machine learning algorithms to get single user’s unified OneID across different devices, including pair algorithm, TF-IDF, LDA, Word2vec, Doc2vec, pairwise algorithm, ensemble learning, etc.  It uses Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network, to portrait audience’s demographics. The model has a test accuracy of around 70%. It also uses Natural Language Process (NLP), Word2Vec, to get audience interest attribute. The strong base of OneID and OneID Graph allows data application for ad serving such as targeting, retargeting, lookalike & cross channel retargeting; for ad optimization such as Dynamic Reach Optimization (DRO), AdSmart & Predictive Audience spectrum; for analytics and activation such as OneID Audience Manager (OAM) and Quick Plan.

With it, advertisers can target their consumers with OneAD data points in the fragmented digital environment, or re-marketing to an audience whose behaviors show likability of interests to a brand or product. OneAD offers a smart mechanism for advertisers to find the right person in the right time at the right place, no matter where they are (media scene) via whatever devices.


Embracing a Culture of Cross-Over

OneAD has been adhering to the spirit of “cross-over” since its establishment. The spirit reflects not only in products and services but also in organization culture and philosophy. The company is proclaimed as an AI-powered video advertising company devoting to bringing AI capabilities to benefit across all advertisers, publishers, networks and media it works with. In OneAD’s DNA, it also incorporates the same “cross” spirit in its employment and office design. Interestingly enough, the founder, Hilo Chen, has a tech background and the CEO, Joyce Lee, has marketing and advertising background. Employees working at OneAD also have the same diversity of expertise and domain knowledge which brings interesting dynamics in the working environment. It has an open office and many multifunction hot-desking areas which helps foster cross-function cooperation and inspiration as well.


Machine Learning: The Face Changer of Advertising

Hilo is of the opinion that the machine learning industry will become crucial in the digital advertising ecosystem. In the past, advertisers placed ads with direct buying method of choosing media title. Today audience buy is the trend. Digital media needs to harness machine learning capabilities to realize the fast-growing needs of utilizing an abundance of data available. In the marketing space, there is so much of precious data including browsing behavioral data, transactional data, health insurance data, and finance data, etc.  It is foreseeable that the huge jump of the AI industry is just around the corner if the data collection limited by the walled garden is eased. AdTech company with AI power like OneAD will be able to provide a competitive edge from aggressive data strategy for advertisers.


Overcoming Barriers

For OneAD, internet users are all anonymous from different devices and media. Their digital behaviors are fragmented so that OneAD has to utilize OneID and unify multiple tags into one person. It is a continuous challenge to make it more precisely due to digital fragmentation.

Another challenge that the company faces is to integrate diverse and isolated silos of data sources, which includes 1st party marketing data and other data sources. The company has established its OneID Audience Manager as a platform to support advertisers collect, analyze, fusion and activate their data assets.

Moreover, as programmatic advertising is growing fast and the ecosystem is rapidly changing, technically dynamic is another challenge to work with various partners across the industry.


Awards and Achievements

In 2012, OneAD pioneered in launching in-page video ad that was adopted by leading publishers and became the OneAD Video Ad Network. ComScore soon ranked OneAD Video Ad Network as the largest Taiwan video ad network in 2013, surpassing YouTube’s market penetration, with 64 % of desktop population coverage.

In 2016, OneAD announced the first programmatic video ad platform in the Taiwanese market, also the first announced audience demographic buying, entering into data era.

In 2017, the company integrated its ad network, programmatic platform, data capability into OneAD Smart Media, with mobile coverage achieving 99.6% of internet population (ComScore). The same year, OneAD was included in AI Ecosystem Landscape by Industrial Technology Research Institute, R.O.C. for the capability of artificial intelligence technology in the advertising sector. In 2018, OneAD announced OneID Audience Manager, a data platform specially designed for brand advertisers.

In the same year, OneAD was recognized as one of the Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers by APAC CIOoutlook and was chosen as a successful Customer Case Study for Google Cloud Platform.


The Future Ahead

OneAD has strived to stay ahead of the trend in developing its MediaTech, AdTech and DataTech so as to provide cutting-edge competitiveness for brand advertisers and media agencies. Hilo said the next step will be partnering closely with advertisers and marketers to leverage MarTech capability for interfacing with client data seamlessly.