Nubeva: Enabling Speedy and Flexible Expansion of Organisations in the Cloud

Randy Chou

Cloud is not a new concept in the market rather it’s been here for a while now enabling new and improved product and services. Cloud along with digital technologies can be branded as disruptive leading to an innovative plethora of operations. In the cloud of technologies, Nubeva is one such company whose mission is to deliver simple, easy to use and affordable software that enables enterprises to run their trusted application, network and security monitoring in public clouds without compromise.

How? – Cloud Style – Cloud is speed. Cloud is easy to use. Cloud is easy to implement. The cloud is about transforming complex IT into simple services. The cloud is made up of plug and play systems and subsystems that can be integrated to form even greater solutions. The cloud fosters collaboration and reduces cost.

Nubeva was born in the cloud for the cloud. The company’s tools are rapidly evolving. Nubeva’s goal is to make it better, faster and more affordable. The company’s flagship product Nubeva Prisms is ultra-secure and priced disruptively low to achieve the company’s vision where cost shouldn’t be a barrier to security, accessibility, visibility, and productivity.

Nubeva’s SaaS-based Prisms cloud agent is the easiest, most advanced and most affordable Cloud Packet Brokering solution to get cloud packets to monitoring tools and services. Nubeva Prisms helps to enable advanced visibility and control to security, application and network teams for their cloud operations.


Narrative of Establishment

Nubeva was co-founded by Randy Chou and Greig Bannister. The company’s vision from the beginning has been to provide best of breed security for organizations migrating IT apps and resources to the public cloud (AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud). To achieve this vision, Nubeva is committed to the following for its clients and partners:

•  Activate cloud adoption by enabling network monitoring and security: The future of business is the cloud and securing the cloud will be a vital initiative to activate their business in the cloud. Nubeva enables organizations to deliver monitoring and security everywhere both in-cloud and off-cloud.

•  Supporting an organization’s choice of technology: Best of breed means something different to each organization. Organizations select technologies, build technology stacks and rip and replace based on business requirements and technology innovations in the marketplace. Nubeva is committed to supporting its customers, regardless of what tools, processes, and expertise they have selected.

•  Provide Affordable Solutions: To provide best of breed monitoring and security for all, the solution must be affordable. The cloud is the global IT delivery platform of the future. The cloud allows for commoditizing computing with simple services. As Nubeva is a cloud service full born in the cloud, the company maintains the promise of affordability in order to provide best-of-breed solutions to all.


Skilled Leadership

Nubeva Co-founder and CEO Randy Chou brings 20 years of technical and management leadership in cloud, security, storage and networking fields to Nubeva – his third startup venture. He provides day-to-day leadership into Nubeva Prisms engineering, advancing the SaaS-based product offering to ensure it meets the needs of security operations, network operations and IT teams responsible for cloud migration and management. Previously, Randy led computer data storage firm Panzura, securing a $58 million round of funding supported by four of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms. Randy also was part of the founding team at Aruba Networks, which became the leader in enterprise Wi-Fi security. Aruba filed for IPO in 2007 and was acquired by HP Enterprise in 2015 for $3 billion. In addition, Randy led the development of SSL security and load balancing software at Alteon WebSystems, which was acquired by Nortel Networks for $7.8 billion.


Recognizing Disruption

Nubeva is contributing to cloud computing by enabling IT organizations to migrate apps and resources to the cloud with confidence. Nubeva Prisms acquires, processes, distributes and manages cloud packets – sending them to the IT teams and tools which monitor data and ensure security in the cloud.

For example, Amazon Web Services is the backbone for large enterprise cloud transformations. AWS has the services to help organizations build sophisticated applications and core business functions with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability. New resources, services, and network architectures significantly increase speed and adapt to usage demands elastically. But with this new opportunity, IT teams lose access to packet level data that traditionally fueled the network, application, and security monitoring tools. Nubeva Prisms gives organizations the confidence they need to pursue cloud transformation with AWS. Nubeva Prisms acquire, process and distribute AWS cloud packet traffic to one’s tools – whether in-cloud and or on-premises. The company’s born-in-the-cloud architecture moves with the elasticity, scalability, and speed of the cloud. Nubeva Prisms is the most advanced, easiest to use, and most affordable solution to get your AWS cloud packets to your monitoring tools and services.


Integrating Technology and Innovation

Randy believes the cloud revolution is in full swing enabling organizations to grow their business with speed and flexibility. With this transformation, IT teams and tools must adapt as access previously available with on-prem solutions are no longer available in the public cloud. “As enterprises move to the cloud, the responsibility remains, but the approach changes. Physical taps are gone. The data center edge dissolves. Virtualized applications are ever changing. IT teams and tools rely on packet-level data to do their job, but they have no connection in the cloud. And cloud providers don’t have a native solution,” he adds.

“So, while the public cloud presents great opportunities include cost and flexibility, it also creates hurdles that organizations must overcome to operate in the cloud with confidence”.


Spreading Company Values in Cloud

Nubeva is innovative because it offers IT organizations the ability to acquire cloud packets and broker, or distribute, that data to in-cloud tools or to on-prem tools. This ability to access cloud packets helps organizations ensure security in the cloud, detect threats and analyze data needed to operate efficiently.


Rewards Streaming

Most recently, Nubeva was named to the shortlist in two categories for the 2018-2019 Cloud Awards (

In a March 2019, Impact Report from 451 Research, industry analyst Mike Fratto wrote: “Nubeva Prisms is a new entrant into the cloud-native traffic-acquisition segment, and offers a streamlined packet capture and filtering capability that is nicely aligned with how DevOps and NetOps teams are integrating cloud networking functions into their workflows. Still an early product, Prisms shows promise – with strong customer growth – via a versatile, saleable and high-capacity architecture that supports the top three cloud services today, with more to follow. The licensing and pricing are aligned with how enterprises consume cloud services, making for easy adoption. However, it will face stiff competition with enterprises that already have tap and aggregation products in-house, because competitors offer more feature-rich products, and the operational cost to add another vendor to IT’s toolbelt can be significant. Nubeva will be a better option for enterprises that are going 100% cloud-native. Nubeva’s low-cost subscriptions, simple operations, cloud-native pedigree, and high performance are compelling strengths for customers seeking visibility into cloud applications.”

What the company’s customers say- “Nubeva Prisms is an ideal cloud packet brokering solution – one they can use to full packet and targeted packet monitoring in order to detect threats and analyze data”.


Consistency Vs Challenges

Randy said the company surpassed the following barriers in its journey of excellence:

1. Finding great talent in a highly competitive marketplace has always been a challenge. Even more so now as the U.S. economy has strengthened. But a company’s vision, product, and customer base has matured and Nubeva gathering momentum with customers, this is getting easier.

2. Balancing keeping Nubeva team focused on follow through of execution while constantly iterating/tweaking to find true product-market-fit.

3. Managing the speed of growth.


Aiming Ahead

The Cloud is moving very fast. Nubeva will continue to flex and engineer technologies ahead of the cloud and dramatically enhance the basic platforms and solve current and evolving customer problems to help them operate more efficiently and effectively in the public cloud. Nubeva created a very robust roadmap for innovation in all areas of its domain — traffic acquisition and access to more and more types of cloud traffic, more advanced and smart processing of that traffic, and smarter and tighter integration with toolsets to enable scaling and performance with greater automation and efficiency. All combined, the clear path of innovation is visible to lead customers and the tool vendors forward into space, solving real work problems for customers on their path to low cost, easy, the broad-based cloud visibility and monitoring. Lastly, the solutions the company creates will ease the burden on IT staff, enabling teams to do more with existing headcount and leverage their current skills and toolset investments into the cloud. When IT organizations can enhance productivity and ensure security in the cloud, everyone wins.

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