Nissan Enhanced its Customer Interaction Through Adobe Cloud’s Digital Marketing Solution

by December 14, 2019

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is a global business that operates in over 160 countries and runs manufacturing facilities in more than 20 countries and regions.

Its marketing has been the most significant driving force for Nissan’s growth. The company has established ‘enhancing brand power’ and ‘increasing sales power’ as its core strategy to propel in the market. And to achieve such a target, Nissan was in the requirement of elevating its marketing and sales activities.


About Client

In the competitive automotive industry, it is important for companies to restructure their traditional marketing habits. It will elevate their customer engagement and sales further.

According to Mr. Moyuru Kudo, Head of Japan Digital Customer Experience, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, “Previously, customers would visit dealers over and over again to research cars, but according to recent reports, customers visit dealers an average of 2.6 times. Now, consumers do their research on the Internet and only visit a dealer when they have a better idea of the car they want. As a result, automobile manufacturers have lost opportunities to talk directly with customers.”

For a company like Nissan, it will be hard to identify an interested customer with less direct interaction with customers. Due to which customers might decide to go for another manufacturer or even give up the idea of buying a car.

Thus, it is necessary for such companies to understand rising trends and give attention to digital marketing activities.


Business Challenges

  • A better understanding of customers in light of decreasing in-person interactions
  • Appeal to customer needs by marketing various aspects of the same vehicle to different customers
  • Develop a greater understanding of the sales funnel and what content encourages sales



To address its above-mentioned challenges and deliver on customer expectations over the online platform, Nissan seek the help from Adobe. The client built long-term, trusted relationships with customers through Adobe Experience Cloud solutions including Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions; Adobe Experience Manager; Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign; Adobe Analytics Cloud solution; and Adobe Analytics.



As a result of this, Nissan saw an increase in conversion rates and experienced more optimized content. Also open rates increased along with click rates with custom e-mails and with an ability to analyze content, sales of vehicles also accelerated. It also improved communications to reduce the sales cycle.