NetLinkz: Facilitating Unparalleled Network Security and Privacy for the Connected World

The Internet of Things is taking hold in almost every industry today. From Manufacturing to Retail there are innumerable IoT solutions to modern issues, and these technologies are transforming the way enterprises stay connected. With the rapid growth in connected devices, one needs to trust that the data these devices generate are only accessible by authorised people, networks and machines. Also, deploying IoT solutions effectively necessitates deploying them securely. A company which leverages an award-winning network technology that allows organisations to quickly connect sites, devices and staff over the internet through a unique network solution that is generally invisible is NetLinkz. 

NetLinkz is a recognised leader in secure virtual networking solutions for the enterprise, cloud and IoT markets. NetLinkz is an Australian company, formed in 2008, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:NET). Its patented Virtual Invisible Network (VIN) is a unique technology that offers unparalleled security at low cost. The company has won numerous awards for its innovations in security such as the Global Security Challenge and Telstra Innovation Award. Moreover, NetLinkz’s technology has been described by Secure State, a leading US-based cybersecurity consultancy firm, as “amongst the most secure products in the market today”.

The company’s vision is a future where any device can be connected to any application simply and securely. To that end, NetLinkz has built highly secure software that represents an evolutionary step in virtual networking that can be deployed quickly and cheaply over kind of public or private network.

NetLinkz began its journey as a provider of enterprise-grade security solutions. But the company has continued to improve its software and has been quick to adapt to changes in the technological landscape. Now, NetLinkz is a cloud enablement company with a strong footing in the IoT security market.


An Established Leadership

James Tsiolis serves as the Executive Chairman and CEO of NetLinkz since 2016. Under his leadership, Netlinkz raised significant Capital from Global Investment Funds, re-engineered IP and created a product that functions at the forefront of Cloud and IoT Security. He has led the company in establishing a relationship with China Telecom Wuxi and China Telecom Jiangsu, and a strong partnership with iSoftStone.

James is also the Founder of Strategic Capital Management Limited (SCML) and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. He has 25 years of experience in equity funds and capital markets. Prior to establishing SCML in 2000, James served as the Head of Research for ipac Investments from 1997. He also worked as a Senior Investment Analyst of ASSIRT Investment & Technology and a Quantitative Analyst of James Capel Australia Ltd.  James is Deputy Chairman of North Asia Strategic Holdings Ltd. and serves as a Chairman of Optimal Choice Pty Ltd (trading as Investment Products). He also has long-term memberships with several of the leading financial industry groups.


Delivering Secured Network Solutions

NetLinkz is developing a unique IoT security product that creates an invisible and secure communications layer for distributed communications between IoT devices and the cloud. The product provides unparalleled network security and privacy for IoT operators with features such as strong encryption at the edge, low power consumption and minimal networking overhead. Further, the product is highly scalable. It can be used in any IoT application, including IoC (Internet of Cities), with any number of devices.


Forging Partnerships to Drive Innovation

NetLinkz’s patented VIN architecture is secure, powerful and efficient. A high-performance agent that resides in the NetLinkz cloud platform orchestrates connections between enrolled devices. Once two devices are connected, they communicate peer-to-peer. No traffic traverses the platform. Not only is this efficient, but it is also secure: if an agent were to be compromised, the attacker would not be able to join the VIN or monitor the VIN traffic. Devices can be located anywhere. VIN traffic can traverse any kind of IP network — and traverse those networks invisibly and with the highest commercial level of encryption, and at speeds nearly equal to the underlying network.

Recently, NetLinkz has partnered with iSoftStone in China to establish an IoT lab and build on its existing technology. iSoftStone is a world-class IT solution provider with strategic relationships with numerous Chinese electronics manufacturers, cloud service providers and Telcos (such as Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, Google China, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile). NetLinkz and iSoftStone are working together on projects that will utilize NetLinkz VIN technology for full end-to-end security in vast IoT applications.

NetLinkz has also partnered with Blue Tech, a leading IT solutions provider from the United States that supplies sophisticated security solutions to the United States Federal Government, the United States Defence Forces, and the commercial sector. Blue Tech and NetLinkz have established an IoT lab in San Diego, to incubate IoT solutions specific to the US market.

The company is also talking to a select group of Australian companies, with a view to partnering with them and establishing local IoT labs for the Australian industry.


Stimulating Advancements with Disruptive Technologies

James believes evolving technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and automation are creating new opportunities for data collection, storage, processing, analysis and monetization. New technological possibilities drive innovation, which, in turn, changes the dynamics of the IoT digital age. More things are connected, more data is analyzed, and prices and margins fall. IoT business models evolve at a higher speed. New IoT businesses emerge. New IoT value networks appear. Better IoT data produces increased returns to scale. Overall, the IoT value is vastly increased. Investment from IoT-related profits then feeds back into the technological foundations, such as cloud computing and big data, on which IoT is built. It is an intriguing, and very exciting, technological interrelationship, he said.


Business Excellence and Awards

 NetLinkz has won numerous awards for security and innovation and has consistently received favourable reviews in the technology industry media. Significantly, NetLinkz was the worldwide winner of the Global Security Challenge in 2010. NetLinkz has also won the Telstra Innovation Challenge, the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Award, a Commercialisation Australia Grant, The Security Network Summit Awards, iAwards, Northrop Gunman Cync Program, and the Frost and Sullivan Awards.


From Challenges to Opportunities

James feels like most tech companies, NetLinkz strives to remain relevant in an industry that operates in an environment characterized by rapid obsolesce and constant change. New computer and networking security threats emerge every day. “It is a challenge to stay ahead of the curve. But we enjoy the challenge and we look forward to the opportunities that the future will bring,” he mentioned.


Insight into the Future

Commenting on the times ahead, James sees IoT becoming increasingly distributed, with connectivity greatly decentralized, and automation vastly increased. IoT digital access will become more seamless and the information gathered will be more detailed and valuable. With these changes, the challenges associated with maintaining IoT security and privacy will become increasingly complex.

NetLinkz has increased investment in its internal IoT research and development activities and is actively establishing IoT labs in a variety of markets around the globe. By undertaking these activities today, the company hopes to be the key IoT security provider in the IoT industry of tomorrow.

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