Microsoft Adopts Artificial Intelligence to Drive Digital Transformation in India

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The American Tech MNC Microsoft is committed to enhancing the technological ecosystem around the globe. It has been working towards the prosperity of Artificial Intelligence technologies from the last two decades.  The company is leveraging its AI solutions in areas ranging from healthcare to education, agriculture to e-commerce and manufacturing to retail.


Microsoft’s Mission in India

Microsoft empowers digital transformation for the current era of an intelligent collective including every person and every organization on the planet. Microsoft in India offers its global cloud services from its well-established local data centers to nurture digital transformation across Indian businesses comprised of start-ups or government organizations.


The Strengthening Pedestal of Microsoft India’s AI Framework

The company’s AI strategy in the country is based on certain impressions that drive digital transformation and propel the boundaries to novel innovative limits. Also, the company takes full charge of AI’s role in social impact, overcoming the issue of skill gap, creating more job opportunities and psychological imprints of it.


Breaking Down the Strategic Plan Work for the Indian Marketplace

•  Microsoft’s affirmation to utilize its cloud and artificial intelligence technologies to generate breakthrough innovations is one secret sauce for the acceleration of digital transformation in the nation. The drive focuses on a variety of industries that contribute to economic growth. Microsoft empowered digital transformation has encouraged a wide range of organizations to adopt AI solutions. Additionally, around 700 partners along with Microsoft are operating over the arrangements to deal in custom design and leverage a descriptive AI strategy. This strategy targets to accelerate employee productivity, business flexibility, customer engagement and roll out of innovative products.

•  It is very important for a company to build some legit coalitions in order to implement the solutions rightfully. Microsoft amalgamates with government, industry, academic and civil society shareholders. The coalition enables a collective approach to build effective AI solutions and deliver it according to the customer need and expectation. Notably, Microsoft India is in alliance procedure with NITI Aayog to blend cloud, AI, research and its new initiatives and solutions. The company is also an active participant with CII setting its eye at building solution framework for AI application’s leveraging across sectors including education, skills, health, and agriculture.

•  In order to bridge the skill gap and increase job opportunity and employability, Microsoft has aimed to train over 10,000 developers and 50,000 youth and establish AI labs in 10 universities across the nation in coming years ahead. Additionally, the company has declared the Intelligent Cloud Hub Program to adorn research and higher education organizations with AI infrastructure and AI empowered curriculum to assist both faculty and students to nurture their skills and expertise in tech fields like cloud computing, data sciences, AI and IoT.

•  In healthcare, education, agriculture, and environment-concerned sectors, Microsoft are focusing on creating sustained social impact by enabling public as well as private enterprises to apply AI technologies to address societal challenges. Microsoft’s partnership with Apollo Hospitals for use of AI and SRL diagnostics AI application for disease detection using digital pathology mark the rollout of the certain project that underpinned into healthcare industry for the betterment of mankind.

Observing the generalised aspect of leveraging of AI in certain fields, we can say that technology has a great capability in bringing out revolutionary changes across the world in which we survive. Talking about India, the company has made some influential impacts through AI-powered solutions to benefit ordinary citizen and working professionals. Here’s how AI solutions are transforming different sectors for the evolution of human.



Microsoft’s reach in healthcare via AI network is to enhance the capabilities of technologies to lead the innovation in this sector. The company has partnered selected healthcare organizations and also assists them in technically in ophthalmology and cardiology.

•  Partnership with Apollo Hospitals

1. Early detection of cardiovascular diseases through AI-powered Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score API (application program interface).

2. Helping in early detection of diabetic retinopathy in order to prevent blindness through its partnership with Forus Health.

•  Partnership with SRL Diagnostics

1. Quicker and precise analysis of tissue samples in digital pathology.

2. Aiding faster diagnosis of chronic illnesses such as cancer.



In alliance with International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Microsoft is implementing fresh technologies including AI, Cloud Machine Learning, Satellite Imagery and advanced analytics to help the farmers. Utilizing these technologies farmers with better estimates reach at the best possible sowing date for a crop which helps crop yields increase by 10-30 percent.

Microsoft has also developed a Pest Risk Prediction API to indicate risks of pest attack in advance. The interface has been developed in collaboration with UPL (United Phosphorus Limited) by employing AI and ML technologies.

Additionally, the tech giant is developing certain unique solutions to solve agriculture-based problems using vision and ML algorithms, low-cost sensors and drone technology. This practice comes under the reach of FarmBeats Project.


Local Language Computing

In a linguistically diverse country like India, it becomes crucial to unifying every individual over one platform. Microsoft offers AI-powered features in native languages to utilize the powerful boons of computing. It helps Indian users to become more productive and efficient with digital tools. For example, Microsoft supports Hindi across Windows 10 and Office 365.

Also, the Dictate feature of Windows 10 allows the users to convey inputs by dictating using Microsoft AI-powered Translate feature which is later translated into 60 languages including Hindi as per requirement of the user.

In MS PowerPoint, the Microsoft Translator live feature enables the user to exhibit subtitles directly on presentation in any one of more than 60 supported text languages. Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana also assists in translation operation in real time, working as a virtual translation assistant.

Microsoft has made available largest public dataset for Indian Language Speech. This offers speech training and test data for Telugu Tamil and Gujarati. The dataset includes audio and corresponding transcripts to assist researchers and users to create Indian Language speech recognition for all kind of application that uses speech.



The AI for Accessibility programme with a 5 year of tenure offered by Microsoft is worth $25 million globally. It comes from the end of Microsoft for Developers to accelerate the development of accessible artificial intelligence solutions in India. This is to help more than 1 billion disabled people around the globe. The company offers Seeing AI app which is designed for visually disabled people. The app helps such people in describing people, text, currency, and objects. Additionally, MSR has created an AI-powered Interactive Cane to help visually impaired people to navigate.



The company has brought a 5-year program worth $50 million named as AI for Earth. The program is dedicated to set up its major proportion of investments in AI research and technology performing in climate change, agriculture, biodiversity like genres. Recently, Microsoft has announced 7 Indian grant recipients from India to strengthen its mission of sustainable country. The grants will empower people and organizations to solve global environmental challenges and risks through the virtues of Artificial Intelligence.


Human Resource (HR) Management

Technology plays a vital role in businesses when it comes to amalgamate digital expertise with human interactions. This process thus results in the recruitment of candidates in the company. The AI-powered technologies can help HRs in hiring deserving candidates with ease in the procedure.

Microsoft is developing tools to use automation for recognition of AI biases. The tool has the potential to help companies employ artificial intelligence without discriminating against a certain group of candidates in the recruitment process.


Use of Qton in HR management

A talent assistant chatbot, Qton based on Microsoft’s Bot Framework & Luis NLP is created to bring about some significant changes in recruitment automation process by improving hiring procedure along with experience-enrichment for candidates. The chatbot uses AI and cloud services technology to hone the greatness of advanced data science and ML algorithms to assist the company cut down recruitment turnaround time.

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