Seamlessly Delivering Orchestrated Machine Learning to Enterprises

Joshua Geist

Artificial intelligence and machine learning stand out as the most transformational technology in this data-driven age. The rate of development and innovation in machine learning is relentless and what seemed impossible a few years ago is commonplace today.

Machine learning’s practical application throughout the economy is growing apace, resulting from the accelerated development of the technology. However, designing and deploying machine learning at scale is a major challenge, no matter the size of the organization. is democratizing machine learning across all industries and businesses by providing single point integration of readily available pre-trained machine learning models from AI industry leaders including Google Cloud, IBM Watson, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

With a new approach for businesses looking to leverage machine learning, empowers enterprise data to be seamlessly and securely evaluated through a multitude of pre-trained machine learning models with a sophisticated, wizard driven, orchestration and automation platform that has already captured an impressive 7 patents and is well on its way to many more. delivers on the promise of bringing AI and machine learning capabilities directly to businesses, with absolutely no need for in-house AI or machine learning knowledge, specialized technology or data scientists. By leveraging a multiplicity of machine learning models simultaneously, the detail and volume of data insights increases exponentially, and the value locked within the data quickly becomes new revenue streams.


An Industry Veteran and Innovative Leader

Joshua Geist, CEO of Geminare, a career entrepreneur, presenter, multi-patent holder, technology industry commentator and expert is a recognized innovator within the IT Orchestration Market.

Geist is a recipient of numerous industry accolades including multiple CRN Channel Chief awards, Gartner Cool Vendor designations, Most Innovative Solution winner from the CIR international community, and lead contributor in the positioning of several Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders including global telco giants such as NTT Communications and Cable & Wireless. Geist has had direct responsibility for spearheading the launch of some of the largest and most successful Resiliency offerings in the market today.

Leveraging the core technology strength of the Geminare platform as well as the breadth of experience launching Cloud Solutions to the enterprise, Geist has been pivotal in launching, another industry-first SaaS platform which enables enterprise organizations to de-risk their AI initiatives by leveraging existing machine learning models in a simple, orchestrated and secure fashion.


Disruptive Solutions for Small to Enterprise Businesses opens up the possibility for major adoption of machine learning within businesses by enabling them to access whatever models are best suited for their needs from whichever platform they chose to use, whether it’s just a single pre-trained model or all of them at the same time.

With, businesses can test and evaluate the results of their data as they run through multiple pre-trained ML models from a single interface, almost instantaneously. The wizard driven interfaces within accelerate access to readily available pre-trained machine learning models from AI industry leaders including Google Cloud, IBM Watson, AWS and Microsoft Azure, enabling immediate insight into enterprise data and facilitating smarter, curated and more valuable business outcomes.

Customers across virtually all industries that leverage are empowered to evaluate their data for new insights, revenue streams and differentiation. Customers like MovieComm in the Media & Entertainment industry, for example, leverage powerful video analysis machine learning models to reduce or eliminate manual cataloging processes.

With, MovieComm leverages multiple ML models from leaders including AWS Rekognition, IBM Watson and Google in parallel, providing a broader and larger quantity of quality results. MovieComm is now able to deliver a vastly superior end-user experience, and fully leverage the value of their films’ assets. Overnight, MovieComm went from a usable database of tens of thousands of searchable items to millions, and from a cataloging time of weeks to just minutes.


Innovation That Provides Customized Insights

Recognizing that businesses would rather focus on their core competencies and driving revenue growth than on understanding how to leverage the latest AI deployment model, focuses on delivering ORCHESTRATED OUTCOMES to businesses.

Through sophisticated orchestration and automation capabilities, directly facilitates the transmission of data between multiple ML models regardless of the difference in platform they are running on, and offers follow-up orchestrated actions such as redactions, archiving, or further analysis.

Unique to are capabilities that differentiate its position in the market, with functionality such as the ML SOLUTION AND APPLICATION MARKETPLACE.

 The ML marketplace consists of hundreds of available application integrations across a wide range of hosted and on-premises solutions including Salesforce, Office365, QuickBooks and others, as well as a large catalogue of curated ML models. A wizard driven interface enables automated data flow from the application to the machine learning model of the user’s choice.’s underlying patented platform establishes secure synchronizations between these business applications and data, whether hosted or on-premises.


Artificial Intelligence Drives Significant Disruption

Geist sees artificial intelligence as potentially representing the most disruptive technology change in the past 30 years. As the company is witnessing across virtually all technology realms, AI is being embedded into interactions with and leveraging of, anything plugged in, from microwaves and refrigerators to healthcare and education. As the access to powerful models and platforms becomes easier, the adoption and integration into new products and innovations is increasing exponentially.


Testimonials by Clients helps companies leverage multiple ML models in parallel, providing vastly superior and a larger quantity of results. Current clients such as MovieComm highlight how driving exceptional business results is made possible by

“All machine learning models are not created equal. MovieComm is now able to deliver a vastly superior end-user experience, and fully leverage the value of our films’ assets. Overnight, we’ve gone from a usable database of tens of thousands of searchable items to millions, and from a cataloging time of weeks to just minutes. Our experience with capabilities has been invaluable.”

Scott DiGiammarino, CEO MovieComm


AI Brings an Intelligent and Smarter Future

Geist believes the astounding pace at which technology is evolving has caught even the most optimistic futurists by surprise. AI developments, use cases and capabilities are at the forefront of this crest and the industry is still in its infancy. “We don’t have to look any further than making a reservation at our local restaurant to see the impact that AI has and will continue to have, when at a recent Google I/O conference, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, demonstrated Google Duo, an AI agent, making a reservation over the phone in real-time with perfect pauses in speech and sentiment.”

He further added that this is just a single point example of how AI will dramatically impact the world around us, and again, how it is just in its infancy. As deployment capabilities become more sophisticated, easier and cheaper, AI technologies will be embedded into virtually every piece of silicon that carries a current. Routine and mundane decisions will be handled through machine learning bots and agents and their powerful prediction capabilities.

“The industry will not question whether to embed AI capabilities into its technologies, it will question “which” AI to embed,” he said.