McObject: Delivering the Fastest, Intelligent Database Management Systems for Edge and Cloud

With billions of sensors, machines, and connected devices generating large volume of data every second, organizations need effective data management systems to processes this huge unstructured data in real-time. Existing systems and enterprise architectures will be hard pressed to manage and process all of the data coming in from these new, streaming data sources. A company which enables organizations to efficiently capture, store, process, and, more importantly, drive analytics, in real-time, from all the data generated from edge and cloud is McObject. The company offers its flagship eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS) created for real-time embedded systems.

Since 2001, the company’s commitment to clients is ensuring that eXtremeDB supports their current needs and evolves to support future needs. McObject strives to provide its customers with the tools they need to enable optimization of their technology strategy.

Organizations using eXtremeDB reap tangible benefits through higher developer productivity, faster time-to-market, more advanced features and lower manufacturing costs (due to eXtremeDB’s frugal RAM and CPU demands).

But eXtremeDB’s impact reverberated beyond embedded software. As the product gained features to support enterprise-level scalability and interoperability, developers of high-performance desktop-, workstation- and server-based systems discovered a database system designed with a relentless focus on efficiency and speed. For example, eXtremeDB’s short execution path (code size can be as little as 200K) complements the quest to slash latency in capital markets applications; and its 64-bit support and SQL (including JDBC and ODBC), position eXtremeDB as a feature-rich database system.

While still anticipating and meeting the needs of embedded systems, today McObject is equally focused on this “real-time enterprise” sector that includes financial systems, e-commerce, IoT Big Data analytics and more. Customers today include GoldenSource, Tradestation, ViaSat, Dalian Commodity Exchange and others.


Humble Beginning

McObject was founded in 2001, when Andrei Gorine, Chief Technical Officer and Steve Graves, Chief Executive Officer, senior executives and technologists in the database software and embedded systems industries noticed the need for real-time embedded databases in what many consider to be hardware devices. The company was founded with the launch of its eXtremeDB In-Memory Database System (IMDS), the first of its kind, created specifically for real-time embedded systems. Now used in over 28 million devices in practically every market sector and with clients including GoPro, Boeing, Motorola, ViaSat, TradeStation and NSE-IT, the product family has become the industry standard-bearer for unmatched performance, reliability and efficiency.


Reaching Out for Consistency and Persistence

eXtremeDB was the first in-memory embedded database system, and as early as 2005, it incorporated support for persistent and hybrid databases. The company’s reputation is based on consistently providing clients with higher developer productivity, faster time-to-market, more advanced features and lower manufacturing costs than any other vendor.

McObject provides technology to a very broad range of clients, for example the largest financial securities software developer and systems integrator in China uses eXtremeDB for order execution. They are able to process 38,000 trades a second compared to its previous system, which only processed around 3,000 trades a second. Another client is a forklift truck company, which uses eXtremeDB to configure its vehicle’s built-in computer systems, resulting in more efficient operations. Each truck’s system can be built with a range of features and configurations based on a customer’s individual requirements, with 4.2 billion possible combinations. As no manual system can handle such complexity, trucks were initially limited to just nine standard configurations, which took as long as nine weeks to code and test. The company’s implementation with eXtremeDB reduced this to just 9 minutes and eliminated the artificial limitation of nine configurations.

The speed and capabilities described above are critical to all high-performance computing areas. Autonomous driving, as an example, must analyse data points ever faster as vehicle speed increases.


Exclusiveness of Offerings

McObject offers numerous features and capabilities which differentiate eXtremeDB from the competition. eXtremeDB can run entirely from memory and has a uniquely small code size, resulting in ultra-efficient memory use, at an attractive price point, allowing maximally-fast device performance and vast reductions in operational costs. Its newest iteration, v8.0, was developed specifically for the IoT market and implements Active Replication Fabric for Edge-Gateway-Server replication, and stored procedures in the increasingly-popular Lua language, which is very compact and easy-to-learn.


Trends Driving Technological Growth

Steven believes the recent technological and regulatory developments have brought an unprecedented increase in data volumes that organizations across every market sector need to store and analyse. This, in turn, has resulted in an increased realization of the need for database innovation to meet these challenges. As an example, edge devices require local decisions to be made. This means local data storage and analytics to enable those decisions, along with Active Replication Fabric to upload raw and/or aggregated data to gateways and servers with the ability to handle sometimes disconnected devices. McObject’s mission has always been to enable businesses to handle the exponential increase in data-intensive applications.


Providing Relevance to Customers Through Innovation

One example Steven quotes is that of Viasat, the global broadband services and technology company, which employed eXtremeDB to identify abnormalities in its ground-system elements. To summarise the many benefits Viasat experienced, the company’s capabilities improved the flow-rate and quality of its metrics data, enhancing network speed, quality and reliability. With McObject’s high-level performance and applicability, around 1 million metric entries could be captured per second, the analysis of which was put into use to advance Viasat’s projects and optimise and scale operations.


The Exponential Growth of Data

Steven predicts that both the volume of data that devices will need to collect, monitor and analyse and the number of devices with the capability to do so will continue to increase exponentially. What this will mean for firms manufacturing and operating these devices is that space and performance will be at a greater premium than ever before, which is where eXtremeDB comes in. McObject’s market-leading small footprint and advanced performance are the reasons that companies at the leading-edge of their fields are increasingly deploying its solution.


Insights into the Future       

McObject is seeing a consistent growth of the embedded database market as well as a more widespread market recognition of their importance in devices across virtually every sector. The company expects these trends not only to continue but to speed up!

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