Marketing Analytics: What Tools Can You Use?

March 31, 2020


There are lots of tools available for organizations that want to optimize their marketing strategies, but you might not know which are the best to pick from all of the options at your disposal. Here are just a few solutions to consider adopting if your ambition is to overhaul your marketing and make the most of the data that you collect.


Fully fledged marketing analytics platforms

If you want to take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to marketing analytics, it is worth adopting a platform which offers a variety of features and functions designed to achieve just that.

There are a gaggle of contenders vying for your attention in this area, with Datorama being one of the most popular. There are also Datorama alternatives including TapClicks, Tableau and Domo, so it is definitely worth carrying out a side by side comparison of what each has to offer to make sure you are getting the best platform for your needs.

In terms of desirable features to seek out when ranking marketing analytics platforms, you will want to be able to view data in an intuitive way via a dashboard, glean insights from information harvest from campaign performance, collaborate with colleagues and clients without having to head elsewhere and create reports that can demonstrate ROI improvements or pinpoints problems that need fixing. This makes them amongst the top support tools for startups.


Audience behavior analysis solutions

Ameliorating your marketing efforts in the digital space is difficult if you only have a small dataset to work with. For example, you might see that your site’s landing pages have a high bounce rate following ad click-throughs, but on its own this information is not enough to show you where you are going wrong.

This is where an audience analysis tool like Mixpanel can come in handy, since it lets you track key metrics about how visitors to your website and even users of your mobile app interact with your ecosystem.

All sorts of actions can be tracked, ranging from initial button presses right through to conversions, whether that might be a purchase or the creation of an account.


Content analytics

The claim that content is king still rings true, especially in an age when social media is increasingly influential over marketing spending and brands are keen to get the content they create seen by as many people as possible.

There are lots of analytics tools that not only let you test out your existing content to see how well it is performing, but also sift through reams of other content to identify the kinds of articles that are making waves in terms of audience engagement and conversions.

Solutions like BuzzSumo let you see what types of content are trending and help you to piggyback on emerging movements, as well as optimizing your marketing across a range of platforms, while the likes of MarketMuse streamline research through the power of machine learning, saving you time and effort.


Email marketing

Even with so much attention being drawn by social media marketing, the trusty email remains exceptional in terms of ROI and so should not be overlooked at this time.

There are lots of insights to be gained from using marketing analytics tools that focus on email campaigns, with the convenience of automation-focused services like AWeber and Campaign Monitor giving you the ability to target new and existing customers more precisely.

Personalization is more important to marketing than ever before and with analytics tools like these, you should be able to meet and exceed customer expectations with your next campaign.