Best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Innovations

Best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Innovations

Artificial intelligence (AI),  machine learning (ML) and connected devices are becoming omnipresent. Whether it's a host of intelligent agents like Alexa and Cortana or getting things done by robots, most of the automated technologies are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the cloud.

"When computers can draw conclusions from imperfect data, interpret meaning from text and interact with humans in more natural ways, it opens new possibilities than what existed before. AI today is already starting to make people more efficient at work and we are just scratching the surface of how AI can be used.", Says Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Steve Guggenheimer.

Truly said, it's tempting to believe that these technologies can do just about anything. A lot of companies have already capitalized on them and are helping the world with significant innovations. Here is a list of five best innovations with these technologies we have seen so far.

ML, AI and cloud computing are incredible breakthrough in the field of technology. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these technologies progresses and support our lives we had imagined in science-fiction movies.

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