Linux Foundation AI Community Releases New Acumos Magnifying Creation of AI/ML Models

by July 1, 2019

The Linux Foundation has announced the new release of Acumos code, named as Boreas. This newest open source framework and the marketplace will enhance the development, training and license verification of AI, ML and deep learning models and apps.

The Linux Foundation AI (LF AI) is an organization with an open AI community that drives open source innovation in AI, machine learning and deep learning technology.

In fact, Acumos AI is an open source platform that eases out the building sharing and deployment of AI apps. The platform standardizes the infrastructure and components required to execute an extraordinary AI ecosystem. Meanwhile, it frees data scientists and other model trainers so that they can focus on their core efficiency and encourage innovation.


Features of latest Acumos AI:

•  Assistance for onboarding of ONNX, PFA, and Dockerized models.

•  Accelerate Acumos platform networking through a controlled process of partner catalog publication and subscription including global catalog search capability and federation of catalogs.

•  Acumos AI will also aid AI/ML model suppliers to provide a commercial software license with their models in the Acumos marketplace.

•  It will also provide assistance for ML Workbench to allow the creation and training of AI/ML models in Acumos platform.

•  Enhanced user experience will be generated in a portal that would include publishing, unpublishing, deploying, onboarding, model building, and chaining, etc.

•  Log formats aligned with ONAP and support for log management tools will also modify the log management for the better.

•   The AI model will also enhance aiding for deploying Acumos platform under Kubernetes.


Orange and Tech Mahindra’s Acumos Adoption

The integration, adoption, and deployment of Acumos sets a pace for common and open source framework to thrive in an innovative market with AI, ML and DL app space. Orange and Tech Mahindra are two such examples of Acumos adoption.

Orange has adopted Acumos in an AI marketplace to integrate upcoming Acumos Clio release with ONAP. It would test the latest arrival on ONAP open Lab and on Plug’in which is a 5G research platform.

On the other hand, Tech Mahindra is involving Acumos in a number of its initiatives. Tech Mahindra’s GAiA is the first organization-grade open-source AI platform which hosts the marketplace of AI models for a wide stage of industry verticals.